WTF?! Bell Releases OS for the BlackBerry Storm! Plus Verizon Storm Update Coming Tomorrow + Details

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Dec 2008 04:38 pm EST

Verizon Storm Alert

More Details: If things go as we hear they should, the OTA Wireless Update will be available at 12 noon (we assume EST) 9:30pm PST on Friday and is NOW AVAILABLE  via Desktop Manager upgrade and from

Verizon Update Details: Just in, some "official sounding" verbage in regards to tomorrow's release of and what it addresses.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Device may reset intermittently while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications
  • User may experience one-way audio (incoming audio is muted) when using voice activated dialing
  • When listening to music on low volume while wearing wired headphones, the volume of the music will increase to the highest level when the user receives an incoming call
  • Improvements in display performance in terms of switching between landscape and portrait modes and keys displaying correctly
  • Improvements in performance for multimedia capabilities such as video, music and MMS
  • Improvements in bluetooth audio performance in certain scenarios

*The software update will be available via the desktop manager, web SL and OTA*

* Update: Now that Bell has released the Storm OS at version .76, are you wondering when Verizon will officially release their BlackBerry Storm update? If the image above is to believed (just sent in from a trusted source), then December 5th is the day!  *

Now this is weird... they're not even selling the device yet, but you can now download OS for the Bell BlackBerry Storm 9530.

Take note of this forum comment - Verizon does not support this OS, but yes it will work, and yes you need to delete the Vendor XML file. Not sure how to update your OS? Click Here.

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WTF?! Bell Releases OS for the BlackBerry Storm! Plus Verizon Storm Update Coming Tomorrow + Details


yer go, translation via a magic website!

Authorization for the Download
To the Download of software are entitled excluding customers of the Vodafone D2 GmbH (in the following Vodafone), which over the use of the BlackBerry® services with Vodafone closed a contract. The Download of a software update presupposes beside the fact that the customer is already in the possession of the which is the basis full version as well as is entitled to the use this due to an appropriate license. The software update may be only used in connection with the license for the full version, already acquired.

In case of the culpable offense against 2 regulations specified in paragraph 1 and a contractual penalty at a value of euro 5000.00 becomes due.

To be recognized for the confirmation of the managing conditions the following document is the following conditions to be filled out before the Download and.

Use license
In connection with the Download Vodafone grants an not-exclusive license to you for use software in connection with the BlackBerry® service of Vodafone. For something else is valid only in the cases, in which Research is in Motion® owner of copyrights. In this case the contract comes off over the use authorization exclusive between you and Research in Motion®, by explaining your agreement in the context of the Downloads as the use conditions of Research in Motion®. It is not permitted to copy the software to change on the basis the original to copy or dekompilieren (except to the legally permissible extent). They may not transfer the software, pass on or on another way distribute transfer, in the context of a sublicence. In addition it is forbidden to you to make possible the software use it for a third party, it is, the third party is justified in addition in the context of the contract over the use of the BlackBerry® services of Vodafone. In this case it is permitted you, the product to all in the context of the contract over the use of the BlackBerry® services of Vodafone authorized to distribute and for these copy users in your enterprise.

Mental vested titles
All mental vested titles remain with Vodafone, Research into Motion® and/or their licenser.

Other obligations of the user
They take the exclusive responsibility to accomplish prudent and appropriate measures for the protection of your data and to the protection from overrun.

They commit themselves to injure with the use of the software or their components no relevant laws or regulations - in particular export regulations in connection with Encryptionsoftware if necessary contained -.

Data protection
The collection, use and processing of your personal data take place strict considering of the relevant legal regulations, in particular the telecommunications data protection regulation, the Teledienste data protection act and the Federal Law for Data Protection. A processing and a use of connecting and use data take place only in made anonymous form.

