Bell Launches Visual Voicemail For Their BlackBerry Offerings

By Bla1ze on 23 Dec 2009 02:53 pm EST
Bell Launches Visual Voicemail For Their BlackBerry Offerings

While plenty of US customers are already enjoying their visual voicemail services, Canadian carriers have yet to enable it on their end (except TELUS). Bell Mobility has made the jump though. BlackBerry users can now sign up for a free 30 day trial of visual voicemail where after the 30 days is up you are expected to pay $8/mnth for the service.

Now, take under consideration other carriers offer it for free I have to wonder if Bell will at some point yank that pricing. As it stands now, supported devices are BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and BlackBerry 8830. Your turn Rogers, learn from Bells mistake and give it to your customers for free. 

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Bell Launches Visual Voicemail For Their BlackBerry Offerings


Wow.....shame on you Bell. That's a LITTLE bit insane there.
Come on Rogers...let's see that visual voicemail for my 8900.

Damn Bell, how much is enough? Why don't they charge 10$ for it then. Just round it up and next year it will be 20$.

Gotta love these crooks:(

Actually Telus has had Visual Voicemail since the day they launched HSPA... I enabled it on my boss's Telus SIM the day of the launch and he's been using it ever since. Not sure what the consumer pricing is but on our corporate plan they include Visual Voicemail, a text plan and tethering for $5 extra.

I have been using it on Telus for months, long before the new network was released... $5 a month...

Bell already screws their customer with horrible plans and poor customer service. And they always find a way to screw them a bit harder by charging outrageous fees for services. Here's another case in point!

FREE?! No such word in Canadian Wireless Industry. It seems like only WIND learned that word from the current players.

And what about the Storm???? no storm loving????? actually I am happy it is not compatible, they are charging way too much for it...

I've been using Bell's visual voice mail for about a month now. It is actually included in my data package.

I've had visual voicemail with Rogers ever since I renewed my contract and got a BlackBerry. It is included in my $40 month data plan.

A Canadian carrier offering an extra for free? Pretty sure there's a CRTC regulation prohibiting that. :)

Yeah as a long time BELL mobility user, I have to say the customer service experience has been very good, not matter how many times I've changed my plan ;). Buuuut I don't know how they can justify constantly charging $10 for every decent extra!?? I mean ok some things may very well be justified but give me a break here....this is not impeding their data network to offer it for free. Merry X-Mas BELL thanks for the rod up my A$$. Boooo

Wow, talk about gouging.Being a long time Bell customer myself, I got this feature for free with my T-mobile service for my USA interests and granted its a neato handy feature, but $8 a month? c'mon.....I feel some "Wind"s of change coming down the road..... ;)

I have tried Telus' Visual Voicemail and its nothing like the ones offered by Verizon and other American carriers. The Telus version actually transcribes the message and sends it to your phone as a text or email message. While it appears the Verizon version has an actual app that lets you scroll through your voicemails and listen to them out of order. I assume that the Verizon version uses data rather than minutes to hear the messages (ie, the messages are sent as audio files to your phone). I would prefer the Verizon-type to what Telus currently offers and I'm wondering which direction Bell took?

Leave it to Bell to charge $8 for a feature that should be free with Message Centre. How anyone at Bell thinks that this 'service' is worth $8 plus tax a month is beyond me.

Well I feel bad for the Canadians. I spent an hour looking at their major carriers like Bell. Did you guys see how much they must pay for a device? A 2 year contract and they still almost pay ENTIRE full retail price! It's only when they chose a 3 year term do they start getting into the US pricepoint of a 2 year term.

I'm so happy I do not live in Canada lol.

Its because of these kind of things that makes Canada the 3rd most expensive Country in the world to own a cell phone!!! (Trust me It sucks!!!)

i have Rogers and i have been using the service for at least 4 months and it doesn't cost me anything extra ... it's a great feature i barely call my voice mail anymore it texts me the voice mail message within 2 mins of it being left

i think you guys need to check with the provider before slamming them... i am only with Rogers over Bell cause the customer service is much better

Nobody should use this service on Bell.

1) It's a rip-off
2) We are guinea pigs for these carriers to test their latest crap on. Most likely it won't work properly for at least another 6 months... seriously, they should be paying us as testers!!

Actually, Telus does not offer visual voicemail, at least not the same version as Bell. Telus only offers their Visual voicemail as voicemail to text and only offers the real version on the iphone. Bell on the other hand offers it to smartphone users as well. As for the cost, voicemail is $7 anyway whats an extra dollar to convert it to visual, its worth the money to me, if you want it you pay for it, simple!!