Bell Mobility releases official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700

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By Michelle Haag on 22 Jul 2011 05:53 pm EDT

Today from Bell Mobility we have OS available for download for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. What's new in this OS? After you install drop a comment or hit the forums with your findings, since no change log was included. Even though this is an official OS, be sure to use caution and do a back-up before installing. And if you're not on Bell Mobility, make sure you delete that vendor.xml file. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
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Bell Mobility releases official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700


It's already annoying when leaks come without a changelog, but i'm fine with that and trying to find changes, but on official releases they should really add it..

I am wondering the same... I have 9700/ and its been nothing but problems... I've been waiting for a solid build with no memory leak...

I have been using the leak on my 9700 on AT&T for a few weeks now and it has been wonderful, for me the best OS6 release by far. I am quite curious about what they did in this official release for Bell.

I wonder what I am doing wrong... I am 9700/ and its utter garbage. HUGE memory leak... I have to reset my phone every hour it seems. Any tips? I've even been tempted to switch back to OS5

I am upgrading to .615 now but, in relation to your comment.. I have had .600 loaded up ever since it was released and i have never had an issue with it. I used BB Boss to shrink the OS and I do a reset once a week, and thats only because i choose too not because i have too.

I might have to try that. Cause my memory leak is brutal. I only have a few apps, but will go from 40mb free to 1mb free in less than an hour... Sometimes its as alarming as 15 min... I wish it weren't so.... Maybe BB Boss will do the trick - thanks for the tip.

Agreed. I've loaded a bunch of them, and .600 was clearly the best one for my 9700. I did use BB Boss to remove a bunch of junk, and I rarely have to force a reboot.

OS 7 won't reach our phones. They're not capable of running OS 7.

As to v6.0.0.600 - it's the best OS i've used so far. For those having problems with it. I suggest you do a backup, wipe and fresh installation of the OS. :)

So has anyone tested this new v6.0.0.615 much better is it?

A little.

All seems very snappy and responsive. Have also shrunk an extra 10mb out of it compared to .600 without changing anything

This update is great! I just upgraded from .600 to .615 and although i'm not sure on what specific differences are.. it is very snappy, loads up real fast after a reboot and i have alot more memory than i had with .600 (i used BB shrink to shrink any unused programs i dont use, as i always do.)

That's what happens to me too. I just know it'll close my tabs and redirect to my homepage when the spinning clock appears and does 10+ spins… I don't know what's worse. The fact that the OS 6 browser can't open too many large pages, or the OS 5 browser taking 60 seconds to open the JamesList webpage :P

Is it me or is this the first time ever that an OS update is officially released before a leak has hit the internet? Where are our BB detectives? How was this update not found and leaked? I am sooo disappointed in the Crackberry community :(

It freed up quite a bit of memory for me. That alone makes me happy. We'll see how long it stays around though...

I was wondering when an update for the 9700 was going to come. .600 sucked, been running .576 for a long time now. Hope this is the best os so far.

I haven't downloaded this yet, but I just felt compelled to comment. Why is it that I see so many negative comments on the forums constantly? Seriously, I've been using OS6 on my 9700 since soon after it was leaked the first time. The very first one or two versions were a little bit slow, and it kind of took some getting used to. I do see a slight memory leak , but its not major, at least not like what everyone is saying. I can often let my phone stay on for two weeks, and I will only reboot it because I either installed or uninstalled some app, and have to reboot it. I do have several apps on it, many of them that sync wirelessly, or that update periodically, like a weather program and Funambol, etc, but seriously, I've rarely had any problems at all. I use it all the time. I have to admit that I haven't seen many if any real improvements per se in any of the updates, but it may be that they were just subtle. I have used shrinking programs to pull out unnecessary files, and free up some space. I do think that makes a big difference in the memory leak side of things. I think it is a lot more noticeable when you already are low on memory. So I don't believe that the OS version itself really has any bearing on the memory leak business. I think it has to do with what apps are running, and how much space you have left in the memory. It may also have something to do with usage patterns too I suspect.

My *personal* findings.

1) GPS seems a lot more responsive. Using BB Maps, or even Google Maps in the previous builds, it was slow finding my location, and I had a lot of "GPS not available" type of errors. So far, after about 3 hours, the GPS can find current location with no issues, and can plot courses almost instantly.

2) Stock Web Browser still crashes when going from a high content site to another. I still can't open , then go to with out a crash, and with just 1 tab.

Various Statistics (Device Running for 3h 27m)
Battery: 71% at startup, 62% now (9% loss)
Memory: 103.2mb at startup, 94.7% now (8.5mb loss)

This is just my individual findings. I am actually quite happy with this.

I have only leaked 6mb in 10 hours since upgrading which is very good compared to other versions of OS6

Used BB Boss 2 to shrink. Had 98mb free initially! Better than the 50ish on .600... Mem leak ok, I generally reset once a week at most - not had to yet once all stuff set up. I know which of my regular pages max the browser and just use Opera 6.1 for those.

Shrunk with BB Boss to about 50MB's. First boot with all apps installed 75MB's. All apps initialized/registered boots to about 64MB's. .600, with the same amount of apps was booting to 30MB's and leaking like a sieve. Would get down to 4MB's.

One culprit might be Berry Weather. Great weather app and I paid for it about a year ago. Think it is a leaker. Have not initialized and will see what happens.

Facebook 2.0.219

might also be issues. Have only initialized Facebook so far.

Anyone have any comments on their experience with these? How about a weather app that is good, but does not cause memory drain?

Comment more later...

Were we able to play YouTube videos that are embedded into websites on previous builds? By 'play', I mean that you click on the video on the web page and it plays inside the web page, just like it would on your desktop rather than launching the media player or YouTube app. Either way, I just discovered that I can on this build.

Is anyone else having trouble installing this OS? I'm using the new Blackberry desktop. I've tried installing both ways, removing the vender file and not. Even tried bbsak. For some reason it doesn't see it. HELP!

What trouble are you having? Does it start installing and crash? Does it not start the installation? Does it say the installation is complete, but you can't boot your phone?

Hey All,

I tried to clean install it using loader/nojvm command, and i am getting an error:
"The blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device that you connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator"

I was using latest BDM. I uninstalled it and installed an old BDM thinking this might solve the issue, but it availed to the same error.

Anyone faced this, and any solutions?

Thanks !

Seems really good so far, better then .576 and the leaked .600. A lot quicker overall and time icon isn't popping up as much.

for all those complaining about memory leak: I cannot stress enough how important it is to first run the OS through Shrink-A-OS (HybridOS) before installing and then use Memory Booster once you start seeing that your Bold is acting wierd (hourglass shows up too often, not dloading sites that first dloaded fine, etc). Both apps are 100% free and makes an OS6 Bold user's life MUCH easier ;)

I am having trouble getting this to my device, it doesnt just show up as an update in the desktop software like all the other upgrades so i dont know whats going on, it told me to restart the computer and i did and now im back here but no upgrade available...please help!