Bell Offers Up Stanley Cup Action To Its BlackBerry Users

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2010 10:27 am EDT
Bell Offers Up Stanley Cup Action To Its BlackBerry Users

Bell has been for a while now, a key provider of mobile sports entertainment in Canada. Much like how Verizon and Sprint offer their specialties, Bell has for the most part locked down the NHL offerings here in Canada. This year for the Stanley Cup playoffs, Bell has added some extra items to their BlackBerry services. During the playoffs Bell BlackBerry subscribers will be able to benefit from:

  • NHL® Video Highlights - Watch period, post-game and team highlights.
  • NHL® Audio - Listen to all NHL games live.
  • NHL® on Demand - Watch highlights from the game of the night, best moments of the week, player interviews, expert insights, and much more for all NHL® teams.
  • NHL® Centre Ice - Watch select games live (TV network blackouts apply).
  • NHL® Downloads - Get a wide variety of ringtones and wallpapers.
  • NHL® Alerts - Receive unlimited access to official real-time text message alerts for any NHL team.

All this NHL goodness isn't free however, it does come at a cost. But for a true hockey fan, the $8 a month you'll pay may be well worth it. Devices supported are: BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9000, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry 9530 Storm, BlackBerry 8330 Curve, BlackBerry 8130 Pearl, BlackBerry 8230 Pearl Flip.

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Bell Offers Up Stanley Cup Action To Its BlackBerry Users


... it's because Bell, through the media companies they own, are a broadcaster. Why would they give Rogers any love? They are trying to bring people to Bell Mobility from Rogers... using their own content to do so makes Bell a desirable carrier to some.

Will I be able to add this feature to my account via for the next few months, and remove it without any hassles in June?

Not as extensive perhaps, but current, comprehensive, available for all pro and college sports, and FREE

... this is no big deal. Bell is a day late and a dollar short. I'm going to be stealing my wife's iPhone because CBC will be pushing all playoff games through their iPhone and iPod Touch application.

I hate that CBC is so Apple-centric. I really hate when they get great sh!t and Blackberries can't even really do it.

For those that are with Rogers.... well, you still win. This would only make Bell's service more bearable... with the bad service, and slow adoptions. "Let's sell the Storm 2 on our older network, half a year after it's been released, and just before the Storm 3 comes out". Sigh. Yes, I am bitter.

Is there an app from any of the US carriers that provide NHL live audio?

VCast from VzW offers live audio for vcast phones, but not Blackberry...

Slingbox Software for the 9700 was added on april 7th in Canada! Wooo Hoooo! Just in time for the NHL Playoffs.
Now I control what I watch.

Bell can Suk it!! Remember they wanted nothing to do the West Coast until we got the Olympics in Vancouver. Bell turned down a chance to sponsor the PGA tournament out west & they said a Big "No Thanks" we dont do business out west

MobileQs just released a new trivia game for BlackBerry which contains 300 new questions from random categories with questions written by the MobileQs team in 2010. Question types vary, and include NHL (including NHL 2010 playoffs through May), international hockey, Olympic Hockey (including Vancouver 2010), college hockey, teams, team names/cities, team colors, arenas, famous players, champions, records, coaches, rules of the game, sports terms & scoring.

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