BerryBuzz for BlackBerry - 100 Free Copies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 07:49 pm EST

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Berry Buzz!

What's the best cure for CrackBerry Contest hangover? MORE CONTESTS!!! Bellshare, the makers of Instango, just released BerryBuzz this week and they're hooking up CrackBerry Nation with both a contest and a coupon. Sweet! But first to learn about the prize at hand...

About BerryBuzz: BerryBuzz extends your default Blackberry alert system by allowing you to customize the LED color for many alert types and keeps the LED flashing for longer than the default 15 minutes your BlackBerry does. It will repeat alerts until acknowledged so you will never miss an alert again. Plus it adds a customizable vibrate for incoming calls. You can have your BlackBerry vibrate while it is ringing.

BerryBuzz Features:

  • Customize the LED color and set an individual repeating alert for
  • E-Mails (individual for each account or one for all)
  • PIN Messages
  • SMS (may not work with every carrier)
  • Calendar Events
  • Missed phone calls
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
  • LED will keep flashing until acknowledged (BlackBerry defaults to flash only for 15 min).
  • Optional slow down of LED flashing after specified time to save battery life
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage
  • Support for instango custom colored LED (instango 2.2.83 or higher)

BerryBuzz Contest: For your chance to win a FREE copy of Berry Buzz, just login to and leave a comment to this blog post! Contest entry ends this Friday at midnight PST.

BerryBuzz Coupon: Until March 6th, you can save 50% on BerryBuzz when you purchase it from the CrackBerry Mobile App store ( on your berry's browser) and checkout using coupon code berrybuzzcb50. We've put BerryBuzz on the homepage so its easy for you to find. Note - the coupon will not work in the website store. Please note the coupon will only work in the mobile app store on your device only and NOT the website software store. Click here for a tutorial on how to use coupon codes in the mobile app store.

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Reader comments

BerryBuzz for BlackBerry - 100 Free Copies to be Won!



All of my hopes and dreams are furthered by this APP!
Or at least my dream of changing my LED for a repeating alert. Sounds like a good app to me.

Hi there, i was always searching for an app, that allows me to set remindert alert intervall. So this app is what i`ve been searching for so long, awesome!

Hope i`ll win a copie of this great app!

Best Regards from germany


This is an app I have been looking for since I got my berry. I have alwasy wanted to customize my led so I ko what kind of messagfe I got ust by looking at it across the room. even on Vibrate! This would be awesome to win!


This sounds like a very cool app; and the possibility of getting it for FREE makes it sound oh so much cooler!

BerryBuzz sounds like one of those "must have" apps that RIM should have made part of the built-in OS. Glad to see a developer has finally filled the void! Thank you!

i would love to have BerryBuzz for my curve 8330! i hate that i cant tell what type of msg that i get on my phone by just looking at the led cant always look at ur phone so seeing what color the led is would help so much!

This is just the app I have been looking for. I will be the envy of my fellow office BB users with this app. Thanks for the chance to win.

Fantastic. Finally someone is thinking of things that RIM seems to have forgotten.

Great product love to have it

I could use this. Still sad I didn't win the other contests, but you need to enter to win, and statistically, I'm due to win something soon!

This app. looks to be very useful for those who with to code and identify types of messages. would be nice to win something for a change.

This is def made for me! Since I'm Deaf, it's annoying when all the messages are just RED. Having my bb blink in different LED colours, it would help me a lot to know which kind of message is coming in. Whenever I see blinking red, I whip out my BB to reply but come to find out it's a phone call (and I cannot answer it due to my deafness), not a message/text!! PLEASE PICK ME!!! I did not win anything from any of the birthday contests :-(


Please give me a chance to really like the storm again!

Sounds like a really good app. I will at least have to give the free try a whirl!


BBAlerts was too bloated for me. I just want an app that changes my LED for notification & HERE IT IS!
I'm excited & hope I win, but if I don't I will probably grab it anyway.
Good luck everyone!!

I know it is superfluous but I really love the blue light and hate the flashing red. Cool app.

I am thrilled that I'm able to download a free trail. I totally LOVE it! Helps a lot, especially that I'm Deaf and I can ingore the incoming phone calls (chose orange for incoming calls) instead of wasting my time to whip my bb out to see what came in when everything flashes for red. SWEEEET! Please pick me for a free copy!! I totally NEED this!!

I just found out about this app. I'll be downloading the trial in a minute. Hopefully I can win a full copy.


I am currently using the trial version and I must say this app is awesome. Loving the bright white led and the vib and ring together options. For the WIN !!!!!!!!


For the bold with its weak bb alerts, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this app. Free trial HOOOOOOOO!

Well I use blackberry Alerts which does most of the same things but if this one works for PINs and make the ringer vibrate thats awesome. Also, this only cost 5.95 in the app store with 50% off lol. So I dont think I can wait until Saturday for a CHANCE to get it free. I gotta have it now lol. Heck, its only 2.97

Wow... this sounds like something I'd actually use to get my attention aside from the standard red and green LED... hmm i wonder if you can set it as random...

I think this app is really cool because when I am at work I would love to be able to just look at the flashing light and see what I had missed rather than having to unlock my phone and check... Great Idea... :)

Got a couple of special friends I always want to know when they send me a message...what a great way to handle this!

This looks like the perfect tool. Letting you know exactly what time of message is coming in..I wouldnt have to keep checking my blackberry and increasing the lifespan on my thumbs :-)

I enjoyed the trial of this even though the SMS changes don't seem to work on AT&T or with my Bold. I would love to use it again.

I love colors, all different colors, this would be so cool to have!! Please pick me and make me really, really happy!!! Thanks

I'm loving this program. I'd love to have a copy, and I'm just a poor I/T guy who can hardly afford one on his own!

berry buzz berry buzz hook me up with sum berry buzz
the trails okay but free is GREAT
so lets not wait another date :D:D
sendinggg youuu my thankz in advanccccceeeeeee
YEAH! lol

I really love this app, i dont even know why this functions are not standard on the blackberry, at least in the new ones like bold or curve2 (8900).
Anyway, awesome app, i recomend it!

with flashing lights and vibrations! A must have to help isolate incoming message with a greater sense of urgancy.

I would love to win this. I am desperately in need of a application like this! I would love to be able to change the color of my led when I got different notifications!

the contest ends friday night, so does the 50% coupon. why would you buy for 1/2 off if you have a chance to win one of 100. the coupon should expire after the winners are announced.

I was just looking for something that does this, and wasn't happy with what I'd found. This looks just about perfect.

This app does not work at all. Furthermore the do no anser any e-mail with support. I could not evn register this.

I want a refund.

I sure would like to win me a copy of that software. Looking forward to the outcome and good luck to all.


Just downloaded the trial!!!! and then called myself. This is by far the coolest app I have sampled to date. I would love to have it for free on friday.

My name is Brant and I am a BB addict. What addict does not stare at there berry waiting for that red light to flash. Now we can all enjoy that addiction to different colored lights. Please help spice up my addiction with many free blinking colors.