Berry Wars, Revamped And Renamed As Druglord Wars And Now On Sale For Only $3.99

For those of you all unfamiliar with Berry Wars it is an is an adventure game pitting you against the world of street dealers, crooked cops, and drug cartels in a battle for money and drugs.

By Bla1ze on 18 Nov 2009 07:56 am EST
Berry Wars, Revamped And Renamed As Druglord Wars.

Awesome news comes to us from Epic applications today. Druglord Wars (formerly Berry Wars), which was previously a number one top selling game in the CrackBerry store has gotten a new name and a new UI to go with it. For those of you all unfamiliar with Berry Wars it is an is an adventure game pitting you against the world of street dealers, crooked cops, and drug cartels in a battle for money and drugs. Starting off in debt, you will build your drug empire by visiting over 10 beautifully rendered cities, and fight attackers out to get you. New updates to the game include:

  • Global online leaderboard to compare your skills to the world
  • 17 drugs to buy and sell in 11 beautifully rendered cities
  • 18 weapons and storage containers to take down enemies and hold more drugs
  • Over 125 custom designed images just for BlackBerry
  • Save games and preview progress before resuming
  • Unlimited gameplay mode to see how far you can take your drug empire

This new version was beta tested right here in the CrackBerry forums with many users loving the new improvements to the game and UI. Currently device support is for OS 4.6 and up with 480x320 or 480x360 screens, but are planning to support 4.5+ with 320x240 soon. Right now you can grab the all new Druglord Wars for only $3.99, which would normally be $4.99 and check it out.

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Berry Wars, Revamped And Renamed As Druglord Wars And Now On Sale For Only $3.99


Sounds like fun. Just wait for the PC police to come out and say we shouldn't have a game like this available to kids.......

a game about becoming rich from selling illegal drugs shouldn't be available to kids...its kinda sad that this game gets put on the front page when there are better games out there...

I do agree that kids shouldn't be allowed to play this, my daughter has a Blackberry but if I don't want her to play it she won't. If you have kids it is YOUR duty and job as a parent to watch what they do, don't blame the developers.

your daughter has a Paypal account or Credit card too? give me a break, how is she suppose to purchase the game if YOU the parent doesn't allow it. Maybe you need to police your daughters net access too, cause if she's on Facebook and Myspace a lot more worst things are on those sites than a $3.99 game on CB

Hey guys, we are working closely with MobiHand to resolve the upgrade issue. We have posted it as an upgrade, but users aren't seeing that yet :/

So basically this game is similar to Dope Wars on the computer, right? Just for BlackBerry!!?? Cuz I've noticed the game but was a little hesitant to buy it...but with the new overhaul I'm gonna have to pick it up and try ir out!!

We are working with MobiHand to get the upgrades working. When we do, they will not be free though since we put so much new work into this game (about 5x more than the original). We are, however, trying to give a discount to our supporters, so please bear with us (and MobiHand, since we can't do anything without their help now...).

Honestly, I do not want to lose this original version. So simple yet fun.. However, I do think that an update being done should be offered to those of us that have bought the original.

Hoping there is some love from the customers the have paid money to you in the past. Please do not forget us!

Long time user back to the PALM days.

Using the Storm 9530 and its difficult to change citities using the "Airpot" button.

Are you seeing bugs (aka a problem), or are you just saying the button is too small? This app has been extensively tested (by the CB community no less), and I do not know of any remaining bugs, so I don't want people to read your message and think the app has issues, when it does not. Thanks!

Glad you guys are loving it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write reviews on the product page (and vote 5 stars!) if you like it to let others know what you think. The existing reviews are all for the old version of Berry Wars, so please make it clear you are talking about the new one. Thanks!

I have no ETA since MobiHand still has not responded to me. All I can do is send them another email :/ This is extremely frustrating for me too :(

To those who DON'T know, this game is a very good remake of an old TI calculator/palm game - kinda fun to go back to it now and see it with cool grafx and better, intuitive menus vs an old touch screen! There were alot of requests for this before Berry Wars was released and there were some old versions of it floating around for Java based phones, but nothing as nicely done as this. Quit complaining about your child who you don't want playing this ... wait ... if they are too young to play this, then WHAY do they have a blackberry in the first place!!!!!! On top of that, if they can't separate the reality of life from a point n click game, well, I don't think they should have a cell phone! wow ...

So I got the email for the upgrade. I purchased it and NOTHING HAPPENS. Something downloads and them there is an exception! Please help.

What's up with having to pay to upgrade to the newest version of this game.....Every other app that I have, that has been updated has always been free, so why are they trying to charge us to upgrade this one......

This game is fun and all but come on....I don't think the new version has that many improvements that I should have to pay to update my version.....

just my 2 cents...

I am still waiting and hoping someone will let me know how to fix this. I got the email for the upgrade and I cant get anything to work for this game.