Bell launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 delayed until October 1st

Bell BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2010 02:17 am EDT

Adding more fuel to the fire surrounding possible BlackBerry Torch delays in Canada comes the confirmed information that Bell has indeed, adjusted their launch schedule. While all previous Bell announcements had the device slated for September 24th they now have a splash page up advertising the release date as October 1st.

While the delays may sound rather significant to some, I really can't say anyone waiting for the device should be too bothered by it. Reason being, if the information is true and it's really an OS issue then all it really breaks down to is the fact that RIM is loading the devices with a later OS. Quite honestly, the AT&T launch OS wasn't that great. Leaked versions for the device have been significantly better anyways. So, lets hope they make one of those the official Canadian launch OS. Thanks to everyone who sent this into us!

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Bell launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 delayed until October 1st


Bell has about the sickest Student Plan available right now for students. $50/mo, 200 Daytimes, nights a 6pm, 500MB, unlimited NATIONWIDE talk & text to 10 CDN numbers, and Unlimited text to everyone as well. BUT, its availability is currently set to expire on September 31st. So the people that were now waiting for the Torch will NOT be able to set up on that Sweeet Student Plan, unless they extend that offer. I know I'll be harping at my Bell Rep to see it extended...

I will also mention the plan I quoted is the one available in Ontario. Some other Provinces may be different.

Buy a different device..tie it to that plan, hope like hell it comes out before your 30 days is up.. #win?

Exchange policy changed with Bell two months ago. 14 Days, 30 Mins of usage. So smaller window. >.< But I was thinking of settin ppl up with 9700s and then hope like hell we get a ton of 9800s come launch. Be better though if Bell realizes the popularity of this device *I get asked about it multiple times a day... almost as much as "Do you have any iPhones?"* and extends the student offer a month.

I just can't believe how much you get screwed over there in Canada. When this comes out in the UK (if I want it) I'll get this free of charge on an eighteen month contract, with pretty much unlimited everything for about $50.

Worst part is just over the border you can get the same phones for $100 less and contracts for 1 year less at the same price. It makes no sense considering the dollar is virtually equal. It makes me wonder if RIM is selling the phones at a higher price to the Canadians or if it's the providers making an extra $100.

Its the providers along with the CRTC. There's really no reason the rates up here should be any different than the states other than the CRTC wants them that way.

Anyone freakin know when this thing is coming to europe/holland? Been waiting way to long man! I'm itching not to buy an other phone, but this thing just wont hurry up!

I think the reason for the delay is because they are launching the Nokia C6 exclusively on the same week. Another failed!

There we go! Smart move on the delay if it is in fact to load up a new build of the OS.

Now if I could only get the money I'm owed from that insurance I got on my Storm, I'll be considering this!

Oh on that note; DON'T EVER BUY COVERAGE from Cornerstone LTD insurance! They'll charge you the extra cost for that Premium Plan and when it's time to pay up, they'll grossly under-estimate the price of a replacement (also, they base that on a refurbished model, WTF!?)

Let's face it. The Torch is a decent low-to-mid range device that offers some higher end features such as 5 MP cam; however, it is not a high-end device, so why do the Canadian carriers want to automatically sell it at $199/3 year contract? You can buy an iPhone 4 for $159/3 year contract from that same carrier.

Canadian carriers are just ripping off customers trying to lock them into long term contracts, and RIM is paying the price too. The high-end BlackBerry is being treated the same as a high-end iPhone and Android; however, RIM never marketed the Torch as a high-end device.

I know they'll soon be selling for $99, but this starting price takes the sail right out of the Torch launch in Canada.

A decent low-to-mid range device, eh? And RIM never marketed the Torch as a high-end device? I don't think so. Also, who cares that you can buy an iPhone or an Android at the same price? They are not a BlackBerry. Like many here I can buy any phone I want. The phone that I'm buying is a BlackBerry Torch. Apparently, I'm not alone. Quoting from the Q2 2011 Earnings call yesterday: "Since the Torch launched, sell-through run rates have more than tripled in AT&T retail stores and Torch contributed to the best month ever for BlackBerry Smartphones with Best Buy in August.
In fact, based on sell-through in the first three weeks after launching AT&T, Torch is the most successful GSM BlackBerry Smartphone launch in RIM's history." We also know that the Torch is the best selling phone on Amazon since its release. Not bad for a low-to-mid range device.

Don't get discouraged. I've been using the Torch for over a month. I like it better every day.

Hey Bla1ze,

I don't know if this might have changed since you posted this....but I just looked on the Bell website and it no longer says 'October 1st', now it just says 'Coming soon'. I really hope they are not going to delay the launch even more. That might just get me to switch carriers, this is ridiculous. (I will only accept it if it's due to an OS upgrade)

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Yup. for a long time the Yanks had cheaper pricing on smartphones. Canucks are still getting ripped off for having to pay $100 [maybe a bit cheaper now] for a Bold 9700 when the yanks get it for almost nothing and on a 2 year plan.

Note that bell can't say the fastest network as they share the network with Telus. ;-)

Ok from what I see a lot of us are in the wireless industry. Us canadians are greedy. We wanted these super fast networks that all these amazing phones work on. We don't have the same population as the US or Europe to support this network and that's why we pay more. That's straight from Bell head office.

I really really want this phone.. I'm researching it more & more & i can't seem to find if its coming to the UK anytime soon.. A friend of mine said it is coming in a few weeks & i hope to God he's right BUT I NEED A COMFIRMATION DATE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If anyone knows its getting released to the UK on T-mobile let me know.. My contract ends on November.. If its coming out before then i'll upgrade to it!!!

..If not i'm thinking about taking a risk to go for the iPhone 4 & i've never had an iPhone before but i'm scared i'll miss my blackberry & right now i really want the TORCH!!

Please someone HELP.....................