BerryBuzz 3.0 Now Available - Includes New UI, More LED Options and 3rd Party App Support

By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2010 01:23 pm EDT

BerryBuzz 3.0BerryBuzz 3.0

BerryBuzz has received a major overhaul and is now available in the form of BerryBuzz 3.0. The new update has a load of action-packed features that make this the best version yet. I'm a big fan of this app, and the update adds a ton of welcome additions. BerryBuzz lets you totally customize your LED for messages, reminders, phone calls and now some 3rd party apps and contact alerts. Updates include:

  • Major rework of the user interface (Includes option to black out all screens)
  • Added support for more 3rd party apps like Twitter (RIM), TweetGenius, UberTwitter, SocialScope, OpenBeak, BeejiveIM, IM+, WhatsApp, Skype, MySpace, Viigo, ebay App, MeterBerry, instango
  • Added contact LEDs that let you assign LED colors to calls/SMS/e-mails from specific contacts
  • Added option to vibrate while ringing for all notifications
  • Added 4 new colors and 12 new LED disco colors
  • Added support for stacking 2 LED colors for even more color variations
  • Added option to vibrate/play sound when call connected/disconnected

The ability to now add alerts for contacts, dual-colors for alerts, 3rd party app support and a backup/restore feature for settings make this a great app to have. The downside is that current BerryBuzz owners will have to cough up another $1.99 to get the upgrade, while new users can get it fresh for $5.99.

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BerryBuzz 3.0 Now Available - Includes New UI, More LED Options and 3rd Party App Support


My upgrade was free. Maybe because I purchased it less than a month ago? Anybody know what the 'black out all screens' option does?

A little clarification to the original news blast info on upgrade pricing (From Bellshare's website):

- Is the upgrade to BerryBuzz 3.0 free?
If you purchased BerryBuzz 2.0 after Feb 1st, 2010, you are eligible for a free upgrade to BerryBuzz 3.0. If you purchased before Feb 1st 2010, you can get BerryBuzz 2.0 at a discounted price of $1.99. BerryBuzz 1.0 users can upgrade for $3.99.

Uhm I just finished rebooting and my upgrade was toatally FREE, BTW I bought it like 2 weeks ago, so why others have to pay 1.99 ?

I just upgraded and now i cant seem to find the app at all. And yes i am looking in the options list were it was before. I still have the icon that sends me to the options menu and it says that its installed but i cant find it to open it. Is anyone else having this issue?? Im running on a 9700.

this app really does enrich the blackberry experience exponentially and is completely worth it whether you're upgrading or a first-time buyer. these updates, especially the new interface, make it that much better.

Where'd the screen go to customize how long the alerts will go off before the app turns off? I liked that for battery saving options.

Otherwise, amazing upgrade and the one indispensable app for the blackberry.

I'm happy enough with the 2.0 version...No need to pay for the upgrade from my end for a few extra features. The fact that they let us upgrade for free with the backup option was good enough for me

I still don't understnad why the beta testers & early adopters have to pay almost $10 for an app that new users get for $6...

...I'm just curious.

And yes...I did pay the upgrade fee...again.

I love the app, but if I had to pay an upfront cost of $10, I (probably) wouldn't have it on my phone...they know how to nickle & dime.

I guess it's nice that new users get these few additional features, but I'm not paying $2 to be able to turn a UI black that I use once a month. Sorry, but the feature list just doesn't warrant a $2 upgrade price tag.

I think the stack is when you choose to customize a LED color for a certain instance and you set the first color and second color of your choice.

the black out option is working for me now. I had to disable berrybuzz then re-enable it. this might have happened because i installed over the previous version.

This is far and away one of my favorite applications on my Tour, it does it's thing without me having to load it or anything, I would have paid double if I had to...

Does anyone know how to contact support? I bought the upgrade and no activation code was given. It said "error contact support". I did contact using the link given but received an automated email saying no one was monitoring the mailbox.

I am going to be honest, I'm not happy that I have to pay 2 bucks to upgrade. But I knew this going in when I bought the app, so they did give us a warning.

I bought mine at the end of Feb. for $2.49 and my upgrade to v3 was free!!!! wuuuuuuuu wuuuuuuuuuuu lol

to bad facebook sucks and i dont get notifications ;o(

I bought my berrybuzz after feb 1st this year, just did the upgrade, and when I opened berrybuzz after the re-boot it said "7 days left in your trial. Continue w/trial?" What is that all about? Does anyone have a good way to contact Bellshare?