Limitation of liability
The Vodafone D2 GmbH clings on compensation - same from which argument - only with resolution and rough negligence of Vodafone D2, their legal representatives or executing aides as well as with culpable injury of substantial contract obligations. With culpable - neither deliberately nor roughly more negligently - injury of substantial contract obligations the adhesion is limited to substitution of the contract-typical, foreseeable damage up to a height of maximally euros 5,000, 00. The managing limitation of liability is not valid for of Vodafone D2, its legal representatives or executing aide imprisonment for debt caused damage from the injury of the life, the body or the health as well as for the adhesion after the product liability law.

Right choice and area of jurisdiction
Area of jurisdiction for all law cases is Germany. It is valid excluding the right of the Federal Republic of Germany relevant for law cases between domestic parties.

The marks, illustrations and symbols of the BlackBerry® and RIM® family are licensed exclusive property and registered trade mark of Research in Motion Limited and.

In a wireless etc store today at the same time a RIM rep was there. Not saying that this is fact, but he was talking like there wouldn't be enough stock on the Storm for Bell / Telus until Jan 15th. Was talking like shortage of supplier components.

Went to the Verizon store today see the tech about my storm. Officially he said the update is coming Tomorrow. Cant Wait.

So I just installed this .76 update from Bell on my Verizon Storm and there is nothing noticeably different from the .75 Leak and this Bell Official. Upgrade if you want or just wait for the official.

I have the storm. I just got it yesterday. How did you get .76? Could you possibly shoot me a link? I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


I mean this is the official OS update lol! You would think it would be or the "Wireless Update" feature is useless lol!

My Storm has been rendomly freezing all damn day long, and lag times are really starting to get unbearable. If this update doesn't greatly improve my devise (and i hope it does cause I see the storms potential....I want to love it....I really do) then im gonna have to reunite with the long lost pal.....the curve.

Updated to .75 last night luving it. I know all those people who returned their phones last week are kicking themselves

Just as Kevin posted the December 5th update. I received a call from a close Verizon friend and he confirmed that by noon tomorrow the update will be available both by download AND OTA. The software version is the .75 release.

My question though is if its going to be the .75 release, will it be better than the leaked .75 or do ya'll think they will have tweaked it even further?

So, just to clarify, if there's no difference whatsoever between tomorrow's "Official" release of .75 and the "leaked" version from last week, there's no need to upgrade to the official version, right?

I'm just wondering if the "official" version somehow got tweaked from the "leaked" version. They wouldn't need to change the ".75" since technically it was never released yet.

If there was no difference then there would be no reason to wait for this update. I'm thinkin that they had to tweak the leaked version at least somewhat.....I know the leaked version still had problems so here's to hopin that tomorrows update will be even smoother :)

I was in a Verizon store yesterday in Boise, ID and their display models has already on them. It is just a short wait away.

hahahaha Bell is going backwards!! I guess it's a good thing, there is already an improved OS when the phone is finally released here in canada

It works! :)

Make sure to delete "Vendor XML" once you install .76 in your system
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\vendor.xml

To update your "Precious Storm" launch Blackberry Desktop Manager and navigate to Application Loader; Select the new OS from the two listed available (.65 recommended & .75 current). Once selected pull the Internet cable off your computer to let the update run from your computer. If you don't pull the plug it will not find any updates b/c its running the software online.
It seems to respond a lot faster than on my .75
C'mon Verizon what's the hold up?! :o)

The boy genius posted earlier
today that the bell storm has now been delayed.
And the plot thickens....

what is ota and can i download the update of my phone tomorrow since i have a mac and i cant do it off of it. how would i update it from my phone

Yes, theoretically you will be able to update the operating system over the air through your phone tomorrow.
Course, I'll believe it when I see it.

OTA means "Over The Air"

Instead of downloading the entire new OS (will be well over 100MB), you can update your Blackberry Operating system through your actual phone (OTA) by using Options->Advanced Options->Wireless Upgrade->Check for Upgrades...

I'm not sure how long this update will take Over The Air, but it should be less of a hassle than downloading it and manually installing...

I just received my Storm today. I went to options, advanced options, and I do not Wireless Upgrade lisetd.

