Contest: Berry Weather 1.5 Now Available - 100 Free Copies!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2009 08:05 am EDT

Leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free copy of Berry Weather... 100 Free Copies to be Won!

Back not too long ago when we announced the availability of Berry Weather a lot of people opted to make it THE weather application to use with good reason. This time around, BellShare has launched version 1.5 of Berry Weather which is now even better then when first released. For those of you who missed out on the beta, you can now grab version 1.5 from the Shop CrackBerry Software Store for $9.95. A 3-day free trial is also available. Check out the list of changes below:

Update to Version 1.5.35

  • ANIMATED RADAR MAPS (for US Locations only, add a custom radar map for international locations)
  • Track your location via GPS/CELL location so you always know the weather where you are. (Cell location for GSM devices only. GPS does not work for non-Storm devices on Verizon due to carrier restrictions)
  • Replace the default BerryWeather radar maps for any location with your preferred weather service's radar maps!
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
  • New Themes
  • Smoother animations on BlackBerry Storm
  • Improved battery and memory handling
  • Many many more bug fixes 

Contest: Update - BellShare just upped it from 50 free copies to 100 free copies! Just login to and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a free copy of Berry Weather. 50 100 Free copies available to be won! Contest entry ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

Sale - Save 25% on Berry Weather: BellShare has also hooked us up with a coupon code so you can save 25% on Berry Weather if you buy now. The coupon code is cbweather25 and will work when you use it either with our mobile app store ( on your Berry's web browser) or within our CrackBerry App Store client . *Will not work in our PC software store.* The coupon code is good for the next five days. 

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Reader comments

Contest: Berry Weather 1.5 Now Available - 100 Free Copies!




I just saw that you have a contest and since I was first it was not up yet.

I feel I should win because a I am an armature meteorologest.
Weather is something I love and people call me and ask what the weather will be like, I am more trussed than the weather people on TV.

Thank you for the opportunity to win a great program!!

I'll be grabbing the trial. I've been looking for a weather app that included animated radar. Nice to know what direction storms are moving in!

Hey jfsalewicz, thanks for your link on Weather Underground... Isn't that the best site in the world? I love weather and just got my degree in photography, so we have a lot in common... except I can't take photos of lightning. :(

It seems like a great program I will definitely get the trial. The GPS support alone is a great feature. Might finally get me off of BBWeather

I love version 1.0.34, can't wait to upgrade my copy tonight. Free copy? Oh, yeah, that would be sweet. My wife's BB has needed this.

You guys rock, Bellshare and Crackberry! I drive 1000 miles every weekend, so I have a couple of locations that I switch to "home", to catch alerts on the way. The GPS will be so very cool.

Yes, the tides would be a nice touch some day, but this is big time excitement for me today.

living in the panhandle of Florida, a reliable weather app for my blackberry is a must have!!! Hurricanes, heatwaves, tropical storms....yuck!!

This is a free upgrade for those who have purchased / supported you in the past?
I did not get a update notification yet?


Even it you don't win this it is very well worth the $9.95 price. Radar feature is second to none and works flawless on Bold .266 OS.

Please give me another for wife's 8900!

Good morning, i am into my second day as being a Black Berry owner, and i am certainly not a expert and have spent my free time looking for more and more applications to make my life easier.

This device is AMAZING, im just not sure what i did with out it in the past!

This app looks like it provides a much better user experience than the freebie downloads that are available. I'd love to give it a try on my 8900!

I'm running WeatherBug now and not really seeing memory leaks or battery drain. running the free trial of Berry Weather now to see if it is better. I would love to win a free version.

I am a weather app junkie! I keep apps on my bb storm but for some reason its the weather and information apps that I am constantly using. Never won anything so, how about it. A free app would be a great start!

I'm looking forward to giving this a try. The other weather application I have used had a massive memory leak so I dumped it.

After these past few days i mean weeks of rain...........i would love to get a play by play of the weather here in jersey on my trusty Storm <---- ;-D

I downloaded the trial version of this app when it was first released and loved it...would love a chance to win a free copy....pleaseeeeee

I'll give it a shot. weatherbug is decent but I'm always looking for something better! Love the idea of animated radar maps!

now this would be great, I could check out early when I need to get the hail out of dodge from the hurricanes lol

This an awesome app! And the new version should be even better. It is nice to always have the alerts and up to date weather information at your fingertips. Thank you for this great app!

I've been using Weather Bug ever since I got my Storm. This application sounds great. I'd love to try it. The price, if I win, sounds great. I enjoy new applications. It's amazing how big the world of BB has been without me in in. Now that I'm here, look out. ROFLMAO

I work outdoors and with the summer here and the chance for afternoon thunderstorms looming daily. Having the live radar and the gps would show me exactly what I can expect.

This is an amazing looking weather app. I would love this for my BB. The radar would definitely come in handy on my motorcycle rides.

Cool, I've been using weatherbug direct but I've been searching for something a bit more robust.

I live in FL so weather is off the wall and weather alerts are an great thing!!

What a beautiful looking app. I've been looking something to replace WeatherBug (horrible code). Your app looks amazing and I would love nothing more than to have this on my Bold! Thanks in advance!

Living just outside NYC, especially lately, this is the ideal app, especially after checking out the trial. Going from 60s and rain, to 90 and just oppressively humid, etc. It's worth the $10, but who can complain about a free copy?

This looks like a great new (improved) weather app. I have tried the others but have not liked them for one reason or another. I definitely love the radar and gps features this new version has.

Thanks for the hard work and would love to win a free copy of the app.

Congrats on the update

I would love to win a copy of Berryweather! I am constantly on the go and being a ham radio operator this would be great for when we have skywarn activations in the area. PLus I travel a lot for both work and pleasure and never really know how to find out what the weather is in an area I am unfamilir with. This would be great with the GPS! Thanks for Concidering me!

In a world where there are no windows . . .
Where watching the weather on TV is taboo . . .
There is WEATHER BERRY 1.5!!!!!

Sure, i'd love a free copy!!

One of my two Blackberry addictions--Weather and News. A stable weather app would be killer! Thanks for the oppurtunity.


Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me

I have heard nothing but good things about Berry Weather, So I will throw my name in the hat and keep my fingers crossed!!

I been trying everyone so far, and I wanted berry weather for ever. may the contest gods be with me..

I'd love to win a copy of this. Im considering spending the money but free would be even better.

Blackberry I carry, no Boost or Sidekick-
Call me Mr. I kissed ya girl and I liked it...-
There's alotta apps out for the weather, but I gottta say I like Berry Weather better! Yea!!

Oh man the GPS feature is awesome! WeatherEye doesn't even have my town listed. Please end my pain of having to cope with inaccurate forecasts.

I've been thinking of giving this a try. WeatherBug not nearly as good as Weather Channel's app, and with Free Vs. Weather Channel's Price. Free always Wins. Nw with this either Free (if I Win) or discounted, Berry Weather is worth a Free Trial for Me.

Better than Weatherbug in all areas (except for the radar feature...but they're workin' on it).

Can't tell you how much you made my life easy. I recently transitioned from curve to storm. Things have just been gr8 so far, thanks mainly to your site.
I can call myself a crackberry addict :-)

Keep up the good work. Blackberry and Crackberry Rulz!!!!