Bell releases official OS for the Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry 6
By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2011 07:31 pm EDT

Another couple of previously leaked OS' just went official for you all. Both the Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Torch 9800 are sitting at OS on Bell. If you prefer official releases over any leaked version then by all means, hit up the Bell BlackBerry downloads page linked below and get up to date. Thanks, rroyy!

Download OS from the Bell BlackBerry Downloads page

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Bell releases official OS for the Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Torch 9800


Up after dinner today, so far I've noticed its better than .461
192MB file total, file free at moment of typing is 105mb with all my data n apps installed, after reboot I have 106mb

N yes of course I gave it the shrink lol

Is the calendar and social feeds icons change without have to reboot when we changed theme?
I'm using .526 and the only complain I have is I have to reboot everytime I change themes, otherwise the icons will mixed up between icons from old theme and icons from new theme.

I have Bold 9700. BUT, it says current OS installed (with 5, not 6 OS)
Are older Bold 9700 not eligible for Versions 6?

I have a leaked version of .461, how do i upgrade to this official version now? DO I just plug it in to Desktop Manager and press update? PLEASE HELP ME, IM SO CONFUSED :(

If you already have the leaked version on your Blackberry there is no need to get the official. Both files are exactly the same. Only difference is that a carrier has tested it out and has approved it for use for their subscribers. Apart from that there is absolutely no difference.

i don't have any problem with the tabs i can open up to 6 with out any problem but the memory still leaks

Can you go from to without crashing (with the full page loaded, since there are no "mobile versions of those) or have each of those open in individual tabs and navigate the sites?

I always get the "low memory" or a total crash of the browser. This is with the native OS6 browser. 88mb free on device, reboot daily.

I will give this version a try though. My only issue with OS6 (or blackberry in general) is the horrible browsing experience. A lot of sites I want to visit on my BB don't have mobile sites, so I need to load the normal versions.

Just tried that out after reading your comment. I opened both pages up at the same time in their own tab's. Then loaded and switched to No issues at all, loading worldofwarcraft took alittle longer, but no crashing.

Hi friends, I'm from Spain, I'm bold 9700 owner with Movistar like carrier, the oficial OS is 5, but I have used since April 6th, my smartphone works perfectly and BBM runs faster than before. In fact, all OS is faster now. I've not had any problem, I recommend install the new OS

i was running a leaked os , but when im installing this os after shirnking it a little ... its saying on my apploader that im downgrading alot of stuff including the os ???
any support ?

I personally would leave it. I've used the leaked .534 for a couple of weeks having previously run the leaked .499 and I've suffered terrible mem leak on .534. .499 on the other hand was perfect - no problems at all. Don't know whether network influences all this but I'm on O2 UK and .499 is the best I've had yet.

I think the official releases are more stable for some reason. They always seem a bit smoother and snappier then the leaks.

The only glitch that I have come across with this build is that when you are trying to load a youtube video, it sometimes it resets the 9700.

Sometimes it is a real nuisance.

I have tried many updates since .246 for my torch and the best of all and I recommend is the leak, and I have even tried recent updates and have downgraded back to this .450 OS simply the most stable using all tipe of apps including native ones, I won't even try installing this one and I will hold on to the release of OS6.1.

Hi I have a MAC and when I download the new version of the OS on my desktop it shows as a blank page, which usually menas the computer does not recognise the software. If I click on it nothing happens? Any help would be appreciated?

I've only been running it for a day but it seems to be holding up better than .526. Typically my usage is about 40% Calls, 35% BBM, 10% Emails, 10% Browsing, 5% SMS and I'd make it through a day but would need to charge again first in the morning. I rarely use WiFi and my Bluetooth is on for half of my calls.

I'm certainly hoping that battery life is improved because I wasn't very impressed with .526. Hope this breakdown helps!

Running it for two days on my Torch. I was getting two full days of batttery life on version .695 but now only barely get a day. I am reinstalling .695 to compare..


The old version .695 is DEFINITELY better on battery life. Back to 85% after 14 hours since charged vs down to 10% within 12 hours on the new version.

And my Google maps disappeared??

Can I use this release on my 9700 Bold, carrier T-Mobile NL? Or does anyone recommend another release (perhaps .526 or .448)?