BerryBuzz updated to version 3.1.11 with new features

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2010 12:16 pm EDT
BerryBuzz for BlackBerry

BerryBuzz (one of my all-time must have favorite BlackBerry apps) has just been updated to version 3.1.11. The new version includes updates for some popular apps as well as improved support for the Torch/OS 6. BerryBuzz now supports Google Voice, AP Mobile, Nimbuzz, the latest SocialScope, Trillian, Pingchat, Kik Messenger, Blaq, Pocket Informant, myKite and OS 6 social feeds. There is also a new search filter in the BerryBuzz interface to make finding apps a bit easier as well. BerryBuzz is a Crack Team favorite and definitely worth checking out. It sells for $5.95 in the CrackBerry App Store and a free trial is available. The upgrade to version 3.1.11 is free for all current BerryBuzz users.

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BerryBuzz updated to version 3.1.11 with new features


Is this update going to cost us like the last one did? That is the only complaint I have with bellshare is them charging you for there updates.

I am guessing it will cost for anyone on V2 as that version to the prior V3 version did cost a tad for the upgrade.

I was on 3.0.66 and went to My Apps on the CB app store. Upgrade is free for me.

So I think this supports my above thought that it will be free for anyone who has already upgraded to V3, but that anyone going from a V2 will have to pay for the upgrade......

yup--that's the only reason I got it because it was like half off, I think, here. based on the reviews people were giving it, it was a good thing I waited. CB will def put up another sale of this program.

I have version 3.0.66 and its still asking me to pay for a upgrade :-( just paid for upgrade from 2 to 3 getting ridiculous now

did you click the download button to where you can send an sms/email to your BB with the new version?


Yes i did that way i got the older version which i already had so no fun there ;-) thanks for the reply

Note: Most of the same version updates upgrade (i.e. from version 2.1 to version 2. 2) are free and most of the major upgrades (i.e. from version 2 to version 3) might require an upgrade fee.

I think I found a bug with this version. When I click check for update in the menu it just flashes up on the screen and then dissapears quick. Can someone else check and see if it works for them?

Yes. But since your on the most current version, perhaps it is acting correctly as there are no other updates.......

the old version used to show a window that said checking for updates and then it would pop up and say no updates available. Maybe they changed it for this version but I assumed it would do the same thing.

I have version 3.0.66 - I got the link to upgrade but it's still the same version (3.0.66). No dice.

I logged onto my account on the Crackberry app store and in my list of apps, it showed upgrade available. Clicked on the link, said "eligible for free upgrade" and then took me to a link to get the newest version.

My most important app! When I see other people's just flashing red without a clue as to what's arrived on their phone - I mean - ugh!!

i went to the bellshare website through my phone and upgraded too 3.1.11 and everything looks the same. what is this?

Developer Message:

- Added support for GoogleVoice, AP Mobile, Nimbuzz, latest SocialScope Beta, Trillian, Pingchat, Kik Messenger, Blaq, Pocket Informant, myKite and OS 6 social feeds
- Fixed IM+ support
- Added item search/filter (simply start typing while in the BerryBuzz list)

At first I am wondering if you only see the new options if you have that app loaded.

But I also just did a soft-reset (using QL Device Reset) after it loaded. For some strange reason, I think I might remember needing to do a full BP.

Trying a Battery Pull as we speak.....

Yup. You are right.

So the BP thingie I remembered was, in fact, after you install an app that Buzz supports, you may need to do a BP for the option for it to show up in Buzz.

Can't access my account here in crackberry and was planning to upgrade my berrybuzz app. I'm worried that I might download the new one and end up using the 7 day trial version because I lost my authentication code for my berry buzz. The email containg that code isn't in my messages anymore. What to do what to do please help thanks!

Thank you thank you for the response and the help :) I've managed to log in to my account here in crackberry by resetting the password. Was a bit of a hassle though and a bit of a longcut compared to if I just did what you said. Anyways thanks again!

When assigning a person to a specific led (ie. my wife=purple). Why can't I assign her BBMs along with her e-mail & SMS?

I have this for my Tour running and I do not get a charging light when I'm charing my phone. Any suggestions?

..and yes, I know there is no light when fully charged, but I get none when it's not fully charged and is docked or using usb cord.

The article was unclear, but if you own BerryBuzz 3.0 and above the upgrade is @ no cost to you. If you have bought Berrybuzz 2 or below and not yet paid a small fee to upgrade to Berrybuzz 3 there will be a small upgrade fee.

To the person who was confused about why Bellshare sometimes charges for upgrades:

When they do a major upgrade(Buzz 2 to Buzz 3, for example)
there is a complete rework of the app. For instance this was a maintenance release. It resolved some errors and added new apps even, and few a few that were broken. Even this release most recently numbered 3.1.18, had @ least 18 builds. That means 18 different times the app was constructed, tested, beta-tested, re-tested. There is a ton of time and work that goes into it, and this is just a small fraction of what goes into a major upgrade such as Buzz 2 to Buzz 3. The people who want to fuss about a few dollars must have absolutely NO IDEAS what goes into making an awesome app such as BerryBuzz. I know as I test for Bellshare and have for a long time. People need to grow up, do without the triple latte for a day and get over it.

just my 2 cts,