Bell prepares for launch of BlackBerry Torch 9800 by putting up sign up page

Bell Torch
By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2010 01:26 pm EDT

While folks in the US have had the BlackBerry Torch 9800 available to them since August 14th, folks in Canada are still on the waiting list. Just about every Canadian carrier has stepped to the plate in letting us know they will be carrying the device but alas, none have given customers a date or even pricing. Bell is the latest to get a little bit closer to launch. Today, the sign up page has gone live for those interested in being notified when the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is available. It's no closer to a release date or pricing but any movement in this area is progress. If you're still on the fence about the BlackBerry Torch be sure to check out our extensive review and go from there.

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Is Bell a CDMA or GSM network?


They have a CDMA network and a new HSPA+ network which was launched last year.


Bell is originally CDMA but they're moving to their new HSPA network (requires a SIM card) as well as TELUS.


Bell rolled out their HSPA+ network in November of 2009. They are not "moving" to it. telus was not far behind in 2009.


I just hope Fido will carry it also even though my upgrades not till next year :/


I'm pretty sure that Fido won't be getting this device. I'm on Fido and made the jump for an ATT one. Should be arriving mid next week :D.

When I spoke to fido, they told me that the best way would be to buy it from Rogers when it get's released and get it unlocked.


Meh might as well since I was gonna pay the retail price anyway


C'mon Telus!!!!! Get in the game and release some information. I can't wait........


I'm due for a hardware upgrade (on Bell) and am planning to get the Torch. But I just went to the Bell site and didn't see a sign up link. Am I missing something?


Check out the new site at - I couldn't find a direct link from their site either.


Always thought that Rogers would've been the first Canadian carrier to do that.


i could care less when they put of signs as long as they get it same time or before bell


I'm on the bell website right now and can't seem to find that "sign up" page anywhere. How did you come across it?


C'mon Rogers!!!!! Get in the game and release some information. I can't wait........


Anybody with info on when this damn thing will be released?


Rim neeed to plaster Ads for this phone like they did for BBM, all of the Toronto Subway lines you would see BBM ads, they need to plaster this phone all over like that and yonge and dundas square, we need commercials build the hype in Canada your home base, launch parties too


Does this mean I could buy an unlocked Bell Torch and use it on USCC's network? I really don't feel like waiting until 2013 for USCC to get it...

The Legendary

Just thought I would point out you wrote its been available since the 14th, but the date was the 12th. 14th was a sunday, it was released to at&t on the thursday.


o i so cant wait for this to come out


What do you think the buy it outright price would be for the phone?