BerryBuzz Updated to Version 2.2 - Adds Backup/Restore Feature and More

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2010 09:24 am EDT

BerryBuzz has been updated to version 2.2 and adds some cool new features. If you don't already know, BerryBuzz is a great app that allows you to fully customize your LED for various apps, letting you choose a different color for each alert (check out the video above for a full walkthrough). The latest version adds support for BerryWeather and the Gmail app as well as support for stopping notifications when messages have been marked opened via two-way sync/BES. The coolest feature is the ability to backup and restore your BerryBuzz settings to your media card - super handy when installing a new OS as you can get it back up and running with just a few clicks (maybe Bellshare was listening to our last podcast). The update is free for current users, or $5.95 for new users. Head to the CrackBerry App Store for more.

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BerryBuzz Updated to Version 2.2 - Adds Backup/Restore Feature and More


I love this app, plus the new backup is great!! I was getting tired of always having to do all my settings all over again after each update... not anymore! great!

DL'ed just 30 minutes ago to my Tour. If nothing else, the best part of the update is clearly the ability to backup settings. Now I am that much closer to being willing to try OS5 when VZW makes it official.

Berrybuzz is so awesome!!!!!

Back up feature ftw here, love berrybuzz now i don't have to keep setting up my custom colors every time I install a Leak !

I hate to give up some functionality with BerryBuzz when i switched to OS5 on the 8900.. with incoming calls as the exceptions, i can't set a time delay in between vibrations for incoming emails, bbm, facebook msgs, etc.. so it's just two quick pulses and it's done.. it used to have a pause in between, and i used to be able to set how many times it vibrated.. i could tell the difference between an incoming email (3 vibrations) vs. a facebook notification (2 vibrations).

You don't realize how convenient this is, until you can no longer access these settings.

SO.. that being said.. the ability to do that again, would be a welcome upgrade for the 5.0 users. =)

BerryBuzz is still my number 1 must-have on the blackberry.

I think you can still edit those. Go into your "edit profiles" area and go down to "other" and it has all the BerryBuzz notification options listed as well. Those alerts list the different options for vibration notifications.

Maybe you have to set it up that way and then turn off the OS 5.0 settings of "vibrate with ring tone"?

I got some weird verification error after installing the update. Guess I'll be hitting the Bellshare forums after work tonight.

Awesome and about time Berrybuzz had the backup of the reasons why i was reluctant to install leaks or official OS's on my 9700 Bold.

The backup/restore option just makes it that much better now along with berryweather as well.

Thanks Bellshare for adding this very important option to the app.

The only reason I was hesitant on ever upgrading to a new OS was because of BerryBuzz and having to re-do all my notifications, this is clutch.

Ok so I downloaded the update to my phone, and I went into the settings and I don't see a backup option. I have the Bold 9000 with OS Some help maybe?

Awesome Mann, no more starting all over again, although just wish they all came like that, a least activation code to be able to save on memory card, but hey that very well might be the future.

on their mobile site, it shows a link for OS4.2.1 or OS4.7 ... if i'm on a with my Tour, which one of these should i grab? I downloaded the one from my online account here thinking it'd be fine, but when i go setup berrybuzz it shows 'this hasnt been optimized for Tour 9630, please download 4.2.1' ... would like to be sure, as i've already updated once... maybe it doesnt matter? berrybuzz does show i'm on 2.2.11...
thanks in advance.

Finally they give us a backup option!! It use to be a headache having to setup everything again after upgrading your OS. Awesome!

I've had this app for a LONNGG time! I love it.
My ONLY "complaint" is that there's not a notification setting for Twitter or "other" updating services (Hockey News, TFLN, etc).

Backup/restore feature is a long time coming...

I'm surprised more applications don't use the same method as saving a text file to the memory. Was QuickLaunch the first app to use that method?

wish I knew that was a new feature before I did my OS upgrade last night!! hahahaha oh well will be prepared for nest time!!!! such a great App keep up the good work Bellshare!!!

I love this app and Berry Weather too!! Did the upgrade and configured with Berry Weather. Still need to figure out the back up. Anyone got the backup to work?

Pretty simple. Options --> BerryBuzz --> BB Menu Key --> Backup Settings.

Your settings will be saved to your memory card.

