Bell Media rolls out new CTV News app for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2013 11:03 pm

Honestly, I don't watch the news much as I find it all a bit depressing but if it's your sort of thing and you have a BlackBerry 10 device, you can now catch up on all of CTV's international and local news coverage thanks to the new BlackBerry 10 app released by Bell Media into BlackBerry World.

CTV News gives you all of the latest and breaking news that you've come to expect from Canada's number one news organization within a clean, simple design built specifically for the BlackBerry 10. The app features a wide variety of news content from international to local, from science and technology to health. All news is organized into easy-to-find categories which include flagship news programs such as the National News with Lisa LaFlamme and not-to-be-missed video clips that feature the top stories of the day.

According to the BlackBerry World listing, the CTV News app is available to all BlackBerry 10 smartphones in all countries with the exception of the Porsche Design P'9982. If you're a news junkie, click on the link below to head on into BlackBerry World and grab the download. Now, bring on CTV Go if you don't mind Bell.

Download CTV News for BlackBerry 10



Sweet!!! Been waiting for CTV's app.

All we just need now is a CP24 app


Lol why the exception for JUST the Porsche phone? Don't rich people need news updates too?

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Money can't buy you everything I guess, especially News apps on BlackBerry lol.


Lol it's just funny to me that it's available here in the US when most American's probably don't know/don't care about CTV, but a BB user in Canada with a Porsche Design phone won't be able to download it. Sounds very weird to me, wouldn't it have the same/similar software to the Z10?


Pretty much identical. Simple explanation though, someone forgot to 'check the box'.


But that's okay...If I had a P9882, I would probably also have a jetski...I would rather have a jetski than a news app on my Porsche Design BB; so I'd be okay with that.


People still watch the news? They must not have Twitter


I have Twitter and still watch the news.

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IKR?!? Because the news and twitter are both where the relevant and factual information is @! Just keep your eyes on both, and you will be well informed of the real going ons in the world.

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Why would anyone want a mainline injection of depression?

Ignorance is bliss

BB until it is not CDN


What insight about world events can you possibly get from Twitter? At beat Twitter is like headline news rather than in-depth coverage.

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Depending on who/what you follow you will get a lot of in depth news tailored to your specific interests. Many times it will also come with a link to an article that is much more in depth than any fluff television coverage. Remember that TV news isn't info, it's an entertainment product, lots of twitter accounts main purpose is to inform on their topic area, not just sell adds.

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I see Kitchener! Yee! Lol

... on my Z10


Thanks! Downloading :)

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I follow CTV Kitchener on Twitter to get my news updates

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And I was about to download the android version lol

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Could we please have some reviews from Crackberry that do NOT start with the disclaimer "I don't have a use for this" or "I don't personally have a need for this "? If you can't actually review the damn app properly, then wait for one if your colleagues who can!

I've made this complaint another Crackberry contributor, so it's a bit repetitive and endemic.

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It's not a review though.


Then lose the editorializing comments at the beginning.

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Pull the stick out of your ass.

BB until it is not CDN


Err why? I quite like these articles bringing these apps to my attention. I also like the fact that the author tells me that they don't use apps like this.
What harm is it doing you? Or are you only happy when you are unhappy about something?

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Basic but nice app, funny though went to the videos section and selected W5 and after the commercial it played a Cowboy Junkies video instead of the piece on the Kennedy assassination, cool video though haven't heard from the junkies in a while, the lead singer, Marla I think still has that great smokies sultry voice....

Decent job Bell,now if you would only advertise BlackBerry phone in your cell ads instead of only basically Samsung maybe you'll actually sell some of these pretty damn good phones, ya think!!!

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!


Her name is Margot (Timmins). Now there's a reason to download the app.


I just wanted to share my story at the yorkdale mall Bell store in Toronto

I was just looking over at the Z30 when the sales rep came and we started talking, he said he doesn't sell any blackberry because he doesn't understand them.

After I showed him all the features he was truly amazed. He was shocked how good it was and said if I worked for BlackBerry and I told him I didn't of course.

This is a huge problem where sales staff don't offer and educate the buyers about certain products like blackberry and the bb10 operating system.

We need to start going to our local cellphone store and educating sales staff about the wonderful system.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10


On the other note, I downloaded the ctv app, not bad

I like it so far, seems to be fine.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10


Playing videos in the local news section on one story starts a completely unrelated video other than that pretty good.

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OK. I'm going to give this a try.

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BlackBerry needs to hire wholesalers who work with retail sales reps to educate them. It's not my job to explain to the kid at best buy how good the z30 is. I did but it's not my job. They couldn't even have one in stock to demonstrate. With Google apps on their way BlackBerry needs to be prepared to gain back market share.

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Bla1ze. You don't watch much news because it's depressing. Open to some serious hazing there!

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Nice effort but they got carried away with the amount of advertisements, have an ad for every story and every video becomes prohibitive.

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Nice! Where's my bmo app!!!

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Nice app! No TV shows. But at least it works every time unlike the CityTV app which is totally bug ridden and barely seems to work :( :(

That CityTV was a MAJOR letdown :( :(

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I had the same experience with the City TV app. Crash crash restart repeat. I ended up getting rid of it.

The CTV app is a basic news app which is fine by me. Reading news should be simple and you can move from story to story just fine.

It's on my first page of apps now.

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Nice to see governments, large corporations, small business and all in between running from BB.

"BB is dead" crowd is running off the wrong information. (suck it you fools!)

BB until it is not CDN


Nice smooth app except for the painful advertising.

Please if the developer is reading this remove it.

Think back to when YouTube started, they didn't bombard the user with 18 seconds of advertising...

Please update and advise

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just installed it, looks great.

ps. Loving the ZedThirty... great phone.


This app is a bit disappointing as I like LIVE TV. If you want LIVE CTV News...get the filmon canadian programming and you will get CTV news live. I gues this app is ok if you want to watch clips from a show you missed.