Bell & SaskTel drop BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB to $299

BlackBerry PlayBook Review
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2011 12:59 pm EDT

If you've not yet grabbed a BlackBerry PlayBook and are looking to pick one up for cheap but, Bell and SaskTell have dropped the price by $200. 16GB now is $299.99; 32GB is $399.99 with the 64GB coming in at $499.99, these prices are noted as being available only until November 17th. You'll find them listed on the Bell and SaskTel sites.

Source: Mobilesyrup



get it while you can ppl.


Man, I hope we get another discount in the U.S. I picked one up for my dad last time and he loved the video chat. But I could use one more for my brother and one for my sister.


These are the current going prices for the various Playbook models on such major sites as, and those prices should go down by another $50 on Nov 15 when the Kindle tablet comes out.

Kishore Thaakur

..and then guerllamo7 would buy one for his cousin sister, his cousin brother, his uncle and his aunt.. ;)


I don't understand why RIM doesn't just cut the price to $299 and start advertising that fact for Christmas?

Marketing is how you sell RIM!!


Agreed. They'd probably have to take a loss on each device, but at least they'd have a market share to work with. If it stays the same price as the iPad, there are going to be few sales.


Does anyone know where in the U.S they still have Playbooks on sale??


Do you guys think this can be cobined with the buy 2 and get a 3rd device free along with a premium pb accessory promotion RIM is running?


do you have to be a bell customer to buy it from them?

the brother

nope, you can just walk into any Bell store that carries them!


Good price.

I bought my 64gb when it was on sale at Staples.


Still not cheap enough for me to get one. I'll wait for the price to come down or the functionality of the playbook go up. Which ever comes first.


i bought one recently and love it. ya it could be fixed up in a few places but i dont know why everyone hates on the thing. Especially at these prices, its a no brainer that you will not regret. It has replaced my laptop now.


I bought a 16Gb and before my return period I exchanged it for the 32Gb (discount pricing). The PlayBook has been a Jewel to record my business walk-throughs with clients (and stand out from the crowd while doing it) without having to use my cell phone, stand alone camera or etc. I bought the Photo editor app for $1.99 and I use it to take pictures of completed work or progress and draw or write anything on them and immediately send them to my client(s) (via bridge connection) for immediate viewing and feedback. What more can I ask for.....

When I go to pre-bid conferences I open the microphone app for voice recording and I open up word2go and type any questions that I might have until the client finishes talking...


Still good pricing on amazon too, from Blackberry it seems:
don't know if I can post links here so if not just search for it. Easy enough to find for us USians...


Went shopping this morning and their was a Bell store in the mall, for fun asked the guy if anyone bought any playbooks lately? told me not one. Guess peeps figure it's going to drop more before the holidays to get rid of stock.Don't forget last time they were on sale @ that price lots of the big stores were giving freebies to boot, leather case or sleeve from Sears or free Zagg shield at futureshop and bestbuy even staples was giving something at the begining