Bell's first BlackBerry Z10 commercial airs in Canada following BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial. Watch it here!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2013 11:48 pm EST

If you didn't like the look of BlackBerry's first Super Bowl commercial, maybe this commercial by Canadian carrier Bell Mobility will be more to your liking.

Tomorrow we'll also start to see BlackBerry's own Keep Moving ad campaign kick off as well. There's going to be a whole lot of BlackBerry Z10 love going around the planet earth soon. :) 

Reader comments

Bell's first BlackBerry Z10 commercial airs in Canada following BlackBerry's Super Bowl commercial. Watch it here!


now this is an effective commercial, gives fast glimpse of OS as a whole and makes more buzz as to "why is she really into that BB? I thought BB was dying?"

love it

great for Bell too

Like the Carrier ad better than the Company ad.

This one makes me want to explore more of what the phone can or cannot do.

Better then the US commercial, and hey it will be available to the target market of this ad in like 2 days.

They were really pushing their LTE network. But a couple mentions of what the OS can do, the fact BBM is back plus slightly more screen time results in a much more memorable advertisement compared to BlackBerry's official ad. And it probably cost a hell of a lot less to produce!

Good going Bell. Now this got me interested, screen share she says? on a BB? What is this Z10 she speaks about? Lemme go check it out. BBM Video? A Blackberry running on an LTE network?

Very effective.

The super bowl ad is to create an awareness. It is an ad to start their ad campaign that is to follow. The super bowl ad is to subliminally get people thinking what the hell they just saw. It will also cause people to re-watch the ad again to see if they missed anything. And if you are one of those people that had to watch it again. Well...Then the ad worked.

What's left to do now is to follow it up with other commercials showing what it can do. Each commercial will show a feature. They can use all that time of that commercial to emphasize on that feature, and have multiple commercials showing a different feat. And it will also cost them cheaper.

The ad is working upon people without them knowing it. That's why it's brilliant.

Blackberry should have played this for the superbowl commercial. 100 times better than what we saw during the superbowl.

OHHHHHHHHHH.. That's why it's not out in the USA. No phone company is going to call it the "zed 10" in one of their ads and they're probably having a hard time explaining that to the BlackBerry people.

Anyone in the US is going to call it the "zee 10". I understand that's not how they say it in Canada or other places and I clearly heard Thorsten call it the "zed 10" but seeing it in a commercial made me realize that would never fly on American tv. People would think they were saying something else or worse. I was mostly kidding with my original comment but it does me wonder if how to say it in commercis has come up.

I worked for a short time at a call Centre (yah, yah, I'm sorry) and we called to the US. I actually had some very interesting conversations and talked with a lot of great people. But the one thing that always threw me was when I reading someone's zip code and I would accidentally say zed instead of zee. You'd have thought I was speaking an alien language. I get that Americans say zee and so if someone says zee to me l accept it as the intended letter and move on. I wonder why Americans can't do the same considering almost every other English speaking country says zed.

I worked in a call center in the US and called to Canada for while to (sorry right back) and the issue was the same for me. I just adjusted for my calls the best I could. I personally don't care if its called the zed or the zee 10 but we have ficcle people on both side of the border I guess

Super Bowl ad was to people who can't get the phone for 6-8 weeks. Bell within days. Different audiences. Apples and Oranges. Just wait. I think I saw something that said BB was spending 100M + for as's.

Now that you're airing commercials... LET ME GET MY PHONE!!!!! The store has them i don't see why they should wait to sell them ...

How, Bell did a poor job simulating the screenshots. Her fingers are barely coordinated with the screen movements.

This is not a superbowl ad, I don't know why people are comparing. And the Keep Moving campaign is just beginning as well, which will also be different.

Showsfeatures of the Bell a shout out...can't be mad. Hopefully US carriers follow suit when it launches here.

i think they fucked up at the end because they wrote "the blackberry z10 just got better: Shouldn't it just just be "blackberry just got better". How could the z10 get better if it just came out .

The ad was for the Bell network and the Z10, not for just the Z10 itself. What they meant was, "The BlackBerry Z10 just got better (because it's now running on the Bell network)."

The screen display is so cool they don't even have to describe it, just show it to us and let our imagination go!!! Me like!


She should dump him if he doesn't have a BlackBerry Z10.

................and this can happen to you guys ...... so upgrade ..................NOW !!