BeMaps Pro 10 Pro updated once again with even more features

BeMaps Pro 10 Pro
By James Richardson on 13 Aug 2013 04:34 am EDT

It only seems like five minutes since BeMaps Pro 10 was updated, but the popular BlackBerry 10 mapping application has had yet another update bringing a few new features along with some keyboard shortcuts for Q10 & Q5 owners. If you have not checked out the app before it's certainly worth looking into as it offers a bunch of features that the native BlackBerry Maps doesn't.

If you missed our hands on video with BeMaps 10 Pro you can catch it here. It's a great application to have on your BlackBerry and even better is that the developers are clearly trying to constantly improve it. Good on those guys.

Updates in the version include:

  • Added support for terrain layer
  • Added menu item 'Center on my Loctation' with keyboard shortcuts for Q10/Q5
  • Added warning message when location services are turned off
  • Fixed about screen cut off in landscape mode on the Z10

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Anyone with a BB10 phone should buy this app.
Well worth the money and they keep updating it making it even better each time..



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third or forth.

BB Z10 Rocks!


Bemaps quickly jumped into my "Top 10 Apps". Nice to see the frequent updates.

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Ok I'm sixth, lol... I'm glad I bought this app a few wks ago... endless updates to a awesome map service...

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Delete all your maps apps and buy this one.

Actually you still need the native blackberry maps for turn by turn and mireo don't panic for offline navigation.

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Use Mireo here, great application, offline, live traffic, POI, quarterly lifetime map updates and as soon as BB and Mireo's TTS provider work something out [hopefully sooner than later], they'll have spoken street names too...till then, it's still a great application. Personally, a BB Map/Mireo merge would be a great combo.

Tisha Christian

Guys is this worth buying?

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If you can't sideload Google Maps 7, then yes.

Poirots Progeny

Agreed - if you can't sideload then this is a great alternative.

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Wow forget the app you are pretty

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R Field

Yes it's worth it. The developer makes great BlackBerry apps and updates them regularly.

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I've bought Mireo and I'm quite happy as it works offline so no data plan is needed apparently Mireo's maps are from Tom Tom but I'm not sure.

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Yes, TomTom maps, updated quarterly, next one is end of next month.


I was looking at Mireo because I miss the offline functionality (which Nokia had on my E72)
But although their webpage says "contact us, if you need other maps" I heard nothing back regarding my question about maps for Australia. Based on this bad experience, I decided if they don't need to respond, the app is not worth a cent.
A highly disgruntled potential customer


Added menu item 'Center on my Loctation' with keyboard shortcuts for Q10/Q5
Really curious what "Loctation" means :D

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Must be some fancy proper english or a typo for 'Lactation'...


"BeMaps PRO 10 PRO updated..."
Is this the PRO version?



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It is now a must check, go to, app for me. Thank you Bepeople!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


Indispensable app for me at this point. This is the best Google maps implementation on blackberry phones to date

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So I am wondering why it takes the official BB Maps so long to be updated and why it is never updated with new features.


So can I ask a dumb/ignorant question here that just occurred to me while watching the original video review . . . If this is better than BBmaps on the device, and utilizes BBmaps' turn by turn, why can't/doesn't BlackBerry just pay this dev ($50K whatever is fair) for the rights and use this as their default map app? Just wondering . . .


Shot in the dark...maybe BlackBerry Maps is being updated?

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Well, it IS really just a 3rd-party Google Maps app (a great one, I might add), so technically if BBRY were to do this they'd essentially be paying a 3rd-party dev to officially implement Google mapping services.

I know the dev can charge for access to his app but I don't think that it would be kosher with Google if somebody else were paid for their service...

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I just wanna know if this app have voice direction guiding. I drive often and need an in-car navigator with voice guiding. Would someone have me the answer? Thanks!


It doesn't have navigation. Only Google maps related information.
For turn by turn Nav you still need to use BlackBerry Maps

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R Field

It will plug your directions in and send the coordinates to BlackBerry maps. Google api doesn't allow that at the moment. Hopefully it will be added in.

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Having seen the review, this became one of the very first apps I downloaded for my Z10.

Love it!


I wish they added more support for public transportation

R Field

It has the public transport options

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


It shows only one option. It would be better if it listed all the bus route that I could take not only the first one.

Kendall Oei

Wasn't planning on buying another mapping app, but since I see some serious efforts and enhancements on the part of the developers... Cha ching! Bought.
And btw, 25th...

Jose Casiano

So what you're saying is that blackberry should buy this company and integrate their software to the os

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What are the Q10/Q5 keyboard shortcuts? I dont see them anywhere! By the way, this is an awesome app. And lastly, why on earth are people pathetically still doing this "first," "second," "third" stuff? Are you guys 5 years old?

Tyrone Whiston

Does this app show hiking trails, etc.? If so I might consider purchasing.

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Needs Navigate to be perfect.


Sorry for being so completely ignorant but what are the advantages of this app?
- public transport: ok, but as I read only 1 option

What else? Due to the current OS, you'll still get the default maps app when you open the map from contacts, calendar, ...

So what's so good about BeMaps?