Bell Mobility appears to be launching the BlackBerry Curve 9360 August 29th

Bell Mobility Curve 9360
By Michelle Haag on 16 Aug 2011 02:57 pm EDT
“Everyone’s favourite BlackBerry Curve just got even better. The sleek and stylish new BlackBerry Curve 9360 is ‘just right’ in so many ways – it comes complete with enhanced specifications”
This is according to a leaked screenshot from Bell regarding the yet unannounced BlackBerry Curve 9360. The really interesting part about this screenshot though, is that it lists the launch date of the newest Curve as August 29th. We've seen lots of pictures of this little guy, but as has been the norm lately, RIM is still tight-lipped on it. Anyone out there planning on picking up one of these new Curves?

Source: Mobilesyrup
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Bell Mobility appears to be launching the BlackBerry Curve 9360 August 29th


TMONews shows it (Curve 9360) being released on T-Mobile September 14th. No Pricing info. In the same picture it shows the Bold as being Released August 31.

So any idea on the specs for this thing? I'm assuming autofocus camera, right? ..but what about the other specs?
Specifically, are the specs easily better than my 9650?

I just found the answer: The specs appear to be better than the 9650: processor 800mhz vs. 9650's 624mhz...and I assume the new processor is otherwise "better" in general. It has more built in memory, too... 512mb vs. 317mb in the 9650.

I think this ill be the perfect device for my wife. We've been on the Storm, but she is pondering going to a real keyboard. I'm going to grab the 9850 myself but she doesn't even use apps - just messaging and internet. I hope that VZW date is right...

I dunno, I'm torn. I don't NEED the 9810, but it would be nice. (of course the 9900 would be too) but chances are I'll grab the Curve 3. Of course I'll wait for specs, and to see what the first reviews come back like....

Just to avoid nay confusion- not sure where you get Curve 3. There were the original 83xxs. The 89xxs. The 85xxs. And the 93xxs (Curve 3G). So these upcoming Curves would technically be Curve 5s. But, I highly doubt they will be called anything other than Curve 98xx.

it's been 2 weeks since the BB7s bolds and torches were announced and 2 weeks till the 29th, Announcement from RIM should happen any day now, although we've yet to see the curves pass through FCC unless they got through undetected