Bell launches BlackBerry Torch for online sales only!

Bell Torch
By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2010 10:15 am EDT

In a weird twist of events, Bell this morning has posted the BlackBerry Torch 9800 online for sale. Although Bell had previously stated they would not release the device until October 1st, customers can now head on over to the Bell website and place their order for a brand new Torch with a shipment date of September 29th. To further the twist, retail locations will have the device available September 30th and Bell has even reduced their original asking price. The BlackBerry Torch on Bell was once set at $199.95 and now shows a price of $179.95 with a new 3 year contract.

Source: MobileSyrup

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Bell launches BlackBerry Torch for online sales only!


I was reading on that the rest of the Canadian providers are delaying the launch of the Torch as well, including Rogers who initially was believed to be the only one carrying it in Canada.

Wheee, the drama. Good thing I love my 9700 too much to give it up at this point for something with so little advantage over it :-D

I've seen Bell's 1 year and 2 year contracts but they are extreme. Something like $599 for a 1 year, $549 for 2 year, and $199 for 3 years... okay now it's $179. Few can afford anything but the 3 year contract.

Kudos to Bell for dropping the price down to $179 but I still think they could do better. Hopefully folks in Canada can take advantage of this new BlackBerry... despite the unfair reviews we have seen from other sites.

The device is very capable and the battery life is awesome compared with what's out there from Android and iPhone; however, these other devices have more powerful processors.

Nevertheless, one has to decide if you want to keep charging your battery all through the day, or do you want a smartphone that is fast enough to run what you need and will still keep up with you for well over 24 hours of medium to heavy use.

One site even suggested carrying two batteries with your Android -- are you insane? How do you charge those two batteries overnight? Wake up at 2 am to swap batteries? How much does that extra battery cost? Another $80?

The bottom line is, battery life is a huge consideration that needs to be prioritized when shopping for a new phone. Certainly, RIM had to make some compromises between faster CPUs and battery life. I think they chose well in the case of the Torch.

I'm pretty sure if you work for a company they don't charge customers only their costs. Just a wild guess, but they may actually be in business to make a profit.

Also, I don't think $183 covers R&D.

I know that the price is high but there is more to a products price then just the cost of the items used to build one unit. Do you know how much R&D dollars are spent on a device? Its insane. Plus factor in the costs of marketing and of course the markup and you arrive at the current price point.

I am not saying that we have to accept the prices but it is fairly ignorant to think that the cost of making a device is just the costs of each individual part used to build it.

Actually 599 is pretty cheap as a MSRP compared to material costs.

In most industries the Rule of thumb is MSRP = material cost * 5

In the clothing industry is is Material costs * 12

Most company's can't stay operational without an average 30% margin. For RIM they would want to make 30% markup not margin on large bulk orders, most likely being drop ship to Distribution centres small orders like. Sub skin quantities, they will probably need a 50% mark up, and sub 20 pieces probably a 70% markup

Now who ever is selling it. The DC needs to make 30% then the retailer needs to make 30%. So let's say for ease of math the phone cost 181, RIM sold at ONLY 30% markup not margin. To a DC who sold to a retailer who sold to you
(((181*30)*30)*30)=$397.65. Would be the lowest cost it should be on the shelf to make just enough for everyone to keep their doors open, that being said $599 is a pretty nice price.

Add 1 more DC into the chain, or a head office cut from the DC and you see pricing going up and up with next to no profit

Hopefully with a $179 price tag, that will mean that everything else, including the 9780 when it comes out, will be less than that. Maybe even significantly less.

you better be getting really good service if you're signing up for 3 years.. Way to long in my opinion. glad we dont have those type of plans where I live.