BerryBuzz is the Thanksgiving App Deal of the Day - Get it for 50% Off!

BerryBuzz DoD
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Nov 2010 10:33 am EST
This deal is expired

Always a CrackBerry favorite, you can pick up the popular BerryBuzz app for BlackBerry today for 50% off. That's $2.99 vs. $5.99. BerryBuzz is a simple yet extremely useful app that lets you customize your device LED and alerts for different apps and contacts on your device. Want blue for BBM? Purple for Facebook? Orange for AIM? You can do them all and even create custom colors. Set alerts for IM apps, tasks, calendar, all your email addresses and more. BerryBuzz has loads of features and works on pretty much all devices, including those with BlackBerry 6.

BerryBuzz really is one of my personal must-have apps, and maybe more importantly, it's the must-have app I force other members of the Crack Team to have installed on their phones. When I email Adam or Bla1ze, their BlackBerry's light up like a disco siren. It always ensures a fast response! If you have never tried it before, I recommend you do. A free trial is available, but don't think on it too long as you'll want to get it at the sale price before the day is over.

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BerryBuzz is the Thanksgiving App Deal of the Day - Get it for 50% Off!


If you don't have BerryBuzz on your BB you'd be insane not to buy it with this deal.

I still can't believe RIM hasn't bought this company or duplicated its amazing features.

I don't have it :) but i might think i will buy it if is 50% OFF is a good deal :)

I just bought this APP is the best :) as far as i know and i plaid with it for a while to set up all my color lights :) is very nice little app :)

I cant register my BBuzz :( it give me an error 403.
"Activation Failed could not connect to the bellshare license servers class HTTP response Code: 403

I install twice and pull the battery so many time it still give me that code and i try on WIFI to still the same :(

Like everyone said above, this is the APP to have.... get it at this price, you won't be disappointed!

Purchased this yesterday. Works well....very buggy with the OS6 .358 update for the 9700. Sometimes the colours do not respond to the application it is selected with. It works about 90% of the time so i can't complain. I blame the update rather than the App itself...even with 3 battery pulls.

I agree. The 9700 with the OS6 does play havoc with BerryBuzz.

I just bought the program and the only disappointing thing is that it won't allow me to set light colour per contact. I go to select the contact and click on the person and nothing happens.

Once I get my torch courtesy of Rogers customer appreciation contest (figures crossed) things will be better.

*** Update ***

After using the program for an hour or so, I found that to add LED to a contact you have to go into contacts and not through BerryBuzz.

Highlight your contact, press BB key, go to top of menu and select add BerryBuzz LED.

Apps like this are a big reason why I stay with BB... without looking at my phone, I know what type of message has arrived, and I can tell if it's my boss or someone not in my contact list... invaluable application that really stands out.

Good deal, at 2.99 its about time I jump on board and get an app to change the led colors...would you guys recommend this over the other led apps available?

For shore....Only if another master APP with more thing on it :) i will recommended that one but for now a 2.99$ is the best price for an small app like this ;)

Just purchased. I've heard many good things about BerryBuzz. For the 50%'s good time to buy.

I have never bought a BB app before, and was wondering if I bought this app for my 9000 bold, and wanted it for a 9780 which I will buy as soon as ATT provides it, would I have to buy the same app again for OS6 on the 9780? Or would my purchase of it for the 9000 allow me to have the rights to the os6 version as well?

Hey #icewater
AS far as i know and i read something in forum, a user/abuser actually got his BBz for Tour and after a couple of weeks he send a msg to bellshare if he can use his BBz to Storm :), how he said he got another pin for his Storm but as he say you need to have the Order number and an Serial Key/Activation in order to get your BBz to another phone :) im hoping they still do that ;) but with this new advertising here in CB i dont think so they will :) but give it a try ;)

Good Luck

BTW let US know if they accept and you succeed.

I never even knew my little light could change colors! LOL I purchased this app today and I am glad I did. It works great and is awesome!!!

Best app on my phone. I'm surprised this type of app isn't native on Blackberries but good for bellshare. Worth every penny.

I just bought mine...waiting for the confirmation email...been usin 2.2 for a's full time I upgrade...had to get it on this deal...who would be dumb enough to pass up this offer????