Berry, My Hero - New Theme for the BlackBerry Storm from Z-Man Designs

By Michael Hepples on 8 Feb 2010 12:15 pm EST

Berry My HeroBerry My Hero

Zach dropped me a line the other day to let me know about his newest theme Berry, My Hero. Designed for the 95xx series of devices, it ports the Sense UI look and feel to your BlackBerry. To those who know me, it's no surprise that I loved this theme right from the start - the homescreen clock gets me every time. The homescreen is clean and well laid out, as we have come to expect from ZMan, and the more I use this theme the more I love it. I purposely didn't do any research on the theme before loading it, and the amount of function packed into the homescreen has not ceased to impress me over the last two days as I've been using this theme.

Initially I found the usual hotspots very quickly, with the handy bottom dock allowing shortcuts to Manage Connections and Profiles, and the clock launching (as expected) the clock. I was extremely impressed with the quick menu incorporated into the bottom dock, which allows me fast access to common applications including my Options, Browser, and Music among others. However, what I didn't realize was that I hadn't yet found the coolest features of this theme, which are two hidden hotspots in the top corners of the screen. Clicking the top left corner transfers over to a lock screen, and clicking the top right launches a Today area with three panels. This would have to be my favorite component of the theme, incorporating a feature that I have found immensely useful, yet haven't seen before. The middle panel of the Today area allows you to compose a message directly from your home screen, perfect for firing off that quick message without having to open the Messages folder. If you are looking for the look and function of the Sense UI on your 95xx series device, you have to try this theme, which you can find in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.

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Berry, My Hero - New Theme for the BlackBerry Storm from Z-Man Designs


I ran it for a long time on my S2 before I swapped back to my 8900. The only reason I swapped back is because I'm working on it for other models :)

Looks nice, but why never any trials on themes? I'd want to see if it works ok on my 9500 before plunking down the $5.

I know exactly how you feel. I have been in your spot several times. Unfortunately, until RIM comes up with a solution to allowing trial themes, then it makes it really hard for any developer to put out a trial (for a theme that is). However, I stand 100% by my product. And remember, all updates (to v2.0) are 100% FREE!

Hi Z, been a fan of your work since CB2.. Great looking and functional theme as usual.. :) But since I am a first time theme buyer I have to ask: how do I know when there is an update?

Hi Z, been a fan of your work since CB2.. Great looking and functional theme as usual.. :) But since I am a first time theme buyer I have to ask: how do I know when there is an update?

Does this theme work as well as it looks? I mean I love the look and the video makes it look as though it works well... I look forward to more reviews... one say great, the other though it says sweet, says it slowed things down a LOT! I'd like to hear what kind of memory difference there is between the stock ZEN theme and this theme... numbers talk... and for $5, I would like to know performance is up with appearance.

Why would someone get a superior BB device and then install a theme that makes it look like a lame Windows Mobile device? It boggles the mind.

The lame Win Mobile UI works better for some, including myself. I want everything on the home screen: big clock, Today, weather, access to frequently-used icons; and the ability to dismiss most things to show the wallpaper.

The default Zen works OK for me (and I've frequently gone back to its variants from other theme developers). But I'm always looking for themes with a good balance of cool factor and utility.

completely understand where you are coming from. However, it's still a BlackBerry underneath it all. It just has a different outfit on for a little while. Still just as powerful and still my beastly smartphone.

If you could have your BlackBerry theme designed for you, what would you do differently?

I am a huge fan of zman themes since the CB2.
Also a fan of the hero functionality of the hero themes...
Some are well done...some are crap. This is the coolest hero theme out there! (and it comes bundled with the Transitions theme for cheap...WIN)
Haven't noticed ANY memory problems!
The quick menu and message screen are super cool!
Looking forward to the updates!!!!!

Give up blackberry, you will never be better then Android. You can imitate it all you want, but Android is the bomb.

BB OS = recycled never changing trash. We change the icons, but overall its the same all the time. RIM you need to do some work, BB is to business like to compete.

Not liking the memory management. With Zen I drop maybe 3mb and stay there for days. 6 hours in and I have dropped 11mb. Plus I started 3mb lower on boot. I'll try it for another few days to see if it needs to "settle in" otherwise... see ya

Like this theme alot but i have a problem when i try and click the 6th icon (top right icon) it unintentionally brings up the calender/messages window. tried messing with all other icons and they work and open on first click but the 6th does not more than half the time. another thing i would love to see incorporated into this theme would be to able to click the empty space in the middle of the screen to launch the app screen since my bb button does not pump it up for me and other fellow storm users :)

How does it look when the phone is oriented horizontally? Does it go back to the generic blackberry menu?
Does the keyboard look the same as well?

I like the big clock, that's what sold me. I use my cellphone as a watch, and its great to not have to squint. I am liking the way this looks and works so far. I have one small bug, when I use the message button, I get stuck there and can't get back to my home screen (and my big clock). The only fix is to pull the battery. Otherwise, this is very slick.

How do you go back to the screen on the left? Mine keeps going back to the lock screen like on my Droid. It never goes back to the screen at the left of this post on the left.