I have Accessibility, Applications, Browser, Browser Push, Cell Broadcast Settings, Default Services, Enterprise Activation, GPS, Host Routing Table, Maps, Service Book, SIM Card and TCP/IP. Sorry to list them all, but I may be looking in the incorrect area.

Any help? I go into about and it has v4.7.0.65, so I know I will need the upgrade.


it's not in a menu... i saw it in the full applications list of the home screen when i saw it at the store... still waiting for my storm to be shipped (by dec 15th)...

As per BB... fix to this is go to opts -> adv opts -> service books -> highlight (don't click) provisioning[otasl] -> press bb key -> click delete -> click bb key again -> click undelete -> go back to main screen and wait about a min or should then be available

I just received a call from my Verizon rep, and he said the update would be available tomorrow at 5pm. I didn't get to ask about OTA vs desktop install, so I'll have to wait and see.


Is there going to be a difference in the leaked .75 compared to verizons .75.. From reading the info it looks like you said the upgrade will be .75 for verizon, or will it be an higher version. Thanks!

i went to that site to download the .76 and well i dont see it and when it ask me to select DM and all i see is 4.6 and well i have DM 4.7.Well i select the 4.6 and all i see is these 2 files....File name: File name: 460_b023_multilanguage_nomediamanager.exe
File size: 100.53 MB......AND.....File name: 460_b023_multilanguage.exe
File size: 293.598 MB.Where is the .76 file at?....HELP PLEASEEE....LOL

First off which is better? Are they same? I believe that the leaked version of .75 and the official one are the same which is crap and VZW should be ashamed of themselves if that is the case because .75 is not the answer. If the update is .75 then I will take a chance on .76. Anyone have any idea on how .76 is let us know thanks.

How do u download it ota i dont understand can someone please explain does that me i can just upgrade from my phone werever i am in street ?

I want this thing as much as the next. i would suggest people just try tomorrow to get the .76 when Verizon releases it.
The leak (.75) was released just to see how many people would complain about it so they can make final tweaks for the.76. Within a month or two, there should be another fix for the .76 and the IPhone will certainly have a fight and the "storm" will live up to it's name. Right now it's a calm breeze.

Thanks for another helpful video. Before you get your new Storm, do you think you could do the "I dropped my phone in water test" or maybe "a 30lb dumbbell fell on it"? haha

Thanks man!


I just watched your video and compared it to my phone and found that I don't have a "Wireless Upgrade" Option...... What gives??????

If the “Wireless Upgrade” is missing, the device will need to be registered again performing the following actions.
1. On the BlackBerry device Home screen, click Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
2. Highlight the “Provisioning [OTASL]” service book entry, press the Menu key, and select
3. Delete
4. Then go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table.
5. Press the Menu key.
6. Select Register Now

Note:Note: IF the “Wireless Upgrade” option still does not show in Options-Advanced at the very bottom then you
should return to the Options-Advanced-Service Book screen and highlight the “Provisioning
[OTASL]” service book entry, press the Menu key, and select Delete. Then press the Menu key, and select

Awesome, thanks! I had to do it all the way through, even the second time doing the delete and undelete, and now wireless option shows in the advnaced option menu. I didn't see the upgrade yet, but hopefully later today it will.

Thanks again esnetsc!!

Thank you, my Wireless Upgrade link was not showing, but after following your instructions and waiting a couple of minutes, it eventually appeared.

Hey i tried your instructions but nothing happened. I deleted "Provisioning [OTASL]. I tried your instructions where it said if Wireless Upgrade still doesnt show up but i cant highliglt Provisioning [OTASL] because its deleted.
Can you help me at all???
Please send me an email if your able to help me at all. Thanks so much.

Kevin man we need you man, I have read a bunch of posts talking about Bell's .76 some say it's faster, some say its slower, and some say that it is pretty much the same. VZW is dropping the ball again with this upgrade because unless you live on Mars or are totally new to smartphones in general you already have the leaked .75. If this update is just VZW saying here now its "official" I think I will throw up. If thats the case and it isn't anything new, then I will upgrade to .76. I know that being the original addict you have had to of upgraded to .76. What is your take man? We need you.

