Bellshare offers BerryPopup at no cost to BeBuzz customers that experienced issues with latest build

By Michelle Haag on 21 Dec 2011 03:32 pm EST
Bellshare recently released an update to their popular BeBuzz application, which unfortunately had some bugs and other issues that caused some trouble for those that purchased it. While they are working on updates to fix the problems that arose, they have issued this statement to their customers, as well as a special offer for those of you that bought the app and experienced bugs.
"As you may know we have recently released version 5 of our wildly popular app BeBuzz. BeBuzz 5 comes with some groundbreaking new features, one of which being support for individual BBM contacts.

BeBuzz has always been the leading LED customization app. BeBuzz has been first to bring unique features like disco LEDs, support for 3rd party apps or unobtrusive/non-interactive popup notifications. Features that have been copied many times by competing LED apps.

We will be releasing updates for BeBuzz 5 in the coming days and weeks to address some of the bugs that came up after release. We would like to invite you to download and test these versions as they become available on our forum at!

As a thank you for your continuing support of our products we are giving away a FREE copy of BerryPopup, one of the leading popup notifications app, (a $4.99 value) to all customer who purchased or upgraded to BeBuzz 5 before Dec 31st, 2011.

You can get your copy of BerryPopup at

Thank you, The Bellshare Team"
You have until December 31st to get your copy of BerryPopup for free. All you have to do is go to the URL in the statement above, enter your email address and BeBuzz license key, and you're all set. Thanks Bellshare!
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Reader comments

Bellshare offers BerryPopup at no cost to BeBuzz customers that experienced issues with latest build


Agreed. BerryPopUp is my most used daily app. BeBuzz is nice, but doesn't hold a candle to BePopUp.

I bought BeBuzz 4.x from Crackberry. Still doesn't show an upgrade available. Was the update to 5.x free, or is it a paid upgrade?

Bellshare, just like NikkiSoft no longer offers their apps through the CB Store/MobiHand. You need to buy it from AppWorld. 2 dollars I think for now...

I'm sorry, but the way they're offering this is dumb! These developers are all moving to AppWorld because of this MobiHand thing, but now Bellshare wants us to download this app from their site?

It's going to take me more time to re-register all my apps than it will be to install a new OS because my codes will be all over the place. This is not a "thank you" this is just more frustration...

Well actually this is nothing new. Bellshare is one of the few developers that maintains a database of provided activation codes. So their applications have always been available for download directly from their site. Hence, it would make sense to get it directly from their site, because the free offer will be associated with the activation code provided to you from purchasing through AppWorld. Which they have.

Also, I would think that registration of your apps would be more streamlined since there would only be a single point of sale instead of two with the current removal of Mobihand access. Having two points of access for downloads has nothing to do with where you receive your activation code from. It is a single source... AppWorld.

Ah, Bellshare, the company that has dozens of posts on BB apps because of the worst customer support in the world. Opened and disregarded tickets for weeks on end, then an email indicating the ticket is closed, and then a customer support survey. I wouldn't buy anything from this company if they had a cure for cancer, nor p__s on them if they were on fire. There is a thread from a Blackberry Genius who is at the absolute end of his rope trying to get some support from them, same thing.....ticket, closed ticket, survey. Can't imagine what his response will be, but they don't care, don't read them, laugh at them, or both.

Would be great if the could deal with the BeReader issue of having to re-authorise Facebook everytime you want to share anything too.

Their apps are fantastic the customer service is awful.