This program is ridiculous. How can someone, especially with OCD, ever figure out what options they want to set? The color combos alone are insane. Great job. Love the SOS and police alerts! Maybe by this time next year I will have decided on a setting or two. Well worth the price. My favorite BB app bar none.

my tour wont vibrate or make a sound when i disconnect a call even though i have it provisioned ... the connect vibrates though

never purchased an App before,only downloaded the free ones (im a newbie ok, get over it j/k ;) ).is this a subscription for 5.99$ a month or a one time fee?

One-time fee. Well worth it, IMO. Especially if you are like me, and keep your phone on silent all day. This way I can have it sitting on my desk w/o any noise.

First of all you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to- keep using the older version- it works fine- this was a major update- they have updated with minor changes numerous times without charge.

I have to be totally honest, I tried the BerryBuzz's free trial a while back after using BerryBlink for many months, and I only kept the BerryBuzz for less than 24 hours. I just couldn't deal with all of the REMINDERS! How can people stand that??? I couldn't turn it off or anything, and every time I received a missed call, email, IM, or anything, it would bug the crap out of me till I checked it. I guess it's great for people that grab their phone every single time it alerts you to something, but I find that if you're logged in to 3 IM's, email, phone, etc, if I picked it up every time it vibrated, I'd be staring at it all day. Nah, not me. So this thing adding additional buzzes, blinks, and disco's every 30 seconds drove me to remove it and go back to the BerryBlink. Simple glitch-free app that only makes the LED flash different colors at different speeds for each type of incoming message. Much cheaper too, and never have to pay for upgrades.

I have SMS contacts in BBM and when I get a SMS from them it will flash the color of both the BBM and SMS since I have them set at different colors. Now that I think about it i can't deside if I like this or not. Since I will know if it is a BB contact or an SMS that way.

I love BeBuzz, but I find it completely ridiculous that I'm suppose to pay more money for an upgrade when I bought this less then 6 months ago.

It's not like this new version supports a different OS or is a complete revamp, all they did is add a couple more features that should have been included in the original build.

It's a money grab, simple as that. I think it says a lot about the company. Instead of upgrading the program to attract new customers and offer a free upgrade as a good faith gesture to current users, they're content to milk as much as possible outta their existing clientele who have already invested in the app. Classy :S

It's $'re gonna spend more than that on gas sitting at a red light. It's well worth it...if $2 is an issue for you, you really should consider going back to a RAZR :) I'm just saying.

I had to get a new Tour when my ball stopped working. When I did my access code did not work. I emailed and emailed them cause I paid for this app. They would not rectify the situation. So screw this company!

ok im downloading it. i use bebuzz the free one. but i would def enjoy brining a lil more personality to my 9530. i think im actually excited

ok im downloading it. i use bebuzz the free one. but i would def enjoy brining a lil more personality to my 9530. i think im actually excited

how to change the interface to black??? i would like it better then white.

also, i wish it had a friend picker before i actually fully convert

I loved the app before and this is one of the rare times I dont mind paying for an upgrade. Glad I did it.

i mean, i'm by no means a cheap person, but WHY do i have to pay again? it is only 2 dollars to upgrade, but how is that justifiable? I have now paid 8 dollars total to have a fucking light on my phone come different colors. I get that it's a recession, but I mean to put profit margins above the clientele who respected you enough to buy your app for 6 dollars in the first place--in a world where illegal downloading and program cracking triumphs. Have some fucking decency, this is a ploy because it's obvious that this company is only going to rip off their MOST LOYAL customers down the road when theyre charging you 2 dollars to upgrade per version, 10 versions later. peace out bellshare, you've lost me. i should have learned with berryweather upgrades that you guys were a bunch of douches.

you are clearly a very angry person- you dont have to upgrade if you dont want to- older version works just fine-

I'm not gonna say I totally disagree with you. But at the end of the day it's $2 freakin' dollars. I know you'll say "but, its the principle blah blah blah". Honestly...if $2 is that big of an issue for you and you're hung up on the principle of it than don't upgrade OR even better...sell your blackberry :) I work for a technology company...and I'm just gonna say...with no revenue comes no upgrades. all means...charge me the lame couple bucks and keep coming out with bigger and better stuff. Just my two I said I'm not totally disagreeing with you...but at some point open up your wallet a little and take a deep will be ok, I promise.

anyone getting stuck in the setting menu??? i made some changes, selected the save option but nothing happens... can't exit with the new changes in effect... i can exit
back to the main screen but can't use the new changes... :\

"anyone getting stuck in the setting menu??? i made some changes, selected the save option but nothing happens... can't exit with the new changes in effect... i can exit
back to the main screen but can't use the new changes... :\"

Make sure you download the right version for your OS, you probably didn't get the one for BB OS 5.0

How long does it usually take for updates to hit AppWorld? I need to buy the upgrade and since I bought version 2 over Appworld now I'm forced to upgrade through there. Had I known it was such a piece of junk program when I got my blackberry I wouldn't have used it :(

I bought the app through Appworld too (on March 16th) so I thought I'd get the free upgrade and it's telling me my code is only for 2.0 versions. Is that why? You'd think the code would work no matter where you get it from!