OK..I read most of these comments..I hope I read enough of them.

So, if I did the update via the leak and now have .75 on my Storm, will the OTA update replace what I currently have?

Last night a new menu item showed up on my blackberry, It is the wireless update. under options then advanced options at the bottem. when you click it, it will check to see if there is an update

I just checked my 9530 and saw that option too. Then I shut it down and removed my and when I powered it back on, the option was no longer there.

The verizon regional office just called me to tell me the update was going to be available soon >at 1st he thought is was available at 9:00 am and through desktop manager but then he corrected himself..

They must know this update is really needed if they are calling.

I'm sitting here pressing "Check for Upgrades" on a regular basis and still getting "No Upagrades Available". Will keep trying.

I don't have Desktop Manager at work. The Storm isn't authorized for our network yet. I have to wait until I get home unless the OTA update is enabled sooner .

that's bull. my DM won't find any updates. I press "update" and it just sends me to the RIM site to download the DM.

so they got it all backward...the OTA is a 6 and the DM was at noon? Great...I just was at the VZ store to get a new phone because i have one of the handful that the autofocus doesnt work on the camera fo the images are all blury unless you are looking at a bug or hair folicle.

Anyway, the rep told me the upgrade should fix it (i didnt tell him i already had the leaked .75 and that didnt fix it...) I told him it was hardware not software and he said just try it and if it doesnt work i have a number to call to order the new phone. Oh well what's one more day wait.

Everything else on the phone has been working like a charm tho...but i have to say, switching from .75 back to .65 i did notice a big difference in the i get to get the official version.

This is the best post so far! Actually the rumour I heard is that it will turn the phone into a personal jet. Just press the "Unfold Wings" app.

Is it me, or did everyone forget the problems that the iphone 3G had when it came out? People need to relax. You're insane if you think technology is going to work perfectly right out of the gate.

...but my disdain for all things Apple is the reason I didn't even get a smartphone until now. I've never had a Blackberry before, but already I like the people that own them better than the people who own Apple products.

I work for a big bank and we use Windows computers. We hired an executive who said that he will only use Apple computers because Microsoft is "so lame". So we spent thousands of dollars configuring our servers for this one employee.

Then he got fired for some unknown reason (rumor it was for stealing).

This was my introduction to Apple nerd mania gone way too far. I have plenty of other stories too.

Off he drove with his apple crap in his BMW. Don't even get me started on people who drive BMW's.

So to try and get it from DM do you just go to Application Loader and then Start under Update Software? I'm not seeing any updates and I'm in upstate NY.

I use MAC also. You will need to wait for the OTA unless you also run Windows on your MAC with bootcamp or VMare Fusion and have Desktop Manager.

Does anyone else show a voicemail message waiting(I think it's a voicemail) under the date but there are no messages? Mine has been showing this since I powered on. Is this a .65 bug? Is .76 available yet?

I updated my software when the leak came out a couple of days ago. is this new one the same one and will it replace the one i have one my phone now???

was curious about that too.

if i have already downloaded and installed the leaked version of .75 earlier in the week, should i not even bother with this update (either on DM or OTA)? also, how is this "official" version different from the leaked version?

a bit disappointing to find that VZW released the .75 when it's been available for a few days now.

What app did you use GPS in? It seems like it might work in Bberry Maps, but in Google Maps, I keep getting "GPS temporarily unavailable" and I do have location enabled...

The current version of Google Maps isn't working properly with the Storm, in regards to GPS. I saw a Google technician post on one of their forums that they are developing one, but they didn't have a timeframe for when it would be completed.

works fine with vz navigator and has since i got it... bb maps seems to have a tough time, but that might just be my location when i tried it. haven't google maps

true... but i have this nasty habit of leaving things in rental cars. my company won't allow me to expense neverlost and i'm going to try and sneak through the vz navigator charge on my cell bill. even if they don't cover it, $10 a month is cheaper than the $50-$100 i'm spending monthly on neverlost....

