Berry Weather Launch And Give Away!!

Berry Weather Launch And Give Away!!
By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2009 06:48 am EDT

An awesome new weather application has been released from the makers of Berry Buzz. Introducing Berry Weather, a visually impressive weather application for BlackBerry devices running 4.2.1 OS and higher.

While being visually stunning Berry Weather has many other highlights built right into the application, let's have a look at them.

  • Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
  • Customizable homescreen icon with fully customizable temperature and weather advisory badge.
  • Support for different themes (Widgets, Simple and Simple Dark)
  • Get instant access to current conditions plus detailed 7-day and 24-hour forecasts for over 72.000 locations worldwide. Get weather advisories and alerts for any location within the U.S.
  • Keep up to 10 locations at the same time and switch between them.
  • Weather advisory notifications, Support for custom LED colors using BerryBuzz.
  • No subscription fee

And best of all, Bellshare and CrackBerry wanna give away 50 copies of Berry Weather to CrackBerry readers, just leave a comment on this post up until Sunday, April 5th, Midnite PST for your chance to win a free copy, that's a $9.95 value for free folks! In the meantime there is a free trial available as well, check it out and if ya dig it, be sure to comment you just might score yourself a free copy. Good luck, everyone!

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Berry Weather Launch And Give Away!!



What happens when there is a Tornado and I do not have this on my phone? I get blown away. Simple as that :-)

It would be great to have a free copy of berry weather ... Thanks Bellshare and CrackBerry

I have Berry Buzz and that's a great app - will have to look at Berry Weather - but FREE copy would be really nice, hope to win.

Thanks for providing us with such great info and opporunities to get great new tools. I would love a copy of Berry Weather!

This program sounds great but I do have a question, how big is the file? Size will start being an important factor unless the new 5.0 firmware will allow us to save applications and run them off of our media cards. But visually it does look very impressive. Nice work!

i have the trial but saw the price so i emailed them asking for a lower price. guess they listened. love it so far. it would sweet to score a free copy.

I would love to test this to see if it is compatable with my themes i have developed. I make the professionalGrungeWb edition and would love it o be the professionalGrunge BerryWeather editon instead.

I live by the weather. I am a golf course superintendent and I check the weather at least 50 times a day. I have weather bug, the new version, and I have it set to update every 15 minutes. The only problem with weather bug is that it is not specific to my exact location. I wonder if there is anything out there that I can use to get this. I don't know but that is a good idea.

I use weather eye and although it's a good app, it's doesn't look as complete as this one. And because I'm not in Canada, my default location is close, but not real close.

In my opinion there was a void in the blackberry area when dealing with weather apps. Subscription-based models are not suitable for me and other free apps like weatherEye put a heavy burden on battery.

Thanks for the news (and the giveaway ;-)

Downloading the trial just now :-)

Been looking into getting a weather app for a little while now. This contest is just in time!! Definetely need something for Florida, where summer = RAIN!!

Man this app sounds sweet! My job makes me dependent on the weather. Every evening im checking the weather on the local news stations and weather bug. the more resources the better.

thanks for all the give aways.

Looks like things are starting to get really good for storm owners. Seems like daily better and better are apps are slowly starting to surface. Thanks to all

This application looks fantastic. An app that finally uses the entire potential of the storms screen is great. And to be always able to follow up on other locatio is great for my job due to all the travelingj

It's's pouring....the old man is snoring. Oh well I guess with this awesome weather app he would have known it was actually sunny today....hee hee give me one for free!!!

I only have one app on my storm right now. I've been looking for a weather app but haven't found the right one. This looks like it might fit the bill. Here's hoping!

Berry Weather is a GREAT App that I had the chance to be part of the BETA testing, but was not one of the chosen ones to receive a free copy then, but I hope I am one of the chosen ones here at Crackberry dot com.... Crackberry is an Awesome site and thank you for giving the me the chance to win a FREE COPY....

I'm not a huge weather guy generally speaking, but I am obsessed with having a good weather app on my blackberry. I have loaded 4 different already and still have not found one that I like. I'm going download the free trial and see how it looks.

