Bell releases BlackBerry app for Canadiens fans

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2010 10:00 am EDT
Montreal Canadiens Logo

Bell has released a BlackBerry app to help Montreal Canadiens fans get more out of their hockey season. The free app brings fans closer to the game and keeps them informed with the latest news. Users will have access to all scores, news and team stats in addition to live game broadcasts. The coolest part of the app perhaps is the interactive features. Fans can post photos through the app that can appear on the big screen during a game, and also help vote for the games three stars each night. The Official Canadiens Mobile App is free and available for download OTA directly from Bell at the link below.



Wouldn't ya know it, I'm with Rogers!! Will this app work with Rogers? This injustice cannot go on. I need this puppy now.


I'm waiting for the Canucks app since they know sponsor their building. Streaming live games to my Torch will be awesome.


Since they play in the BELL Centre...I'm going to say no, won't work on Rogers.


Try it... its the best way to know it :)


it's working for every carrier (I'm with telus) and it works fine!


How did you download the app? I can't seem to get to the download link (, I'm always redirected to the compatibility page.

spdecoste via your blackberry... worked like a charm!


Does not work form my torch on Telus :(



Compatible Devices:

Bold 9700
Bold 9000
Curve 3G

Samsung Galaxy S
iPhone 3GS (soon)
iPhone 4 (soon)

Compatible with only THREE blackberry models? WEAK.


Also: Curve (9300 and soon 9780) ... according to the desktop version of

Can someone please post an OTA or download link so the rest of us with other models can try it?


I'm with Rogers and I can't get it to download :( someone post an ota please


It's going to be Can't get it to work stateside. I get to the download page (I hit the French link and it popped up), but then redirects back to the Bell hompage after I click it. Major bummer.


Fail! They sell the torch (top bb on their line at the moment) but their new app isnt comptatible


Wait a sec, they don't have it for the Torch but for the 9780 that isnt even released? LOL


ouaaaisss !!! allez le canadien go habs !!! :)


I installed the app and it Takes me to April golf specials site. Go Leafs Go!!


I installed the leaf blackberry app and it took me to 1967


LOL...too bad for Leafs Fans. Go Habs!

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