It's like 12pm was a majic number. I am down loading the official update via DM right now. This is for real, I have been checking OTA and DM all morning and it just showed the new version .75. Downloading now!!!!! Im in California

I just sync'd my storm to DM and it shows that there are updates available for 4.7 core apps and 4.7 system software as well as a bunch of other updates for apps on the storm. Is this the .75 upgrade or should I physically be seeing .75 upgrade? Thanks.

Nothing in DM. Nothing OTA (it hasn't been disabled on my phone, been there since the beginning). Am downloading it from the web and will run the exe later. I just find it interesting that DM manager app loader (fired up either via the DM app or from the web) doesn't show an update.

OK...I am checking the OTA about every 10 minutes...nothing!

So, I am asking again and hopefully someone knows the answer.

I installed the leaked version of .75 onto my Storm - will I still be able to get the OTA version or will it see I have .75 and act as though there is no update for my Storm?

Does that question make sense?

I doubt it because the release #'s will match and it prolly wont see it you may have to flash back to the old os.. its available on vzam right now you can try to install that.

installed and is noticeably better all around... what was improved the most was playing music using the bluetooth audio connection in my car

Just plugged the Storm into my desktop and am downloading the software via DM. I also checked the Verizon website and it is available to download from there, stating that the software was updated on December 5, 2008 (today).

The update looks huge! It is not only the system software, but upgrades and updates for many other programs as well. I am crossing my fingers that the rumors about the GPS now working on the Storm are true; what a great Christmas gift from Verizon if it is indeed true.

I am already a huge fan of the Storm and am looking forward to how much better this bad boy will be with the new software. I am still waiting for it to finish and will be reporting soon on how great (hopefully) it is.

I just received my update email from BB saying the software update is now mention of OTA. I was worried about there being a dely with OTA since this is the first time it is being used. Guess I will get it when I get home tonight. I am in GA and it does appear on the website and has since about 3:15 eastern.

Help, I am seeing the update on the DM and on the Verizon site but I can't install neither. On the DM it's telling me i need a new version of the software and online it's telling me my BB is up to date. I installed the leaked .75 but downgraded back to .65 a couple days ago, is that what's causing the problem? Do I need to perform a wipe?

anyone who installed the leaked version of .75 make sure to uninstall it from your computer first so you can install the official .75. I just did it and it is now installing the official .75.

Finished install about 15 minutes ago. Been playing with each function. So far so good. Everything appears to be running very smooth and no where near as twitchy as .65

My update is not complete yet, but have noticed some subtle differences already. The images that pop up on the screen when you have the Storm connected to DM look different, and much better. Can't wait for it to be finished.

When I go to check for the update through the verizon wireless link I get A fatal error message. Does anyone know what thats about. How do I get the update>?

I see the update in DM and I start it, but it's just sitting on "connecting to device". My Storm is connected to the computer and DM says connected. Why can't anything just work right the first time for me?!!

.75 works well. Only thing that I notice is that changing the screen orientation actually works. What else is everyone else noticing?

Ok, I am all upgraded and have been using it for last half hour. Sent a email, typing seems smoother and faster. Took a picture seems to work fine but I have not used the camera that much. Acelermeter or what ever it is called, lol works awsome, switches way faster than before, no hesitation. I put my icons before the upgrade to 4x4 to be able to smoothly fly through icons and moved the extra icons to a seperate folder, when I use to access the icons in the folder I created it was way slugglish now it rips through them. Notice everything menus etc.... work way faster. Ok the only problem I have noted is when I received a call a few ago I tried to answer and pushed the answer button mutiple times and it would not pick up the call. After about four pushes it answered. I never experianced this problem before, maybe just a one time thing. FYI, I never downloaded the leaked versions so this is my first upgrade. All I can say is way better!!!! Looking forward to more updates in the future.

