Bell Mobility document shows WiFi HotSpot capability coming via software update

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2011 12:08 pm EDT
Bell BlackBerry

Much to the dismay of many BlackBerry users, it looks as though the new BlackBerry 7 line up is not going to be launching with WiFi hotspot capability built into the OS. Now, that's not to say it isn't coming ever. In fact, some new documentation from Bell Mobility shows that is part of the ultimate plan for WiFi hotspot. As noted in the image above you can see not only the release date for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 (August 22nd) but at the bottom you see "WiFi Hotspot functionality will be available via Software update post launch". Accurate? Will it be all devices or just the Torch 9860? Time will tell. Truth be told, the capability was baked into earlier OS' and that's a fact but somewhere along the line RIM decided to take it out.

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Bell Mobility document shows WiFi HotSpot capability coming via software update


this is AMAZING news!

It's the only reason why I was holding out on OS7 phones.
If this would allow me to connect my playbook to my phones wifi and use my web-required apps such as GPS and maps, it would make me get one of these phones.

This is excellent news!

Don't all apps work with the bridge?
I didn't know that. What doesn't work? I was soo wanting to get me a Playbook for birthday...

With bridge you can only use "bridge browser" for internet access. No others apps will see internet connection.

If you bluetooth tether, then you can use the standard browser and all apps will see internet (some still require wifi).

We are talking about wifi hotspot. So if you are outside with no wifi, you create your own wifi on the phone (using the phone's cell coverage for internet), then you connect your playbook to your newly created wifi. Much like mifi and other such devices.

I seen that to and i was a bit HUH?? last time Kevin unboxing his 9900 i could bet i saw 9900 on the box and not "9990" or hey maybe bell wanna be unique :).

Just throwing this out there. I was looking at FCC docs for these phones in the US. I noticed that the wi-fi radio is listed as transmitting as well as receiving. I'm not an expert on this, but I thought it at least indicates that the hardware is available to make the new phones wi-fi hot-spot capable.

I would wonder that too, but then again, this is Bell we're talking about. If you had to deal with them in the last 5 years, then you would know that they're not very competent.

I hate generalising but after spending over 8 months on one issue and running into the same problems over and over again (with staff and their supervisors) I can honestly say that maybe 1 out of 10 is qualified.

That being said, I sure hope this is real and full of horrible horrible typos and gramatical errors.

The Bell Store in St Laurent Mall (Ottawa) has them on sale today! 9900 $599.99 or $169.99 on a 3yr term and the 9810 $549.99 or $149.99 on a 3yr term. He said they were not suppose to sell till the 18th of Aug but they were launching them today. Rogers has the 9900 at $549.99, they were unpacking them as I walked in.

I thought all of the new BB's had 8gb internal across the board!!?!
what's up with that?
it shows only 4gb on the all touch!!

If this turns out to be true then it will be across all devices. The *(asterisk) next to the Wifi with the corresponding description of what the * indicates that it will be for all devices.

I hope it's true

There is no way any of the big carriers will release hotspot without asking customers to pay for it. And while it says above "...will be available via software update post-launch..." doesn't mean that it will absolutely happen or that Bell won't change their mind.

I don't have a big need for tethering. But if I knew it was "free" and there was absolutely no risk cost-wise of using this type of functionality...I would likely use it (more).

If I was a carrier I would push for this feature. It makes users use up their data twice as fast since they can connect other devices to it and eat up all that data...

most carriers up here allow you to tether as long as you have a large data plan. rogers is 1gb

Just talked to a rogers rep (not that they know their ass from page 6 most of the time :) ) and he said that both wifi/uma calling and wifi hotspot will be available in a few months as a os upgrade. Who knows. Fingers crossed though.

so... being as how it says 4g, does that mean if your carrier has 4g, then you will have 4g service?

And we all know how reliable RIM has been at post-launch software...


A Playbook Owner Still Waiting for Native Email.

So since it is in an OS update could someone make a hybrid with it for the folks that don't get an OS update from their carrier?

I work For Bell and I THINK they mean the Bell Wifi Hotspots..(Since u get free access to bell wi-fi hotspots) maybe it's just a typo. Or, honestly, it might be true.