Outstanding update! Bellshare is really doing a great job with their applications lately.

If you're on the fence about updating from a previous version, I highly recommend doing so. The feature additions and UI improvements bring BerryBuzz back ahead of comparable products.

I love it!

I too am a bit agitated about the upgrade price. I just bought the app in January and now I have to pay $2 for an upgrade that includes bug fixes? I understand developers should be paid for their work, but I believe I already paid for it. Buyers beware that you will be expected to pay for upgrades. I for one will take that into consideration before buying anything else from this developer.

So I don't mind paying for the upgrade- I am a bit bummed that within individual profiles you cant set one for a BBM contact- unless I am missing something- Seems silly for a blackberry app not to have this option IMO

This is awesome! All I had to do was figure out HOW to upgrade. Then it was all down hill. Hard to improve on perfection but WAY to go!

I don't know HOW to buy the upgrade. I bought the original program through the CB app store and now when I click on "buy upgrade" it takes me to my device page where it shows what apps I've bought. I still don't know what to do to get it!

BerryBuzz is awesome. I love it.

The last version flashed while in the holster, this one doesn't.

Anybody else having this issue?

EDIT: Had to change permissions to allow on all. I never had to do that in the last version. :/

Well, for others that encounter this problem, change the permissions. :)

just noticed there was an update/fix for this! downloaded the new update and was fixed... should have looked for that first... anyway, happy with new version... :D

I paid for BerryBuzz v2 and I don't see any need for me to updgrade to v3. I'm happy with the features with v2 and the additional features in v3 is not of much use for me. I can't justify having to pay another $1.99 for and upgrade that I don't need.

So.. my question is.. Where can I get the old version?? If I wipe my phone, does that mean that I have to manually extract the COD before I wipe?? Why doesn't BellShare have a link somewhere for previous versions?? Even when I log in to MobiHand, the link is now for v3

Why am I being forced to upgrade to v3?!?!

If they require users to pay for major version revisions, they should provide links for older versions so users that choose not to upgrade can continue to use it.

I cannot believe how many people are so overly stressed about the lame $2! Revenue is needed to help develop a better product for the consumer. I wasn't excited that I had to pay the $2, but that lasted about 2 seconds. I don't expect to have everything given to me for's not a right we posses. was an upgrade blah blah blah. We've received quite a few "free" berrybuzz upgrades so paying for one every now and then shouldn't be such a big deal. At the end of the day it's a phenomenal application and well worth the money in my opinion...and the opinion of most everyone else that purchased the upgrade. I guess it's true what they can't make everyone happy :)

I think personally people should be entitled to use the last major version they paid for. If BerryBuzz is at version 3.09 and they want to go to 4.0, you should be allowed to stay at 3.09 without the program going dead and saying, Im not going to work for you until you buy 4.0.

If they want to go to the next version cycle, they need to make signifigant changes to make people say OH YES IM gonna pay the $2, or $4 for the next version.

I know money is needed for development, but shutting a program off until you buy the next version is not going to make me buy any Bellshare program.

I am honestly open to buying their quality software until they at least make some changes.

I do patronize Blackberry authors, but I think listening to the marketbase will help.

I had the update for free. Even when I switch device from my Onyx to Tour, they gave me the update registration password plus the free update.

Same problems here with the Option Menu. I can't save my new setting. All I can do is "discard" my new setting and return to my previous setting :(

Hope they fix this issue soon.

I saw the update for BerryBuzz and yes I had to pay 1.99 but it was worth it. It was already a great app and now is even better. Great update, I just love being able to customize my phone to do what I want.

You do not have to upgrade to version 3 if you don't want to. This is not a forced upgrade. Version 2 will continue to work if you keep it instead.

Hands down.. this is one of the best applications available right now. It is so damn productive it's not even funny. This is the FIRST application I load back onto my Blackberry after every OS upgrade.

I'd gladly pay more money for it!

Clearly I must be blind because I have 3.0.58 and I don't see an option to "Blackout Menus" ANYWHERE. Also, in looking at the comments on here I don't appear to be the only one not being able to find this option...... can someone please enlighten us?

Thank you.

How are you guys upgrading? I went under my account and selected berrybuzz there is no upgrade button.. help.