When you rebuild OS, install BerryBuzz and then from those same menu selections, choose "Restore Settings" and it will pull all your saved settings in.


If I bought this off AppWorld, do I need to wait for AppWorld to notify me of the upgrade? Or can I get it from somewhere else and enter in my license #?


There is no update in AppWorld. I'm browsing these comments because I'm trying to find the answer. This kinda blows. I'm running BeBuzz on the Storm2 and whenever I open the program it always reminds me that the current version is not optimized for my device. Now an update comes out, and I don't have access to it. REALLY?

Cool figured out the back up. WAY COOL. The only thing I did not like was always having to reconfigure after a re-boot. Love it.

click on berrybuzz in Options. once your in berrybuzz, hit your menu key. You will see an option to backup then

Is there anyway to back-up the profile settings? Unless I am doing something wrong, it appears the BerryBuzz back up does not back up the profile settings.

The most problematic problem for me is the setting in the profile.....u know....having to turn off all the LEDs, turn off vibrations.....and setting the reminders.....Doesn't back up that too right?

I really appreciate the backup feature. With lyricidal releasing new hybrids every other week, this is critical. It makes things that much easier. Thank you, Bellshare!

I am on a BES server. I have downloaded the new Berrybuzz and set a specific LED for my gmail account (I have the Gmail app loaded on my phone). However, it still flashes the LED color that is assigned to my BES in-coming email. Is anyone else having this problem/found a solution. Thanks!

backup is an AWESOME update because having to reconfigure everything was sooo time consuming. thanks bellshare!

I don't see where on the BellShare site I can get the update for free. I see the free 7-day trial, but that's it... :-/

I had the paid version before installed the new one over, and it retained all my settings and the activation code. It is very easy.

I had paid version 2.1 installed & just downloaded the 2.2 trial version from their website, and I was expecting to have to input my activation code or reconfigure everything, but it did everything for me automatically.

I downloaded the new version but it doesn't work. First it says there are verification errors & then if I try again it say there is an out of memory error. I've rebooted several times with the same results.

Well your lucky, after I did upgraded mine, i keep getting a corrupted error right now. Annoying the heck out of me till I can remove the app...was working fine till I did the update :(

I'm having an error message on mine too! ARGH! Have emailed the developers for help, but no response just yet. Anyone managed to solve this issue?

Ok, apparently if you get the error message
"Error starting berrybuzz: Class 'net.rim.device.api.ui. TouchEvent' not found.", it's because your berry's OS is old (like mine. sigh.).

Bellshare's customer service guy, Jeremy, asked me to perform the following steps, and it WORKS NAO!!

-delete the app
-do a battery pull for @ least 90 seconds
-reinstall the app from the links given

Hope this helps! :)

I would like to see BerryBuzz support for the many Twitter apps already available and for the upcoming RIM Twitter app. Well, maybe someday. :D

there are way too many twitter apps to support. why should people who don't use twitter be bombarded with a list of settings twice as long just to support 20 twitter apps? maybe those bazillion apps should implement their own LED notification setting as BeeJive does...if they can do it, why can't your twitter app? shouldn't be BerryBuzz's burden.

now when the RIM twitter app comes out, i totally see them supporting that...but not all of them. i certainly don't want my setting bogged down with that... :)

I've tried previous versions of BerryBuzz and now I can't try the new version without buying it. Does anyone know if the Bellshare folks will allow you to try the new version even if you have previously used up the trial period on a prior version?

if you've already tried it and didn't buy, what more is there to know? if a backup is really going to push you over to edge to purchase, just get it. it's still the same awesome app you tested before and decided not to purchase...

... I tried it back when it was in version Don't you think it would make sense to allow users to give version a try to see if the upgraded version (with all the new features) is worth it? The acerbic response on CB are often entertaining lol.

I was hoping that the backup / restore would have been a little more complete.
The backup/restore feature only considers your color assignments and repeat notification time. this is not the portion that i found frustrating and/or time consuming.
In the Sound menu, where you setup your ring tone/alerts, is where the time consuming portion lies. Berry Buzz installs an "Other" section where you reminder alerts reside. On my phone, there are 16 items. Every time i upgrade, I have to go through each one and reset my ring tones, LED, vibration .. ect. This backup feature does not backup any of these and it's really quite time consuming to go through them all.
Is it possible to see this included in an future revision?