BerryBuzz for BlackBerry - 100 Free Copies to be Won!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 07:49 pm EST

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Berry Buzz!

What's the best cure for CrackBerry Contest hangover? MORE CONTESTS!!! Bellshare, the makers of Instango, just released BerryBuzz this week and they're hooking up CrackBerry Nation with both a contest and a coupon. Sweet! But first to learn about the prize at hand...

About BerryBuzz: BerryBuzz extends your default Blackberry alert system by allowing you to customize the LED color for many alert types and keeps the LED flashing for longer than the default 15 minutes your BlackBerry does. It will repeat alerts until acknowledged so you will never miss an alert again. Plus it adds a customizable vibrate for incoming calls. You can have your BlackBerry vibrate while it is ringing.

BerryBuzz Features:

  • Customize the LED color and set an individual repeating alert for
  • E-Mails (individual for each account or one for all)
  • PIN Messages
  • SMS (may not work with every carrier)
  • Calendar Events
  • Missed phone calls
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
  • LED will keep flashing until acknowledged (BlackBerry defaults to flash only for 15 min).
  • Optional slow down of LED flashing after specified time to save battery life
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage
  • Support for instango custom colored LED (instango 2.2.83 or higher)

BerryBuzz Contest: For your chance to win a FREE copy of Berry Buzz, just login to and leave a comment to this blog post! Contest entry ends this Friday at midnight PST.

BerryBuzz Coupon: Until March 6th, you can save 50% on BerryBuzz when you purchase it from the CrackBerry Mobile App store ( on your berry's browser) and checkout using coupon code berrybuzzcb50. We've put BerryBuzz on the homepage so its easy for you to find. Note - the coupon will not work in the website store. Please note the coupon will only work in the mobile app store on your device only and NOT the website software store. Click here for a tutorial on how to use coupon codes in the mobile app store.

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Reader comments

BerryBuzz for BlackBerry - 100 Free Copies to be Won!



I would love to say that I'm an owner of this app ;)

This has to be an amazing app for them to be giving us CB addicts this opportunity.

I'd be happy to give this one a try, especially if it's for free. Winning one would help me get over the trauma of not winning anything in the birthday contest.

I really want this application, I tried the 7 day of the trial and i really love this app


Just what I have been hoping for! What would we do without these BB developer elves staying up all hours to create awesome apps like this?

[whisper]hey you... yea, you... the person who decides if I get a copy of this sweet program... pick me![/whisper]

I just leaving a comment in hopes of winning this app for my storm. It would be cool to customize the led and vibe effect for my storm.

I just downloaded the trial and cant wait to see how it works. This would be a cool one to win...

Storm OS .109

This is one of those functions that RIM should include in there OS

Wow this is awesome! I hope the vibrate while ringing is better than the Vibeandring that i'm using at the moment though!

Was just reading about a program to do this in the forums and low and behold here is one on the front page! Thanks!!

Crackberry strikes again, this is one of those "I told you so" apps. How cool is it to be able to change the color of the LED? Me personally, I like the blue LED, but can only see it when I'm connected to my bluetooth earpiece. After all the contest that I've lost recently, I still believe in Come on guys, make me believe...

Seems like a great product. Hope I get picked. I hate spending money on things that I have a genuine chance of winning!

This would be pretty cool to have...I often get emails or messages overnight and can't tell at a quick glance if I have or have not in the morning, this would be a nice program.

What better way to annoy my wife than with white hot flashing LED's coming from my Blackberry, If you give away any please let it be me as she is already super angry at how much time I mess with it anyhoo!

This sounds very exciting. Sometimes I am in a meeting and don't get a chance to check my berry and then I forget about it. The reminder that runs longer than 15 minutes sounds awesome!

I really want & need this app!! This is one of the coolest apps I've seen in a while. I would love to win it. I hope that I am picked to win one.

I would love to win a copy of this program. Money is tight, and after buying autostandby today, I am not buying anything else for my berry!

I lose everything else lol so please let me win this :)
great software! my bbalerts gone all buggy on me!

Using the Trial now. Downloaded this morning. I want to win the free app but I will purchase it if I don't. Its a good app and worth it, especially at $2.98 with the coupon.

"daddy would you like some berry, daddy would you like some berry, daddy would you like some berrybuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Sorry i just had to, got that saying in my head the whole day from freddy got fingered... daddy says yes i would like a berrybuzz :)

This app is awesome I think this is one of the features that blackberrys are missing. I can't wait to get the trial and hopefully I win. Anyone tried this out yet?

This would really make things easier from me, as I tend to set my phone down while working and I miss notifications...

this would be really helpful I work where I half to keep my bb on vibrate all the time and some time I don’t feel it go off and I check it and the light has already gone off so I think I have not gotten any messages or calls I would like to enter to win this app please