BerryBuzz 2.0 Private Beta Adds Alerts for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and More

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jul 2009 11:15 am EDT

I just got word from Bellshare that their popular app BerryBuzz has been updated and is in private beta. BerryBuzz lets users select custom LED colors on their device for emails, SMS, calls and more. There are a ton of new features in this version, including the much desired BlackBerry Messenger alert and even Facebook. Users can select a "disco" setting, change flash intervals, silence alerts on certain days, slow down the LED and more. If you want to get in on the beta, send an email to with the subject "BerryBuzz 2.0 Beta". Keep in mind that Bellshare will be receiving a huge number of requests and they may not all be honored. The original BerryBuzz is still available at for $5.95. Check out the Bellshare Forums for more information. 

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BerryBuzz 2.0 Private Beta Adds Alerts for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and More


from what ive read, it wont be a free upgrade. most software when you go from a 1.x to a higher 1.x is free, but a 1.x to a 2.x will cost something. it was mentioned that they might give discounts to current users or to beta testers.

Checked out the Bellshare forums and it sounds like this new version has a lot of ramped-up functionality including the mentioned BBM and Facebook inclusion.

I'm still on my trial for the latest version, but I signed up for the beta! If its gonna be and upgrade with a fee I'll just wait for the upgraded version. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Got my invite & have been using for a few hours now. Stable & LOTS of new features that we have been asking for! 2 thumbs up!

This is an awesome app, clearly. I had something like this before but it was laggy so I got rid of it BUT what makes me scratch my head is why this isn't a DEFAULT function of all Blackberry phones already...I should be able to go into the options and change simple stuff like the LED color from the permissions menu for every application by DEFAULT. Just my two cents but if you love the app, definitely get it.

Seeing different LED colors for the different types of alerts lets you know if it's really urgent or not like, blue or emails or purple for Facebook and you can finally take the phone out of your iron grip, lol

any word when it's going to be out officially? (or when they're hoping to get it out by).

also, to those who got invites, how long after you sent the request for an invite did you get one? I sent an email today so i'm hoping to hear back soon :o)

Oh my god I can't wait, I've been testing the 1.x all day and haven't got it to work correctly!!!! I neeeeed this!!

Wonder how they managed to get the notification for BBM. Hope BBAlerts finds out and updates their program otherwise I can see a lot of people moving over.

Also wondering how long it takes to get a beta invite after sending an email and when the official release will be!

Agreed. I use BBAlerts, but BBM notifications are my number one priority, so as soon as this is released, I'm switching. Facebook is just icing on the cake. :)

this app is great ... been using it ever since it was released ... adding BBM would be very nice ...

hope they fixed the bug of the LED not slowing down after the set amount of time ...

I really want to try this one out. I sent the email, but haven't received word yet. This was the only feature I've been missing on my Storm!

I paid for this app and I keep license key invalid. I have sent several emails to bellshare and no response.

Are you trying to use a BerryBuzz v1 license key with the beta? Because if you are it won't work. People who purchased v1 will need to upgrade (hopefully at a discount) when v2 is offically released

I really want to know the fee arrangements for upgrades ... I would love to download the old app, but if it will be cheaper to just wait for the new one to leave beta, I will do that. More information please!!

Everyone wants something for free. It's human nature. However, the fact is that some people spent a good deal of time developing this next version with new features that you can't get elsewhere (BBM alerts, Facebook LED alerts, etc..)

Capitalism at it's finest. My money is that every single people on here bitching about a free upgrade has a price they will pay to upgrade.

Is it $1.00? $3.00? $5.00? $10.00?

Quite honestly, I have never used or purchased this application before. However, given the BBM alert capability (something that nobody else has) - my new subscriber price point is $20.00. Yea, twenty bucks. That's how valuable it is for me sitting in a meeting and being able to know someone sent me a BBM message rather than just some spam email.

Now, if it were $24.95, would I still buy? Yup. $29.99? Thinking about it. $30+, probably not.

The point I am making here is that everyone has a price. The fact that you use this program in the first place, and have previously paid for it, means it has value to you.

I'm betting that if they offer the upgrade at a few bucks, not one of you complaining would hesitate to buy it.

I totally agree, but I just need more info on if it will be cheaper to buy the old program now and upgrade later or just wait for the new program to come out of beta ... it's a tough decision that would be solved with a little more information from the developer.

I think there should a cut-off date for BerryBuzz like they did with Quicklaunch:

Where if you bought it within the last month, last 3 weeks, last 2 weeks, whatever, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

BBM alert functionality FTW! I want this badly, haha, so I can know if it's someone important on BBM or just another alert. I'll move over from Berry Alerts if this works well :)

If they want current customers like myself to buy this again (well, at least at a discounted rate), the product better be damn perfect.

I won't be happy if I am charged again for a product with annoying bugs!