Bell Officially Launches For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2009 10:09 am EDT
Bell Officially Launches For BlackBerry Storm!

*UPDATE* -Bell Has Pulled The Update For Unexplained Reasons

Canadian CDMA carrier Bell has officially launched their latest Storm OS. Many of you surely already have the released version but for those of you who only install official carriers release now is your time to get in on the love for your BlackBerry Storm 9530, go ahead get your upgrade on.

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Bell Officially Launches For BlackBerry Storm!


OMG WTF!?? So now BELL releases it? Man Verizon had better get their act together or iPhone hear(sic) I come! I mean seriously!!! Waahhh!

Sorry everyone, I just wanted keep the tradition alive in which Verizon Wireless Storm owners bitch and moan on posts detailing another devices/carriers software release, and yet when VZW owners got it, there weren't so many hijacks of those posts by other device/carrier users, even if they were still waiting for their own...

It just didn't feel the same without it...



oh and when is telus gonna get it ? next year ?nahh probably too soon right ? maybe after they release storm 2 !!

Telus sent me that SMS last week that there was an update but nothing showed up on my Storm or the link Telus provided. Oh well. Maybe they pulled it too before Bell today.

I had the same deal, I have been waiting for the new OS to officially come out, I waited a few days after getting the SMS about the new OS being out but then there was nothing available once I checked it out. Maybe they will iron out the kinks and get it back to us soon, at least that's what I'm hoping for but I'm not holding my breath.

So what happened ? Not only did it it take RIM/Bell a month to exchange my Storm when it died,now they pull the last update ? Anyone else have their Storm go to Crackberry heaven after the update ? I am still having an issue with memory leakage with my replacement ( whivch the update had fixed )

As a heads up, if you haven't already seen it, Bell has reposted .148 on their site. If you like official updates, there you go, otherwise, there's always .151 now.