Hope this helps

Finished upgrade 20 minutes ago. My Storm was always pretty good, good screen clicking, pretty good switching from portrait to landscape, not much lag, but now it's even better. Unfortunately the problem my phone has is still there and perhaps worse, the Blackberry button has to be pushed just so for it to work and now seems to not want to work even less. I'm getting a replacement sent (I hated to request on because everything else was working very well.) Anyway, the upgrade has pepped this thing up! Even the browser is running more smoothly. Scrolling is much better.

I want to ge the OFFICIAL version, i have the leaked, does any 1 think i should down grade back to .65 from my DM or is there really no difference in the leak and the official?

My desktop manager has been "connecting to device" for almost 2 hours now after clicking update. Is this normal?

and was pretty quick. I'm very happy with changing the screen orientation, menus are very responsive. Opening pictures or music from the media menu is quicker. Rock on .75!

and was pretty quick. I'm very happy with changing the screen orientation, menus are very responsive. Opening pictures or music from the media menu is quicker. Rock on .75!

I started doing a desktop update around 11AM MT. During the process, it gave me a fatal error. The phone displayed: "Reload Software: 507" Oops! I called Verizon, and was on the phone with them for about 2 hours, with no success. They connected me with Blackberry support. After another 2 hours, I had a phone that works again (had to reset it to factory defaults), but with the original firmware. He told me to wait for the web based update to become available before attempting to update it again. Apparently, there's a problem with the desktop based update process. A short time after hanging up with RIM, I got an email saying the web based updater is available. I ran it, and now (finally) my Storm's updated to .75, and looks like all is well again. The web updater is at:

Did upgrade on (notified via email) and afetr 8-10 minutes I was up and running. I did get a warning that third party apps and my email settings would disappear but that did not happen. All is working fine and faster than before.

After the update my browser and app center are gone. it says there are no service books, how do I get them back?

Edit* Battery Pull fixed it as always

Well I just updated everything on my blackberry storm according to the directions. Only took about 10-15 minutes...painless.

Now my video operates much much worse. The previous video shows when I click to view another one. The screen stutters and then finally the new video comes up. Not good at all. I am not happy with this.

Switching between landscape and protrait does seem better.

Bottom line the video is messed up. Hopefully this is a small glitch that is only on mine and not the thosands of other ones out there. lol ha

So I updated to .75 and everything works great except I have two unread E-mails showing up I can't find. I deleted all E-mails on the device and did a battery pull. rebooted and I still have the two unread E-mails. Checked for unread blackberry messages, texts, and voice mails but nothing found. Any ideas what it could be? Would like it gone.

Had a similar problem. I had a voice mail symbol that I couldn't delete. The techs a verizion had to do a hard reset to wipe it out.

One huge difference I noticed is how well the Storm scans the memory card now. I have about 1250 songs on the memory card and whenever my Storm did random reboots, there was a HUGE lag in the device's performance because it was scanning the memory card. It literally took about 30 to 40 mins for the Storm to scan all 1250 songs. With the new OS, it takes about 3 to 4 mins now! This alone is worth the software update for me.

8 pm here in PA and still no OTA update!! I have a Mac so i'm forced to wait for the OTA update. Sucks!!

This update has fixed alot of performance problems. I have been using the BB as normal and everything is smoother and faster. I tried the GPS with Google maps and still get GPS temp unavailable. Works fine with the BB maps though so I think this has somthing to do with the Google Maps compatability. I can't complain about much else, I did not use to get button tones when I would dial a number and they come up now, I also had a issue with using visual voice mail before. When I use to use visual and I was using my Jawbone it would only play out of the BB speaker and not through the earpiece now it plays out of the earpiece. I also have noticied how quick applications start up and panning through photos is way smoother.

dude this phone blows. its slow! takes forever to take a pic then because of it the pic sux and gets blurry. it freezes reboots on its own and takes forever to turn back on. for you fast texters! take a chill pill it might take a while. you cant just pop anything open everything you do takes a few extra seconds. it can drive you crazy! I did the upgrade the software still sux. there is nothing fast about this phone. I went to the verizon store and the guy told me everyone is returning them. mine is going back tomorrow!

