Bellshare hosting megasale on their most popular BlackBerry apps!

Bellshare Megasale!
By Bla1ze on 14 Sep 2012 01:22 am EDT

If you're looking to score some great BlackBerry apps on the cheap, now is your chance. Bellshare has posted some of their most popular apps in BlackBerry App World at reduced prices and have dubbed the occasion a megasale. Right now, you can pick up the following apps on sale:

The sale will be ongoing until Sept. 20th, so you'll have to make sure you grab them by that time to get in on the reduced pricing.Will you bepicking any up? If so, drop a note in the comments and let us know what you're grabbing.

Reader comments

Bellshare hosting megasale on their most popular BlackBerry apps!


They have some GREAT apps... They make me love my BlackBerry, Guys don't forget about BB10 we need ur apps... Bebuzz is a MUST

Non-existent support...twice. Paid again the 1st time, not the 2nd. I'm very happy with Advance O/S & LED and my App Resource Monitor doesn't flag it like it did BeBuzz.

Does it give me access to download the app on my PlayBook if I buy for my 9900?

If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.

I got a Torch 9810 and i first used BeBuzz. I really liked the app and i am checking to buy the rest four of them.

Good Work Bellshare.


Whoa! Have heard so many good things about most of these apps over the years, but looks like these guys have made a few folks into enemies!

No Answers from their support staff and endless PAID updates to get small bug fixes combined with "new" features, BOOO! I switched to Advance OS and LED. If I need the weather I use BlackBerry Travel or stick my head out the window.

Advance OS and LED does most of what 3 of BellShare apps do in one, small, simple app. Lots of good alternative weather apps out there without spending $5-10. You will also have to buy new apps versions for BB10 phones when they finally hit the street and it likely will not be just an app upgrade fee.

I agree. Sucky customer service.
Was going to buy BeReader, but I see on reviews that it won't work well on 7.1 ... and with previous shit customer service, don't want to buy and request them to make it work.

Transferring from one device to another is fraught with peril. No response from the devs in days. Bought BeWeather again. There is not another BellShare app ever to see my phone until customer service begins to at least exist. BeWeather is still the best weather app if one is willing to purchase anew with each device change.

I like the apps, but the customer support is pretty shoddy. I have feature ideas that would make the apps better, and I tweet to them, and email to them, and submit tickets, but I have never received a single response. Maybe they're putting all their time and energy into building BB10 apps, but I would have hoped for at least a quick reply.

Just want to also reiterate, I used to be a diehard bebuzz fan but finally got tired of having to pay for the dumb app over again everytime I switched devices(they make you pay for every update as well). Advance OS and Led does so much more and for FREE. I highly recommend that app over any bellshare apps any day of the week.

They should have an auto-reply email app for their lousy non-existant customer service. BeMail should should be renamed BeFail. Emails disappeared into cyberspace and forgot to show up on the Storm Drip2.

I guess the haters raided this blog post...

I backed up beweather just in case... And I have the key code saved on my mail's Storage folder.