BerryAddon All-In-One Utility

By Adam Zeis on 18 Aug 2009 10:01 am EDT

I came across a cool app in the forums called BerryAddon which is currently in beta. The app adds a ton of cool features to your device, and acts as an "All-In-One" for tweaking simple tasks on your device. BerryAddon has a small footprint and huge output. Some of the features are:

  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect
  • Vibrate when ringing
  • After call, prompt to add call number to addressbook
  • When creating contact, you can add new contact or update exist contact
  • Log blocked call to calendar
  • Email signature
  • Save sms/email/pin message as text document
  • Insert contact's number or email address into sms/email/pin message
  • Auto lock keypad when screen goes blank. you can create exceptions to disable this feature

The app is availble to download during the beta, and a full version is set to be released soon. You can check out the forum thread to view updates and discussion. Check out the OTA links below to download.

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BerryAddon All-In-One Utility


I saw this in the 3rd party apps forum but really didn't get what it was because I didn't read it. I'll try it and check it out. Thanks for the heads up

this installs into your options menu. really a great app and glad the developers created it that way, rather than having to have it run in the background.

"Download for OS 4.6" really means "Download for OS 4.6 and higher." I can testify that it works admirably on my Storm 5.0. Others in the forums report success on the Tour.

Your best bet is to visit the forum linked above. From there, you can download the version you need and read the reports and findings of other users.

You will not be disappointed with BerryAddon. I wish I had thought of it! ;)

I don't see why I have a need for that though the updating existing contact and adding new contact is nice

How do I download this? I click the link, and just a bunch of command lists show up? Am I supposed to do something with this? Help!

This is a GREAT app! I've been looking forever for a way to block Private Number. Somehow some hospitals or doctors have my number as some doctor. So every week I get 2-3 calls from Private Number asking for this guy. Problem is it's always a different clinic or whatever calling. So when I say they have a wrong number, they get really annoying and ask what doctor I am and what clinic they just called and all this other nonsense. I love that I can set this program to answer and hang up right away!

Seriously, what this App adds to the BB is super. I think the developer should sell this code to RIM as a default function of future BBs.

I can not seem to download this app ota. My webpage comes up and doesn't show the links. I've tried various ways to get it, any ideas?


Now I have to figure out where it is. LOL

We wanted to chime in to THANK EVERYONE for the extremely positive comments (and all the help!!) Thanks to our faithful legion of beta testers who are helping us to craft an incredible app.

There are many more functions that we add to your Blackberry experience, as our current users know!

* Vibe on Call Connect
* Vibe on Call Disconnect
* Vibe on ring
* Add number to Address Book from Call Log
* Log Incoming Calls to Calendar
* Log Outgoing Calls to Calendar
* Filter Logged Numbers
* InCall Notification
* Call Firewall (supports Call Waiting too!)
* Selectable Firewall Rules for each caller
* Block by Prefix
* Block by Number
* Prevent Calls to Blacklisted Numbers!!!
* Block Private Calls
* Block Unknown Calls
* Whitelists & Blacklists
* Blocked Call List
* SMS Signatures
* Emoticon Database Support in Email & SMS
* PIM Sync Category Support
* Reverse Number Lookup
* Send Call Log to Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Memopad
* Send Email to Calendar, Tasks, or Memopad
* Send SMS to Calendar, Tasks, or Memopad

And we still have a few SURPRISES left up our sleeve!!!

Look for our updates and we will keep you informed!! Thanks again to our GREAT Beta Testers and to!!!

Twinkler Software, LLC

installed on tour 9630 running hybrid OS along with Berrypopup. Everytime i call my own voice mail it generates a popup telling me i have no new voice messages. Anyway to turn this off?

Hi, you can uncheck "prompt me to add call number to addressbook" in Options-berryaddon-phone call. In 0.92, just cancel the popup,berryaddon will not prompt you with the same number.

I jus downloaded the app and love the features... very simple should have came with the OS... anyways i'm wondering about registering it?? is it needed to do so and how do i go about registering it?

hey got another post about the emoticons... how do i use em and what application can i use em on; email, text, bbm, yahoo?

The ability to switch on constatnt vibe for incoming calls is a winner.
With so many apps alerting with a pulse its cool to assign calls to constant.

also - adding unknown numbers to contacts gives you the option to choose mobile or work etc on the fly.
Usually my bold slots any number into work automatically, this has been a long running gripe of mine - fixed!


Great work