Bell Sorta Launches BlackBerry Storm Too!

BlackBerry Storm Launches on Bell
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2008 06:05 am EST

Not to be outdone by Telus, Bell launched the BlackBerry Storm yesterday (press release after the jump). The device was apparently available in the Greater Toronto Area yesterday and should be available across Canada today.

You'll want to start calling around to your local Telus stores first thing this morning if you hope to secure one of these bad boys for yourself. Telus sold out their first batch within hours yesterday, and as you can see from the image above, The Bell website is already showing the Storm has being out of stock with early January as the new expected date. Good luck hunting one down today!


BlackBerry Storm launches at Bell Mobility

First touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone available today Features
world-roaming, access to mobile TV, videos and radio

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 10 /CNW Telbec/ - Bell today announced that the
BlackBerry(R) Storm(TM) smartphone, the first BlackBerry(R) smartphone to
feature a touch-screen, is available today at select Bell Mobility stores in
the Greater Toronto Area and will be widely available tomorrow at stores
nationally. The BlackBerry Storm delivers innovative new features and fast
performance with the many benefits for which BlackBerry smartphones are known
- exceptional wireless email capabilities, premium phone features and
multimedia, full HTML Internet access and support for a wide range of mobile
data applications.

"Smartphones just got better at Bell as earlier today we sold our first
BlackBerry Storm. Bell is offering an unbeatable 3G BlackBerry line up with
the addition of the BlackBerry Storm. The BlackBerry Storm delivers a robust
combination of multimedia capabilities, improved business tools and
international roaming capability - all supported on the proven and trusted
BlackBerry platform, and all available with a few simple taps of the screen,"
said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility and Chief Brand Officer for

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone's stunning 3.25" display with high
definition-like picture quality features the unique SurePress(TM) technology
that depresses ever so slightly when pressed, giving customers tactile
feedback and making navigation and typing more precise. It also automatically
adjusts to offer portrait and landscape views, along with a rich multimedia
experience that includes a full HTML browser, expandable memory up to 16GB
(8GB micro SDHC card is included), and a video-capable 3.2 megapixel camera
with built-in flash, autofocus and a photo uploader that makes posting pics to
Flickr a snap.

Bell mobile data services

Bell makes the BlackBerry Storm an even more powerful multimedia
smartphone with a rich TV, video and radio experience. Bell Live TV and video
provides full episodes and highlights with exclusive content from HBO, CTV and
many others. With over 90 commercial free radio stations, including exclusive
content from Sirius Satellite Radio, the Bell Media Player provides access to
popular radio stations in various genres including Pop, Urban and Comedy.
The BlackBerry Storm supports personal and corporate e-mail, text (SMS)
and instant (IM) messaging and easy access to popular social networking sites.

Other features include:

  • BlackBerry(R) Internet Service, BlackBerry(R) Professional Software and BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Server support
  • The ability to edit Microsoft(R) Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the handset
  • Built-in GPS that supports location-based applications and services

The best of both worlds

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone is the latest in dual mode HSPA/EVDO
devices from Bell that offers users the best of both 3G worlds. In North
America, customers benefit from the EVDO network, the continent's largest and
fastest high speed mobile data network. When travelling internationally, users
can take advantage of the BlackBerry Storm smartphone's global GSM and HSPA
roaming capability.

The BlackBerry Storm is now available at select Bell Mobility stores in
the Greater Toronto Area and will be widely available at locations nationally
and online at tomorrow for as low as $249.95 on a three-year contract
with a minimum $45 per month voice and data plan.

About Bell

Bell is Canada's largest communications company, providing consumers with
solutions to all their communications needs, including telephone services,
wireless communications, high-speed Internet, digital television and voice
over IP. Bell also offers integrated information and communications technology
(ICT) services to businesses and governments, and is the Virtual Chief
Information Officer (VCIO) to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Bell is
proud to be a Premier National Partner and the exclusive Telecommunications
Partner to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Bell is
wholly owned by BCE Inc. For information on Bell's products and services,
please visit For corporate information on BCE, please visit

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Reader comments

Bell Sorta Launches BlackBerry Storm Too!


I got it yesterday at the Bell store at the Eaton Centre. They received 50 and still had around 20 at closing time.

Great phone. I never owned a Blackberry, but it was easy to use. The screen as a button works very well with me. I was also impressed with the internet speed.

you're an idiot.. it SAYS new activation only, but if you go into the store they have NO problem selling to existing customers...and the 599 is the "no contract" price.. got mine yesterday ;)

I am from Ontario originally and now live in the US. What is more remarkable than the Bell launch of the Storm is the 3 year contracts that Canadian wireless companies are imposing on consumers.

The companies seem to want to have there cake and it too!. With the amount people are being charged for monthly usage the 3 years is outrageous.

There are options between 1, 2 and 3 years.
Your not required to do 3, you just get a discount on the phone. No one in their right mind chooses 3 years.

Consumers in the US don't pay the high price for the handset. When I see what Canadians pay it is not fair.

1 yr contract $649.95 + 14% tax
2 yr contract $549.95 + 14%

The storm here with Verizon wireless is $199.00 (with discount) on a 2 yr contract.

