Bell issues software update for Curve 9360, Bold 9790 and 9900

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 10:47 am EDT

Bell has released a small OS update for Curve 9360, Bold 9790 & 9900 users that looks to fix some nagging issues.

The update for the 9360 and 9790 is to OS while the 9900 version is It includes additional support and functionality for NFC as well as a fix for 9900 users who were having network connectivity issues after the last update ( 

If you're a Bell user with one of these devices the update should be showing for you, but if not you can head to to update manually.

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Bell issues software update for Curve 9360, Bold 9790 and 9900


Wow tmanCanada way to show your 'hater' credentials. Be great if you could remove the 'Canada' from your user name... be fucking awesome actually.

Congrats to the first. For contributing more to the discussion than tmanCanada for one.

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I always lose the data connection on my Torch 9850 and Bold 9930 and have to do a battery pull to get it back. Hopefully Verizon will do some sort of update as well to fix that if it is an OS issue.

I've always found OTA extremely slow. If it all possible, use your PC to update your phone.

Does this update have the features on the 7.1 OS on new 9720 with multi cast, lock screen options, camera options etc?

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Come on Telus update, sick of my stereo gateway constantly crashing my media player, used to be on rogers definitely worse on the Telus OS.

Grab from the forums. Wipe, reload the new update, selectively restore the backup and then you won't have any issues. It's what I do every 3-6 months. Solves most problems.

It appears it is MUCH OLDER than, the one I'm currently running.

Heads up! Wipe, reload, selectively restore only what you need every 3-6 months to keep a rock solid and smooth legacy blackberry. ;)