Dude you blow. Ya know what? I think that as well as being a ****sucker you are also a liar. So piss off and talk to someone who gives a rats ass about your lies.

I attempted to upgrade my phone using Destop Manager and encountered a fatal error. The phone lost communication with the computer. I called Verizon and got a new employee. She wanted to send me a new phone in TWO WEEKS. I requested further assistance and they connected me to Blackberry support, free of charge.

The solution was to wipe the phone and install the update from the BB website

BUT FIRST! Make sure your BB is plugged directly into the USB port in the computer and NOT in a splitter. This is what did me in.

Follow the instructions on the screen from the link above and all should be good. If you encounter problems call Verizon and request BB support from BB if they don't get you up and running. DON'T let them tell you they need to send you a new phone without first getting support direclty from BB.

In the end this is like a new phone compared to the old software. Way to go BB!

Just checked here in NYC and it says the .75 is now available on wireless upgrade.

Says upgrade is 15 MB (in case anyone cares). I expect it will take a while, so off to sleep, and hopefully tomorrow morning everything will work alright.

keep trying to DL OTA on my storm and my girlfriends and the update keeps telling me to delete 14 mb of personal space bc there isnt sufficient space, even though i checked my memory and ive only used 1 mb total and i have over 800 mb available.....any answers for me guys?

OTA now working in Omaha, NE. Finally!!!! About time, been waitin forever, had to go to best buy to replace my storm though tried doin the update this afternoon with desktop manager and got the 'Reload Software:507' Was on the phone with verizon for an hour and then transfered to RIMs tech support finally decided to go to best buy where i got to see if they would replace, they replaced it no questions asked!! Awsome!! Surprised they had any in stock!

I downloaded the update about two hours ago. At first I didn't notice a difference but now I am starting to see some changes with less lag time. Phone seems more sensitive going from portrait to landscape mode with a slight tilt of the handset. I think it's going to work out well.

Im diggin the new update but has anyone else had problems with the yahoo messenger? Mine wont log on to network since the update. Tried reinstalling it and then deleting it and installing it again. Did a battery pull and nothing. Just keeps trying to log on. Thanks.

I have the leaked .75 update, and my messenger has been having trouble logging in since about 5pm or so, maybe something with yahoo though, cause ive had this software on my phone for 2 days and yahoo messenger has been working fine...

I updated today to via desktop manager. I tested the new Yahoo messenger. It works fine, no problem logging in. Try reentering your user name/password. Hope this helps

Well it hasent solved all the issues with the media player still havin the phone crash while watching videos. Lets hope the next Update will fix it for good! Otherwise the phone is running alot better.

Upgraded fine. Much smoother.. only glitch is now OTA upgrade give me an error now... is there anyway to disable it and reenable it?

I have the leaked .75 software on my phone right now, but wanted to know if anyone has been able to download the .75 released by VZW OTA? Im in Chicago and each time i try to do it, it keeps saying no update is available.

Just use the desktop manager. Its works great. Be sure that your phone's battery is at least 50 charged up before you start.

i also have the leaked version of .75 and OTA is not available and on the Desktop Manager i see "BlackBerry 4.7 (Current) / Version" and "BlackBerry for 9530 (Current) / Version" and "Blackberry 4.7 (Downgrade) / Version"

when i click on the first one ("BlackBerry 4.7 (Current) / Version") and click "Next" i get "No software update is required for your device" (when i select "Options" it only gives me a list of 6 apps, mostly 3rd party ones including espnmobileweb, gmail, facebook, googld talk, windows live messenger, and visual voice mail)

when i click on the second one ("BlackBerry for 9530 (Current) / Version"), i see "Task in Progress: searching for available device software," followed by "No software update is required for your device" (when i select "Options" it gives me a list of all the software that seems to be installed on the phone)

SO.. is the leaked version the same as the official version and as such, i don't need to update my phone with the official version?

hey everyone, im going to options --> advanced options --> but then there is no wireless update option. am i missing something?

