BerryBuzz for BlackBerry updated to version 3.2

By Adam Zeis on 22 Nov 2010 09:45 am EST
BerryBuzz BlackBerry

Henrik let me know that the best selling app BerryBuzz has just been updated to version 3.2. This version includes some minor fixes as well as some added app support. If you haven't heard of BerryBuzz, it is a small app that lets you totally customize the LED color on your device. No longer will you need to rely on audible alerts for emails, SMS and phone calls. Let BerryBuzz show you the light and give you more control over your alerts. Updates include:

  • BerryBuzz settings can now be opened right from the homescreen icon
  • Added support for Visual Voice Mail
  • Added support for IM+ Lite
  • Added support for SBSH Calendar Pro
  • Storing license key in backup file and prefilling the activation screen after restore
  • Moved 'My Contact LEDs' and phone group to the top
  • Merged SMS/MMS into 'Text Messages' on OS 6.0
  • Fixed group expansion state not correctly persisted
  • Fixed support for multiple contact lists
  • Fixed support for contacts from AT&T address book on BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • Minor changes to settings screen
  • Fixed reboot (battery pull) needed after initial installation
  • Other minor bug fixes

Users of BerryBuzz3.x can grab the update for free, while new users can pick it up for just $5.99. Hit the link below to download.

More information/download of BerryBuzz 3.2

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Reader comments

BerryBuzz for BlackBerry updated to version 3.2


When is BePopup going to be updated? I have both BerryBuzz and Berry Popup and Berry Popup is still running on OS 5.0.

Ya seriously Berry Popup hasn't been updated in forever. Wish they would add that the bbm reminders were also different for linked contacts. Didn't RIM announce at DevCon they are giving developers access to the BBM API.

agreed. also for OS 6.0, berrypopup has a bug where when you hit "R" to reply to an SMS, you cannot send the message or press the BB menu key. you have to back out and go back to the message to regain sending/menu functionality.

When I download the update it is the old version 3.1.18, yet everything says it should be 3.2.18, I use MobiHand btw. Anyone else getting this issue?

Same thing here im trying to download the update since yesterday but it keeps send the old version even if i clicked buy an upgrade. And i believe its not updated cause i tried to download it from my friend BB and its the old version.

Ok.. Just came back....

I love having the contact LEDs right up top. Small change, but big on convenience.

All my custom ring profiles were deleted.

Seriously, I installed the upgrade and after rebooting my "Work" and "Vibrate" ring profiles were gone, and I had all the stock OS ring profiles like "Loud", "Normal",
"Vibrate Only", "Quiet", back again.

Minor PITA to go delete the stock ones and recreate all the custom ones, but what the heck - the improvement so I didn't have to re-enter the license key was worth the hassle.

When i change one profile it changes them all, idk how to fix that problem and and Bellshare is not helping at all.....some help! I want to change them all to my custom please

i really dont like any apps that change my LED :/ they ether start RED and change colors after or start normal but when the message is read it still keeps on going :/ . . . i deleted it of my bb the 2nd day