Oh well you guys must like high prices and taxes

In Canada the consumer pays PST and GST (federal). The provinces vary where combined tax ranges from 10 - 15.5% Alberta is the only province that does not have a PST.

For being 'originally' from Canada you seem to have adapted nicely to the Amerkin attitude (all high and mighty) "Oh well you guys must like high prices and taxes"
Ya, we must like that.....
Here's a thought for you. The US has 9x's the population.
Canada 33 Million, USA 300 Million. Just chew on that for a second or an hour. Furthermore, Canada is a bigger country (land mass) and is forced by regulation to put Cell Towers in spots with low population (unlike the US).
Now why would the prices be higher?.....
-Your Friendly poor old Canadian-

It is obvious you have swallowed the Liberal Party of Canada's which is to spew out anti-americanism and false economics..... to justify high prices and high taxes.
I voted in the recent October federal election in Canada and I am very aware of the issues.
Your arguments about cell towers and demographics don't hold water. The major wireless providers in Canada enjoy much less competition and protection through federal regulation.
My comments were based on sympathy for Canadians. Having lived in the US for the past 8 years one thing that is different is that consumers south of the border are much more vocal and demanding.
You show your ignorance with your statement "Amerkin attitude".

I called the Bell store here in Sault Ste. Marie Ont. and they said that only new customers can order the storm! So much for customer loyalty if you are an existing customer ( I wanted to upgrade) you have to wait until they have them in stock!!!

does anyone have any idea when the next shipment for bell storms will arrive? I went to the local bell store in Calgary and put my name on the list for the next shipment...I'm just eager to get the storm now, I can't take it anymore!!

i know what you mean, i am in Calgary Alberta and i went and put down my $50 deposit on the storm the other day but waiting till January is going to suck so i hope bell and rim can work some magic for Christmas and get them to us sooner then later. grrrr i want my storm. also for anyone wondering about the Telus no contract price of $600 and the bell no contract price of $700, yes it's retarded but bell said they would match it.

to the post above, i know what you mean, i am in Calgary Alberta and i went and put down my $50 deposit on the storm the other day but waiting till January is going to suck so i hope bell and rim can work some magic for Christmas and get them to us sooner then later. grrrr i want my storm. also for anyone wondering about the Telus no contract price of $600 and the bell no contract price of $700, yes it's retarded but bell said they would match it.

I work for the GlenTel companies, and a big downer, is that only 35 select stores threw canada will receive the BB Storm to sell. So if you live in places like Kingston, Markham, small areas, possibilities of getting this unit are slimmer, at least, at a good deal.

And say goodbye to getting Costco Cash unless you're a big city, because the etc...s have last chance on it it seems. Rather upset me when I got the communication, because I wanna sell this baby, and make it the best offer in town!

But no, we wont see it until January or Feburary.

Wow! Was I ever lucky! I was rushing back from a business trip to beat the 9pm closing time...I had no idea if the Bell store had some or not, and realistically, if I was gonna make it, I would've been surprised if they had any left...but being a true Crackberry addict, I still took the chance.

So I get there at 8:45pm and ask the first rep if they had any left...the guy in front of me says...I think I got the last one. OH NO!

I was so disapointed, to the point where the store manager heard me and said:" We were holding one for a client that never showed up, so it looks like one is available. Do you want it?"

I almost perverbially peed my pants! And I still got a good deal out of it. I should have been 249.95 + activation fee + whatever other accessories I required. But because of a few promos, I got a 50$ discount (because of the Storm watch email I got), they waived the activation fee and gave me 50$ of in-store credit.

How cool is that???

I went to the Bell store on 17th Ave SW in Calgary on Friday and they still had a few. However, they are only selling them to new customers. When I asked if they had any Storms in stock, the salesman said no, then asked me if I was an existing Bell customer. Technically I still seem to have an account number with them, but since I'm not paying them monthly bills anymore (having switched to Rogers), I said no. Suddenly he "found" some in back and let me play with one (he did apologize for lying to me).

It is quite the device, but I think it would take a bit of practise to get my typing speed up to what I currently have on the Javelin. I'm not going to get one simply because it is too heavy for my liking, but it does feel solid.

The salesman said that even Bell employees aren't allowed to buy a Storm until at least mid-January because of the extremely limited quantities. It's a shame that they weren't released in October or even November and had the stock-issues resolved by Christmas, since I think there will be a lot of disappointed people that get an IOU under the tree instead of a new toy to play with!

I went to the bell store in Calgary in Chinook Centre on dec 19th to find out if I was able to order the storm (being an existing customer). When I asked the sales rep he told me that they just received 10 devices the night before and I was able to buy one!!! I had one year left on my contract and also had a $200 dollar phone upgrade. I extended my contract for 3 years with the one year waived off and I got an addiontal 200 dollars off the phone therefore buying it for 299!! Best Christmas present ever!!!
So far, the device is awesome!! It can be a little laggy at times but overall it is very impressive and I would reccomend any existing bell/telus clients to upgrade if you are wanting to buy the storm!!

Happy Holiday Season!!!