Bell Set To Take the World By Storm Too!

BlackBerry Storm by Bell!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2008 02:10 pm EDT

Any Bell subscribers in the house? Good News! Though they're a little late to the game, Bell has announced the coming of the BlackBerry Storm. Now Canucks North of the border officially have two choices -- Telus and Bell -- from which to purchase RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry when it becomes available.

I've been handing my money over to Robbers Rogers for years now... am I gonna have to switch providers here to grab a touchscreen BlackBerry or are the crooks in red gonna join in on the worldwide Storm domination as well? (and no, I'll never get bored of using Rogers jokes. Even though their prices are coming down, they deserve a few years of bashing for the prices they did charge everyone. I could have bought a decent car for the amount I've forked over to them the past few years).

You can visit the Storm teaser site at

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Bell Set To Take the World By Storm Too!


I was just looking to switch as my Bell contract is up to Rogers so I can get a bold... maybe now I won't

i was going to be seriously pissed if Bell didnt get this... but now i am happy :)

now when is it coming out? lol

Any word of when (or even if) the BB Storm will be coming to Rogers ? On it has a picture of the Blackberry with a Rogers SIM card in it.

Good job BELL!!! and here I thought they dropped the ball... but if this was the case, why was there a bidding war if BOTH Telus and Bell were going to get it

I've been with Bell for about 8 years now and have never ever experienced such horrendous customer service. I'm finally sans contract and have been waiting for this thunder/storm to arrive before jumping ship.

I live a 12 minute commute from the downtown core of Ottawa, and can not use my cell in my home and must go outside in order to receive a bar or two - and even then lucky to make it without call cutting in/out or having call dropped.

A mere 300 meters away I can receive a full 5 bars.. Bell has been aware of this problem for years and haven't invested a penny into their infrastructure to upgrade the crap tower. They are waiting like some welfare recipient, for the Federal Government to provide them with a portion of the proceeds from the recent spectrum auction of $4 billion in order to expand their network.

I've had this crap company change my contract on me without authorization, and then proceeding to charge my CC for 2 cancellation fees totaling $800.. take 6 months to refund it back.. and then renew me on another 3 year contract again without authorization when my former contract had expired.

Most recently, my lovely blackberry of less than a year has all of a sudden decided a full charged battery would last 45 minutes, incoming calls would be directed straight to voice mail and notifications of messages left, not show up.

Needless to say, they won't be providing me with a refurbished one for 4 weeks and expect me to use this useless device as some kind fashion accessory instead of a functional smart phone for that duration of time.

I'm trying to find out from Telus if I would be experiencing these same issues with them before jumping ship, or if the 3g network would provide better coverage. If not, it's wait till Roger's comes out with it.

I recently switched my spouse over to Rogers with a new LG 3g phone, and it works perfectly.. even in the basement. I've been thrilled with their customer service and have switched all other services over to them.. cancelling with them was a breeze too, when I wasn't happy with my internet speeds.. even giving me a credit and making other refunds when they didn't need to (I'm giving credit to the company but realize it was a very nice girl who had done this - most likely looking to get fired), and a big reason I went back (with Bell providing even worse speeds).

Please don't fall into this trap of switching over to Bell just for this awesome phone.

Read the business and financial news and you'll find that Telus and Rogers are the two that experts feel are in the best position to thrive.. with Bell completely out of the picture without a leg to stand on.

Don't believe Bell's false promises..(like when you type in your postal code on their website and they tell you that you are eligible for the latest and greatest technologies to their fullest capacities!!)

Needless to say, Bell did always end up owning up and correcting their mistakes.. it would only take 5 calls for each issue and about an hour of each call being on hold or being hung up on from dudes in India when their propaganda literature deviated from the issue at hand.

They even make it seem like you should be grateful and not disgruntled when they refund money for their own mistake (like having a data plan and then charging you on top of that for usage without having even gone over your limit.. ie. 4mb plan and use only 2mb and charge you for the 4 + 2)

Def not worth my time..

I am truly sorry to hear about your experience and the hassle that you had to go thru to get that fixed. I happen to live in one of those blacked out areas. I can't get ANY signal inside my house, I have to literally step outside to make/answer a phone call, and it is frustrating.

I can't say I have a solution for you, because I'm arguing with customer service myself, both in regards to no signal and incompetent CS reps. The most I can tell you is that Bell(since after being bought out) is in the process of putting up more dishes. I recently just had 2 dishes put up near my house and though reception is not the greatest it is holding me up.

I own 2 cell phones, one of them being with another company, and I can honestly say, the EVDO signal compared to the 3G signal is a lot better, when it comes to speed and reliability.... atleast with me anyways.

If you can hold off for the next 6 months... you will actually see a difference. I'm giving Bell that much leeway to fix their "blackout" areas... if it's not fixed I say take your money elsewhere

having a socialist government run your country... capitalism ftw. Every comes to expect government hand outs. even companies... usa just passed that horrendous deal in congress to bailout out the mortgage companies.. when it was the gov's fault and involvement in the first damn place. i despise government. everyone needs a healthy dose of hate for the gov. it will ensure we stay free.

I have the same reception problem you have in Ottawa - ok, actually Gatineau - with Rogers. I've switched to Bell and now I have better reception everywhere!

Your absolutely right about Rogers. I could have bought a car for the money I had to pay them. They charged me twice $1000 bill for 2 months for long distance charges to Tanzania!!


Anyways their answer was always "well sir its on the computer, and we have to go by the computer". Rogers is definitely ROBBERS....


this bugs me as I just got my BB curve early this year and I want to switch to a touchscreen phone. Does anyone has any tips on how to trade in for a new phone? My subscriber (Robbers) thinks I need to wait for few more months even though I got my Curve through other sources. This is bugging me!!!!!!

and now upon seeing Bell im kinda confused on what to subscribe.. well, i have to go with Bell now since Ive seen the features and very useful.