BeMaps 10 Pro gets updated with improvements and hardware keyboard shortcuts

 BeMaps 10 pro
By James Richardson on 17 Sep 2013 12:40 pm EDT

Although BlackBerry 10 comes with BlackBerry Maps, it is still lacking in many places and that's where I find that BeMaps 10 Pro with Google Maps comes in handy. The app has been updated with a selection of enhancements - including some nice keyboard shortcuts for Q10 and Q5 owners. 

If you are wondering why to check out BeMaps instead of the native BlackBerry Maps I'd urge you to take a look at our initial review which you can find here. While BlackBerry Maps suits me perfectly for navigation, BeMaps offers a ton of extra features and if you travel a lot I would highly recommend it. 

New in this update: 

  • Added rating and price level details to search results
  • Improved GPS update frequency while moving
  • The map now zooms out to reveal all search results
  • Added support for verbatim search (searching as text as entered)
  • Added option to hide controls to provide maximum screen real estate
  • Added many keyboard shortcuts for Q5 and Q10 (open result/directions list, hide controls, clear result/directions, move next/prev in result/directions
  • 3rd party apps can now integrate with BeMaps

More information/Download BeMaps 10 Pro - with Google Maps

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BeMaps 10 Pro gets updated with improvements and hardware keyboard shortcuts


Pretty much the ONLY Google maps alternative.

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Blackberry Maps get update 10 days ago and I didn't notice any thread or review. (It get autoupdated here, crap!)
I may switch to that one soon!

...Google Maps. it works really well !

(Hit post before finishing comment - oops !)

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won't purchase anything from Bellshare. They have NO customer service. Always tries to close your ticket without any help. Don't support such developers

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Yeah, after Waze cleans house with all your privacy. Remember, not just Yours....but your contacts as well. Glad I'm not in your contacts....geesh!

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It's OK. Not really worth the money. No navigation and when you hit the icon for turn-by-turn it takes you to the native Blackberry app but doesn't input the destination. Should have started there in the first place.

I've downloaded the BeBuzz Pro 10 (which is also created by Bell Share) and have had some issues with the company's support service. Its website hasn't been updated to reflect the fact that the app is now available for BlackBerry 10 (despite the fact that the app has been available for a number of months. Also, I posted a question on the support forum and have yet to get a response. And I'm certainly not the only one. So while the company has pumped out a number of useful apps, its customer service wing has yet to catch up which makes it frustrating when you have questions or need technical support.

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This is the most stupid thing that we have to pay for Google maps that is free on iPhone

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I have this app and other map app but my sideloaded google map is still the best!

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Rich1969 At the top of the app there is a little X button beside where you have the eta just tap that or if you are on a q10 or q5 just hit the delete key

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Looking at the comments, I come to conclude that even though the dev developed for BB10 natively, it is not an excuse for lack of support and features thus preventing me from spending 4 dollars on this.

the best maps app for viewing/searching. The only thing lacking is true navigation functions. Its annoying that this app uses Blackberry default navigation app. Please add true GPS navigation so that the app wouldn't need to open and use Blackberry's GPS navigation.