After I open an SMS, the LED doesn't stop. I can type and send a reply but it doesn't stop until I hit the end key to go back to the home screen. I can This wasn't a problem with v2. And yes, I have it set to "Stop LED when opening messaging app."

Seriously, it two bucks. Pay it and get the upgraded version or don't and keep whining about the two whole dollars...

To me, the new disco options alone are worth the price and then the ability to set led colors for individual contacts?? genius I'm in love with berrybuzz again :)

I had the last version and was charged $5.95. Not a free upgrade or $1.99. I don't mind paying for stuff but please tell me the true price..

The Call LED isn't working for specific contact on incoming calls. The SMS & Emails LED does though. Anyone else having this issue?

i bought this on app world, not crackberry store and it says that i have to pay full price on the crackberry store. any one know how long it will be before it gets to app World or is there a way to upgrade through the crackberry store even though i didnt buy it here

I emailed support @ bellshare and they said we have to get the upgrade from AppWorld since we bought it there first. Hopefully its added in the next couple days.

ok, thanks. i was going to email them about them about it but thought id just try here. i guess ill just wait a few days till its on AppWorld.

I updated my OS from 4.7 to 5 when 5 went official for the Verizon Tour last month.

I'm trying to upgrade BerryBuzz to the OS 5 compatible version, but it keeps sticking me with the 4.2-4.7 OS option.

Customer support at Bellshare and Mobihand have been kind of worthless. I'd be stuck re-purchasing the entire app.

BerryWeather, at least, has an option to switch your device OS on the order screen. No such animal with BerryBuzz.

I just downloaded the upgrade. When I entered my activation code, it tells me that this code is for 2.0, and I need a new code for 3.0 and will b e receiving it via email.

Does anyone know how long it takes them to send the email w/ the new code?


Why do they make you PAY for an upgrade? Like, I JUST BOUGHT the 2.0 version when it was on sale for $3 and now yall wanna charge me another $2 to upgrade?? That sucks.. And if you have to pay to upgrade each time in the end your spending more than what the programs worth!! They should take better care of their long time customers

Im using the trial version (3.5.7 i think) and so far so good except Im trying to save settings like how long between the led flashes but my screen freezes so I cant save them, and the only way I can exit that screen is by discarding my chosen settings. Ive got a Blackberry 8900 curve and have downloaded the trial version for os 4.6.

Can someone please tell me if this still happens when you purchase the app? I dont mind the price and buying it but if it is constantly flashing it will eat my battery :/

Thank you in advance :)

Can anybody confirm please, if this issue was resolved in the new release?

To summarize the problem: let's say I have my "Incognito" profile configured in the way that it will NOT get notify in any way (both SOUND and LED) for all activities (emails, messages, incoming calls, ...)

In the previous version there is no way to shut off the LED notification if using BerryBuzz.
Is it fixed in this newest version?

I updated and berrybuzz is even better and now they added the blackout screen to the lower OS phones although I prob wont use it, its still cool to have that option if I ever change my mind :p
black out screens is under the gear icon at top of berrybuzz settings scroll down til you get just to the days listed it should show right before them, make sure you have 3.0.59 its the newest version

I think that this is not a good thing. The BB users need the app and the android people DON'T. I think that this was a bad decision that was only made as the "easy" decision. This seems just to be a selfish thing from the skyfire people.

Has *ANYONE* seen this man recently? It's like fucking ROSEMARY'S BABY WITH OLD PEOPLE (Sans Anton LaVey, sadly). His face! His face! There's SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIS FACE!

That is, basically, how I feel about the "necessary" upgrade my BB was asked to for BerruBuzz. Being busy with, oh perhaps, being a CTO, a free-lance designer and the savior of the universe, frankly., I've had "shit to do," so I assumed that between my bazillion-dollor device and it's built-in operating system that is (real( capable of remapping the Human Genome that it MIGHT be able to ell me that I was going to have to give them MORE CASH in hopes that this version might "suck LESS" than the last one. I am sure it does. If I could fucking see it… I;m not super-cheap, but I *just* can't bring me to pay for a piece of software that was only PARTIALLY (at *best*) functional to another, perhaps.

HOWEVER, I got an "important update" which should have said, "Yo, dumb-ass, you just nought this six or 8 months ago why the FUCK are you buying it AGAIN? I am DYING to know, BerryBuzzy.., I wait with baited breath, but fear I am going be here for a while...

is there a setting to stop the reminders during calls. i have the phone setting on no reminders during calls but as soon as i loaded the buzz it started. really annoying when talking to somebody or even getting voicemail.