We just had some major storms here in my neck of the woods (South Alabama). I need a good weather app

I really need a good weather app. This seems like a good one! I hope im lucky enough to win one!

Everyone knows how unpredictable Memphis weather is. The old saying that if you don't like it, wait 15 minutes because it'll change.

If I had the new weather app, I could keep up with what's coming next in those 15 mins!!

It really looks great! I wonder if it's as good as weathereye? The storm version is pretty formidable... :-)

Oh My God... I think this is the one, the Complete Weather app for my Blackberry Bold, i try the standard Bold weather app and it doesn't update regularly like it supposed to do, i try the other free weather app after 1 day it didn't show my city weather anymore.... This one look solid, even can change the background... Sluurp, soooo good !

I would love to win this weather app! I work in construction and the first thing I do when I wake up is look at my blackberry. This lets me know how to dress an what to look forward to the rest of my work day outside. I currently run weatherbug on my storm and it is visually appealing. The only problem is that it is a memory hog and it drains my battery. I would love for this app to run smoothly on my beautiful device. I hope it has radar too.

I would love to win this app. I'm a huge weather nut and have been wondering which app to purchase or try any free ones. This would be perfect! Thanks again Crackberry

This is exactly the type of thing the BlackBerry needs! It's the type of attractive and at-your-fingertips app that the iPhone has over the BlackBerry. I was even thinking of writing a weather app for the BlackBerry myself when I had the time (yeah, right!), but looks like somebody beat me to it! Thanks, guys!

Screen shots look nice. Much nicer than the moldy oldy, BBWeather I've been using. Been thinking about giving the trial a run around the block, but will hold off until after the contest.

Great graphics, support for international locations and it's also stable (which can't be said about all the competitors...)


This would be awesome for me, I do landscape features in a mountainesc setting. To be able to get a weather alert would be a sweet time saver.

I'm a weather freak, I'm an outdoor enthusiast, so I'm always looking for the stand out weather application that is clear and concise, and accurate. Looks like this could be it, it looks great!

This looks like a great app but I don't think I wanna pay $10 when there are free apps with just about the same features...

I'm a huge weather person and I'm always checking the weather on my BB. This application sounds really great and I'd love to have a free copy! Plan on testing it out later. Thanks Bellshare and CB!

I am a safety and training supervisor for a school bus company. With safety being the top priority for our company knowing what the weather is like and any weather alerts that might happen is very important. As everyone knows the weather can change with a blink of the eye. The quicker I know about a change the quicker I can let my drivers know. I am rarely around a radio or television and my blackberry is the way I stay in contact with the world. The weather apps that I have used so far are not as I would hope them to be. This new weather app seems to have all that I'am looking for. It is nice, clean, and looks simple to read.

This looks pretty sweet and I'd love to get a copy. I've been looking for a good weather app as for some reason, no matter how many times I click accept, the accuweather app tells me I need to accept.

thanks for posting this. it looks cool i think i will use the free trialcheck it out! thanks again for the info!!!!!!

It's been nice using WeatherBug and WeatherEye, but there's a good reason why they are free. This looks like a big step in the right direction, although at a hefty price tag.

I love the look. I use weather bug right now but would be willing to give this a shot. Thanks for the chance to win a free copy.

Downloaded free trail. I really like this app. Looks nice on the BB Storm. However $9.95, that is a lot of money for a weather app when I can just access the weather channel on my web browser.

This Application looks awesome and I'm looking for a better weather app.
good work!! cant wait to download it!!

Being a current WeatherBug user I was excited to see someone invest in some more advanced features like "Feels like" and humidity levels. Any thoughts on adding an allergy index. Can't wait to d/l the trial.

I've waited for this APP for long time...could I pleassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get a free copy? Its amazing at how far these devices have come. I really need this program for my blackberry bold.

Would be nice to win. Everyone always talks about the weather. Now I would know what I was talking about?
Thanks Berry for the chance to win one.