BePhone Theme for All Devices - On Sale for $1.99

By ObiGeorge on 24 May 2010 10:23 am EDT

BePhone is another great looking theme from the guys at JMal and AHaz Designs. Its a clone iPhone theme that really runs smooth, and looks beautiful on your BlackBerry device. It features high quality icons, a today screen, and slide panels that contain a few extra pages of your apps. As with all of JMal and AHaz themes, the theme runs super fast, and is high quality all around. I realize the iPhone themes have been done before (a lot), but this quite possibly may be the best of the bunch. It is on sale until May 31st for $1.99, and compatible with any BlackBerry running OS 4.5 and higher.

Reader comments

BePhone Theme for All Devices - On Sale for $1.99


Hmmmm, seems like a waste of time(creating this app) and money(purchasing this app).....but then again this is only one man's opinion

I really think these kinds of themes show a lack of creativity and ingenuity on the part of theme designers. There is no reason we need to have hundreds of iPhone themes. If you want an iPhone, go buy one. I feel like it should concern RIM's UI design department that people would rather scrap their default theme for an iPhone theme or some other theme. MAKE SOMETHING UNIQUE!

We make unique themes as well, the only reason we made this is because we felt we could do it better than any that were already out, and apparently we did so thanks to everyone who has purchased this theme. It is appreciated!

Why in the world would any respectable Blackberry enthusiast want his/her Blackberry to "look like" an iPhone.

I agree with the comment about "lack of creativity". If you want your Blackberry to look like an iPhone, go buy an iPhone.

RIM still has 36% of the market, far ahead of Apple iPhones or Androids (which are the closest competitor) and when compared to any other makers of smart phones, nobody can even come close. Why is everybody so iPhone crazy. Because it can help you hang a picture with it's "level". Give me a break.

I would still put my Bold 9700 up against anything out there. I had someone with an iPhone just yesterday show me how their iPhone could dial by voice. Really!? So can my 9700 but I don't feel the need to go around telling everyone about it.

The iPhone is the Mitsubishi Eclipse of the phone world. They're made for girls and gay men, although real men sometimes drive them (but shouldn't).

If you don't like the theme then don't download it on your berry! I think alot of you who post negitive comments need a life. "If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing". Drip... Drip...!

8530 user and the them LOOKS fantastic. HOWEVER, it lags terribly and when getting an email or an SMS, you need to go back to the center screen to be able to use the icons in the bottom dock! That kinda sucks and make the theme kinda useless IMHO. PLEASE make an update to this theme ASAP so you can use the bottom dock icons from any of the 3 top screens. Will probibly go back to other theme as this one is lagging my 8530 pretty bad and is taking me forever to change from one screen to another. Thank goodness it was on sale....

It looks nice, but it lags. Moving an icon to another folder takes 5 seconds.
Mr. Developer - update please?

Good theme. Icons needs works and better colours. There seems to be a bad lag though. Even moving icons from one area to another folder takes 5 to 8 seconds.
Developer badly needs to release a FREE update fast if this one is to sell well and live up to their bragging rights that this is one of the better iPhone-like theme around.
And there seems to be a memory drain too as my MemoryUp Pro reports of around 20MB being recovered every 30 minutes!

The developer just released an update to this theme today and it is ALLOT better than it was. The lag is now a 1 or 2 out of 10 (10 being worst). The courser still seems to get lost at times on on top 3 screens, but, is still allot better than it was. KUDOS and a BIG thanks to the developers for listening to our issues with your theme and getting an update out so fast with fixes that really do work! Great Job!!!

I just updated, but it still shows as 1.1 on the download, and doesn't appear in the Themes list on my Pearl.