BerryBuzz Updated to Version 2.1.22 - Includes Support for IM Apps, Charging Status and More

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2009 04:21 pm EDT
BerryBuzz 2.1

Its no secret that Bellshare is one of my favorite developers. From their start with BerryBuzz and SmartAlerts to great apps like BerryScroll, they just keep cranking out awesome applications for BlackBerry. SmartAlerts and BerryBuzz are two of the most used apps on my Tour, and I was happy to see that BerryBuzz was updated today to include some more features. It already handles the LED for emails, Facebook, PIN messages, calendar events and even BlackBerry Messenger. The update today gives it support for all the native IM apps like AIM, Google Talk and ICQ as well as battery charging indicators. If you haven't checked out BerryBuzz yet, you really are missing out. Available for $5.95 (and well worth it) in the CrackBerry App Store.

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want to use it with ms money...

Lunars Edge Design



My one complaint was no google chat led change.

Now this app is wonderful!! Really useful. I know now if I may have an important email (green led for me) or just one of my friends bugging me for something stupid on gchat(white led for me) before I even unlock the phone.


ever before all the extra additions, this app was well worth it. i am a customizationaholic!!



do we get the update for free as well?


You should..... I won a copy here as well and I just had to log into the app store to download the new one.


Are updates free for this as well? How do we go about getting it if we have it already?


Best app available on the blackberry. Well worth the money


If you have already purchased BerryBuzz, you can just redownload it. While downloading it will as do you want to replace verison 2.0 with 2.1 select yes, and you are good to go. If it something happens and it ask you to register again, just go to then support and resend the activation code to your phone.


Get it to work It works when it wants too. I have tried directions from friends of mine here @ crackberry getting to the point of removing it....


I have always heard of this and thought I didn't care about it... but after seeing that screen shot and reading your short review, I am SOLD.

Very nice post :)


to win a contest on This seems like a very cool app, but just challenged to purchase stuff for my BB right now. Help :)


Updated mine already. Two thumbs up! They add anymore theyre going to run out of colors to use!

However if the custom color chosing if they could use a RGB scale (3 seperate adjustments for one color) for editing it would give us way more color choices.


the only thing with all of these new os's coming out why wouldnt they make it work on the 5.0 os's


I have a blackberry curve 8900 running 5.0.190 and it works great.


It doesn't run on those of us with a Storm running .191. Sucks, this is the best app ever!


I really need this to keep track of where my money is going!!!


some nice additions here..


it wont download on my phone, says "907 Invalid COD", 8900


Hmmm not sure why. I have the same phone and OS and its working on mine..


When i log in to download the update/upgrade it keeps trying to download version the 2.0 version and not the 2.1

any help?


Nice additions. I was waiting to upgrade for them to add RIM's IM apps. Now though with 5.0 seeming close around the corner maybe I'll wait till then.


Downloaded for v 4.7 OS but when i run it on my tour it says i should download the version for OS 4.2??? Anyone else getting this?


finally aim functions are heree woo


I'm getting the "907 Invalid COD" error as well when I try to download OTA. I guess I'll try using Desktop Manager tomorrow...


I was just thinking the other day that i wished that there was a light showing when my battery was fully charged and VOILA!


I don't seem to have much luck, but will try anyhow!


Was this app formerly known as BeBuzz? Looks exactly the same and is what I use..


i would LOVE to update my app but this damn things has no way to save settings so i am afraid i have to go in and configure everything again!!! can this program back up sound profiles and the settings PLEASE?


if u already have berrybuzz installed.. the update wont change any previous settings... so you're safe.


I love BB! Can't seem to upgrade the one I purchased... so... a free copy would make my day.


I love this app! In fact, I can honestly say it would be rough to go back to not using it. Seeing a different color for each type of alert is great. Many times I set the phone to "vibrate". With this app, I can quickly tell what type of alert is coming in.... email (blue), phone (Disco), etc. And now, you can select a color to tell you when the battery is charged (White)! Awesome!


I bought BerryBuzz at 2.0 I gTalk I like the low batt reminder. Good job Bellshare...Fantastic App!


I can only hope it's better than BuzzMePro. That was a huge battery drain on my Storm. Paid for it and within have a day uninstalled it. Disappointed but learned from it :)


This is already one of my favorite apps along with BerryPopup and it seems to just be getting better. I just upgraded my older version and I am loving being able to customize a color to flash when your battery gets below a certain percentage.


Wish there were a contest of this app


Crackberry only seems to have one version available, and when I install it on my Storm it says it is not the correct version. According to the Developer, there is a Storm version.

Why doesn't Crackberry have the Storm version?


For some reason, the white, yellow and orange alerts do not display as such on my Storm.

I had the previous versions of this app so I received an email advising me of the update. When I downloaded and installed it, I got a message indicating that it was not optimized for my touch screen phone and that I needed to download a different version. I had some initial problems getting the correct version loaded up on my phone and ended up having to delete the app completely and then redownload and install the optimized version. This is definitely one of my absolute favorite BB apps! :)


so you have to pay for the upgrade?


I just downloaded BerryBuzz 2.1 for my BB9700 and I see the screen shots, but BerryBuzz is not an option in my "settings". Can I get someone to please help me so I can change my LED colors?? So I went to "Settings" then to "options" now what??? Or am i totally wrong?