Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile and TELUS all confirm they will have the BlackBerry Torch 9800 when available

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 01:41 pm EDT
Canadian Launches

We all know that AT&T has the all new BlackBerry Torch locked down in the US for exclusivity for a while but, now Canadian carriers are stepping to the plate confirming that they too, will be have the BlackBerry Torch 9800 available as soon as it's released to them. The announcements have come in from most Canadian carriers as well:

Bell - The new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone with BlackBerry® 6 will be coming this fall to Bell Mobility. And because apps work best on the best network, Bell clients will enjoy using the BlackBerry 9800 Torch to access impressive mobile services from Bell like TV, radio, Remote PVR, Visual Voicemail, GPS Navigator and more. We will keep you posted with more details as we get closer to availability.

Rogers - You may have seen Research in Motion’s announcement this morning unveiling the much-anticipated BlackBerry Torch 9800.  We’re excited to tell you we will carry this stylish smartphone as part of our BlackBerry lineup in the coming weeks.

TELUS - The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 with BlackBerry 6 will be coming from TELUS this year. we’ll keep you posted with more details as we get closer to launch on our network.

Virgin Mobile - new smartphone update! the blackberry torch 9800 with blackberry 6 is coming soon. stay tuned for details...

Sadly, no official dates for any of them regarding release but, just the fact they acknowledge that it will be arriving is a step ahead from days of the past where folks were left to wonder.

Reader comments

Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile and TELUS all confirm they will have the BlackBerry Torch 9800 when available


RIM is in the OS development years behind Android, Apple or Palm. There is a new good looking device as the Toch now, but only for ATandT customers. The rest has to wait. Sorry, but why to wait, please? Why such a stupid business policy from RIM? I am very angry and will switch to Android.

Your comment makes no sense... RIM has been developing OS for FAR longer than Google's Android or Apple.

As for why only AT&T customers, the Torch 9800 is a GSM phone. So you can pretty much rule out Sprint and Verizon. ATT is one the largest carriers in the US and so they probably got exclusivity over T-Mobile which is rumored to get the blackberry curve 9300.

I don't see how this is so upsetting to you? Verizone and Sprint got the Storm and Tour/Bold 9650 while ATT got the Bold 9000/Bold 9700 etc...

What carrier are you on?

You're right rim has been developing their OS for far longer than Android but I'm pretty sure he was referring to rim being behind in having a webkit browser and a whole list of other things that make other smartphones superior ( which will hopefully get better with OS 6)

not all droid phone are on all cariers either. They each get different droid phone. Verion and the droid and droid X. No one else does that I know of. The also got the incredible and no one else does. Other carriers get other droid phones. you arguement makes no sense.

carrier specific deez nutz exclusive to ur mom ur grandma, ur wife/gf and ur wife's mom and grandma's MOUTH

@finch250 fuck you. You are made of shitpaste that was fucked my michael jackson and elton john. U fucking asshole, just go away.

wish this phone was for srpint and as we all know some company's put phones out exclusive to come company's first stop acting like this is brand new remember at&t was the only one to have the bold for a long time so please go to your android and don't bother with there weak battery life you'll be screaming blackberry in your dreams

Oh yeah, sprint sucks? Your getting unlimited everything (except landline minutes) a month for 69.99 a month? Your carrier let's you upgrade yearly?

No os6 for storm 2? My contract is up in a month. Thank you Blackberry for helping me decide which phone to go to next. Since physical keyboards suck!!! Hello Droid X!!!


YOU know what, dig a hole 6 feet deep, once you get there dig to another 6ft and have a cement truck ready to go and stay there frozen and rotting in time

Touch Screen!!!! The only way to go. Especially Blackberry keyboards. My fingers are too big! Get with the times, RIM!!! Why are they lightyears behind everyone in technology? Always!

I think you're the first person ever to say because their fingers are too big they need a touch screen instead of a keyboard, it's usually the other way around lol
for the record thought, it's both touch screen and keyboard, so all the bases are covered

ATT can't even keep up with the Iphone, what makes RIM think they can handle the new Blackberry. BAD CHOICE! I will go with an Android now for sure!

If u hate att so much, the either buy it full price and sign up for a new carrier or go with bell or somethin.

ATT can't even keep up with the Iphone, what makes RIM think they can handle the new Blackberry. BAD CHOICE! I will go with an Android now for sure!

Question since virgin mobile is getting this phone shouldn't sprint get it????????? virgin mobile is sprint....

Well its a good thing my bell account is eligible for a full upgrade!!! "Torch" here I come! Ill be sad to see my 9700 go though!!!

I don't wanna do it but rim is gonna make me pull the trigger after being so faithful and loyal.can't go to at&t in arizona its the worst service! Looks like droid might be the next bet.:(

SO, any1 kno W ? F ? is the deal btween TMO / RIM ? (IF any...?)
I guess it "could" b TMO? Don't like to point fingers! Could be "territory" Idk... Could b ANY reason ~ I just hope there IS one!
The fact that (my TMO anyway) has ONLY "2" Blackberry FONES to choose from ... That is- IF its true, the 8320 has been replaced w/the 8520 ... (?) ~ that then leave either the "8520" or "9700"! W ? F ? Anyone KNO? This is ridiculous!!! Why? I was even more annoyed after seeing the (wat? 5) ADDITION to AT&T to be gettn the 9800! I am becomin more 'n more dissatified wit (bb/RIM) I think! I could (mayb) see TMO NOT getn the 9800 - say, if they offered customers the iPhone - insteada just (basically, I think, are) "generic' androids, right? TMO's CS has been awesome - so I gotta givem points for THAT! But . . . Anyone w/tmo or other comments ... Please, enlighten me ... If ya can! Also ?/

I am on T-Mobile as well. My only decision because of the ATT exclusivity on the 9800 is, that I will switch to Android. I will only wait till the Samsung Galaxy Q will go to the market (should be this autumn).

i'm with t-mobile and i have an unlocked storm and i love it! but t-mobile better get with the program and upgrade its compatability cuz i think we should of gotten the torch! verizon and att always get the good phones! when is blackberry/rim and t-mobile going to sit down and give us the exclusive that will make u.s. cellur and att and verizon drool!

While I don't know anything about Telus, looks like Rogers and Bell will be getting ther Torch on Oct 1. Gotta love a canadian company with a delayed canadian release date.