If the “Wireless Upgrade” is missing, the device will need to be registered again performing the following actions.
1. On the BlackBerry device Home screen, click Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
2. Highlight the “Provisioning [OTASL]” service book entry, press the Menu key, and select
3. Delete
4. Then go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table.
5. Press the Menu key.
6. Select Register Now

Note:Note: IF the “Wireless Upgrade” option still does not show in Options-Advanced at the very bottom then you
should return to the Options-Advanced-Service Book screen and highlight the “Provisioning
[OTASL]” service book entry, press the Menu key, and select Delete. Then press the Menu key, and select

MAC user, I had to wait for the OTA. Last night I checked around 11:30 est and it was there. It took about 30 minutes to download, and another 20 minutes to install. Seems to work well, lag time is a lot better. I a msure as new upgrades are released the phone will get better and better. After the install was successful, I did a battery pull for the hell of it, I saw it mentioned in other posts. While I did the battery pull, I also put a piece of a business card under the battery, and believe it or not the clicking does seem a lot better. Before that my screen also looked slightly crooked. Looks perfectly straight now, just thought I would mention that.

Wow this update was not very fun at all. Here is my story, can anyone help.
Last night around 6pm it started the update from Verizon. (Note: I have owned many BB and updated them before) The update was going fine until a “fatal error” came up. The process stopped and bricked my blackberry. I called Verizon and all they did is sending me a new Storm (several weeks from now).

I decided to see if I could fix it with info from Crackberry. Over the next 6 hours here is what I did.

• Used the instructions from this site on how to fix a nuked BB and after a number of attempts it started working.
• I had to reload the OS a number of times and when it was rebuilt it worked but there were only little tiny Icons. Then it bricked itself again
• Could not get the recovery to work again so changed to Desktop 4.3 and it worked but with same screen.
• Downgraded to .76 and it looked fine until I pulled the batt then it went back to the small strange screen. Almost like there is not ant theme
• Strange thing is after I downgraded and it worked until the batt was pulled it showed the update installed.

I gave up and went to bed.
Right now it works as a phone but the screen with the small icons and no theme is useable
Right now it works as a phone but the screen with the small icons and no theme is useable

Request them to call BB support for you. I had the exact same issue and that was what they told me too. A new phone in several weeks. That is NOT true. See my post above for FATAL ERROR SOLUTION. Good luck but you don't need a new phone.

The update is great!! This phone just got a lot better. Did anyone notice that when deleting emails it does not give you the option to remove the email off the server? Just wondering...maybe a setting I am not seeing.

After applying this update we've found that usability has increased substantially. Even SureType works better :).

My Storm is the first BB I've owned. Got her delivered on 11/22 and haven't had one problem with it. I uploaded to the new software on friday nite and still great just a little faster. Have compared with two friends iphones one on wifi and one on 3g... Stormy wins both times. My two friends are mac freaks so they still love thier iphones but did give up props to the storm and thought it was cool. I've been on crackberry every day muliptle times per day reading about the launch of this phone and just want to say thanks to the CB team for hooking me up with great knowledge cause I know nothing about BB's and how to use them etc. Thanks again!

I read through the posts but do not understand one thing. I use Mailstreet for my e-mail, hence BES. I see on Verizon's site that if you use BES you should upgrade via Desktop. However, the OTA upgrade has appeared in my device.

Should I just upgrade that way or go through the desktop? I am hoping I don't have to wipe the device as I have a boatload of custom settings and some third party apps installed.

Can someone who uses BES via MailStreet or whomever advise on the best way to upgrade???


The down load still does nothing and just about to trow this phone away. I feel this phone is junk "storm". I cant sync outlook or really anything for that matter. They should have waited for the at least to have the soft ware working proper before they released this phone.. I think i may be looking for a i phone real sooooon

after i have downloaded these versions is there a specific way to get them on to my storm? i have then i just cantnot load them on my blackberry storm. help would be much appriciated.