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Bellshare Releases Free Version Of BerryPopup To BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2010 02:22 pm EDT
Bellshare Releases Free Version Of BerryPopup

The good folks from Bellshare have just let us know they have launched a free version of their popular email/text popup application. BePopup Free aka BerryPopup will show popups for e-mails with basic sender and subject information as well as and forum notification emails. The free version has just been listed in BlackBerry App World for users to download and as a special bonus, if you are looking to purchase the full version you can now get $2 off when using the coupon code "2offberrypopup" in the CrackBerry App Store.



Nice e-mail!



What's your 4th icon from the left?


@rossmlynch socialscope


can any of you let me know if this is really any good to have on my berry..feel free to pm me or email me either way...thanks


Apps I have used on my 9550. Seriously, snag that $2 off now and get the full version. Worth every penny.

(grabbed my copy from the Crackberry superstore for 1/2 off. :) --)


Good enough for free...dunno bout paying for it.


Cool. If I did a lot of TXTing and all, I might consider buying the full version. But even though it is discounted, I don't really see getting it.

But this free version is perfect for me. Simply enhances basic mail functionality a tad. Great!


I use Leave It On's PopUp notification. For about the same file size, LIO does a lot more.

Other than that, you can't go wrong with a Bellshare app.


Much as I love BellShare in general, Leave It On has a new beta that is a wonder. I'm staying with them.


Amen to that. I was gonna say this, but you guys beat me to it :)


does this work for texting or is just emails? please clarify


Free version is just for emails


FYI. It works with my SMS texts!


if you make sms go to message inbox


The Free version seems sufficient. What's the main advantages for buying it?


Agreed. Depends on what you need. As I noted above, I just am using the free version to add a tiny bit of enhancement to the basic mail functionality.


Paid version adds in SMS functionality and a ton of capability to customize what happens when, etc.

Paid Version:

* Preview sender/subject and message body for incoming e-mails/SMS
* Toggle support for every -mail account separately
* Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as opened and delete e-mails right from the popup
* Open inbox, reply and forward SMS right from the popup
* Customize order of messages Oldest first, Newest first
* Only show popups for messages from contacts you have in your phonebook
* Customize positioning of the popup System Default , Bottom of screen or Stretch to the borders of the screen
* Customize position of the button bar left, right, top, bottom, hidden
* Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
* Auto-dismiss popup after specified time
* Disable popups while in the messaging application
* Disable while device is locked so you will not be flooded with popups after unlocking
* Disable popups while backlight is on
* Show contact photo and customize its size
* Customize font sizes
* Automatically mark all messages as opened when dismissing the popup


Pretty neat. I will try out the free one


I downloaded it on my Tour 9630 with 5.0 OS (.484 hybrid) and when I reboot, icon gives generic BB icon and app doesnt show in OPTIONS. Its listed under APPLICATIONS and I can delete but thats about it.


I noticed that if you tell it to "open inbox" on an SMS, it brings up the Messages folder instead of SMS and MMS. If you have these separated (I assume most do as OS 5.0 defaults to being separate) your SMS' aren't even in that folder.

Am I missing something or is it just the way it is?


RIM has yet to give developers direct access to the SMS inbox.


Code doesn't work when using PayPal


i installed it, even opt'd for the 7 day trail.... haven't got a 'popup' yet. Glad i didn't go pay for it. is anyone else having this issue. i checked my settings, its def supposed to work but i'm seeing otherwise... whats this leave it on? any ota links?


I am using the free version now too , so far so good , opens email and sms on mine . I thought the free version it wasnt suppose to open sms :p glad its working tho lol


I have the blackberry 8520 curve, I can't get the link to download this app

The Gift

wait for it to stop working in like two weeks! thumbs down bellshare...

I think these free apps are a marketing ploy to make people familiar with the app, then it when it eventually breaks, there is hope that the user will just give in and buy the the full release.


Love the Steve Jobs reference! HAHAAAAAAA!!