Bell Says Desktop Manager for Mac Due Out Tomorrow... Update: Errrr... NOT!!!!

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By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2009 04:47 pm EDT

** Update 2 from Kevin: OK Ok.. people keep wanting a date. Apparently October 2nd is the new date for Desktop Manager for Mac to get released. Fingers crossed. **

* Update from Kevin: D'oH! Sounds like we better sharpen our pitch forks as now it's not looking good that Desktop Manager for Mac will be released tomorrow. It's been pushed back. We have a new possible date we could throw at you, but don't want to get your hopes up just to have it pan out wrong, so just keep checking back and we'll let you know when it hits. I need to go cry myself to sleep now so I don't have to feel this pain... *

We got a hold of an internal document from Bell and it shows, what was already put out there a couple weeks back, that Desktop Manager for Mac will indeed be released tomorrow. Mac users have been getting by with a leaked version so far, but it will soon be an official release. This internal doc shows an outline of the included features, as well as an availability date of September 25th. We're not sure exactly what time the software will be released, but we should see it before the end of the day Friday. Check out the full page for details below.

AND... on the off chance we don't get some Mac-DM love from RIM tomorrow, Kevin recommended everybody get their pitch forks out and sharpened up... we'll meet at RIM's doorsteps in Waterloo at midnight!

DM Mac
DM Mac

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Bell Says Desktop Manager for Mac Due Out Tomorrow... Update: Errrr... NOT!!!!


The same day AT&T switches on their MMS service for iPhones. Hope this launch goes better than that one likely will...

The question that still hasn't been answered is with the final release be the same as the Beta that is now out??????????

isnt it technically a "leak"? the leak I tried when it first came out was beatstreet.

fairly sure it will be a different version

im getting really irritated with the release of this... Ive been waiting for years for this... what could possibly be the hold up?!?!

There are ample alternatives for us to use for now. missing sync works properly, there's pocketmac, and of course windows. you say you've been waiting years and yet you can't wait a couple of days? come on

Why are people screaming and yelling. Did RIM promise it would be out on the 25th? You are basing this on a memo that was sent to a company. There was a reason they didn't say that BBDM for Mac will be out on September 25th. This is why for all you know they are fixing some fatal error that recently popped up while they were testing. You guys can all complain, but RIM does a great job with their software and rather than just releasing everything they do like apple, they constantly build on their software and improve it. They want to give you the best experience they can. As for why this took so long I can only guess, but i would assume they only recently hired some mac programmers because of the increasing use of mac. Almost all businesses, and most still do run Windows. RIM is business oriented.

your post is a hammer to the nail, dead on! Sometimes I wonder if Berry users are all a bunch of babies(don't mean to offend anyone) but I've waited and waited too and my life has not fallen apart. Sure it would have been nice not to mention less of a hassle but my Blackberries have never let me down.

Anyway thanks for your comment, great read

Just make sure you fix the problems. Whenever it comes out, it comes out. I'd rather wait for an excellent product versus having a crappy one and having to update it all the time or risk loosing things on my Blackberry.
As soon as your ready let us know!!!

I am just wondering how the heck they could forget Mac users all this time? Being not able to upgrade my system straight from the Mac desktop is not cool at all.
PocketMac does not work and Missing sync annoys me as hell.
I do like the beta though, just wondering why it took them so long?

Any thoughts if the release version will be changed from the leaked version?

BTW, pocketmac and missing sync suck.

We've been waiting forever for this POS. RIM is going down with pitch forks and all. Their devices are lacking any quality control and the OS is really sucking no matter what devices we upgrade to. Seriously thinking about going back to a landline and answering machine! Too much tech in one device never works.

This is insane. When I got my first Mac in 2001, people felt sorry for me because there was no software available at any major resellers. Then the big Mac boom came and now you can get just about any Mac software you want at your local mall at at Apple store or at Best Buy. You would think that RIM would keep up with this trend and keep their Mac users happy, but instead they're alienating us with less than suitable third-party apps like Pocket Mac. I love my Blackberry and just want it to sync properly to my Mac!

RIM's official BlackBerry website still says DM "coming to Mac in September." If Oct. 2 is the new release date... Well, I just wonder if any of the geniuses at RIM realize that October is NOT September.

I guess we have no choice but to wait.

What is taking so long with this release? They should *NOT* have given even so much as a specific month that they were going to release it (and then push it back... and back... and back...).


Ok you know what i hope they send you it right now. I hope your blackberry breaks and then you whine and complain about how they broke your device. They are fixing this software to make it work stop complaining let the developers do their job. They gave you a release date so you know they are working on it to be out very soon to this time. October 2 is no big deal live with it.