BeNexus Theme Gives Your BlackBerry That 'Nexus One' Look - 50 Free Copies!

By ObiGeorge on 19 Jan 2010 10:51 am EST
BeNexus Theme

The guys over at JMal and Ahaz Designs have done it again with another great theme release, BeNexus. Like their previous release BeDroid, BeNexus is another feature packed theme that really brings that Nexus One look to your BlackBerry Smartphone. BeNexus is totally customized with replica icons, wallpaper, lock screen, and even a Google search widget. They have also included the Android like notification panel that drops down, giving you easy access to your messages and calendar events. Just like BeDroid, you can also download a version that includeds Epic Applcation's popular Storm app Stop Turning ($1.99 value), which locks the screen orientation of your 95xx device. BeNexus is full of shortcuts, Storm optomized, and one of the best themes i have seen due to its many integrated features. You can download it at the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99 until January 24th. The theme is compatible with Bold, Tour, Storm and 8900 devices. For a video walkthrough of BeNexus on the Storm click here.

Contest: We have 50 copies of BeNexus to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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BeNexus Theme Gives Your BlackBerry That 'Nexus One' Look - 50 Free Copies!



Hi there,
I'm constantly looking for different themes that will allow me to customize my storm 2 with a calendar on the home screen, and not slow my phone down. I'd also like it to have that "futuristic appeal", but haven't really found exactly what I'm looking for. I'd love to try this out and see how it works, pick me!

I am absolutely dying for a new theme! Please help me out...I beg of you ;o) love ya crackberry...this theme is sick!!!!

Looks really great. I always use the default theme, and I prefer it that way. But this theme really looks impressive.

Digging thebsearch engine on the homescreen...Im a big theme guy.CB hook me up with this so I can show it off. PLEASEEEEEE

cb > iphone

I would love to get a Be Nexus theme. I simply adore my Bold 9700, cant live without it! and I would clown all of the Nexus one users too!

I look through a tonne of themes, but this one really looks great! I would love to win this one! Nice work as always!

If feedback re: the app is what you wish I can provide that by putting it through it's paces so to speak. Please advise. I'm also looking for a way to cut data cost honestly. This cost on a cost when you're paying for minutes is kind of ridiculous. But???????

Please give me one to try it, i just bought the BerryBuzz and need to try this.

Thank you in advance. ^^

I so need a new theme for my Storm 9520. The ones I had before don't with with OS 5, so I've been stuck with the factory theme. I hope I win!!!

It would be nice I have the storm 2 and really love the whole blackberry and do not want to switch away from it

looks sweet. if it looks half as sweet on the bold as it did on the storm video, then this could replace my iberry theme thats been there for ever. love to win a copy!

Would really look good on my storm 9550 I hope I can win come on I need to win Thank a mill for giving me the chance

I haven't won anything in a while. Oh, c'mon please?? I'll be good. I'll take good care of it. Please???

instead of just calendar and messages, the notification bar should make all notifications show on it, for everything