Bell holding back BlackBerry 6 updates until 2011?

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2010 08:34 pm EDT
Bell BB 6

Sure seems that way. Some leaked documents from Bell Mobility show that BlackBerry 6 isn't set for release on other capable devices until 2011. While Bell is set to release the BlackBerry Torch 9800 anytime now, the newly announced BlackBerry Curve 3G nor the BlackBerry Pearl 3G will get it right away, let alone the previously released BlackBerry Bold 9700.

As we've seen in the past carriers are often terribly slow to update to new OS' which, for customers is never really a good practice to see happening. While this information only gives us a look at Bell, it could be rather indicative of other carrier plans as well. Just look how long it took AT&T to release OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. As BlackBerry users we always want to have the latest updates and that often means relying upon leaked OS' or using OS' from other carriers that are more liberal with their updates. Truly hoping Bell decides to change this plan, in the long run it's not great for their customer base to be stuck on an older OS.

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Bell holding back BlackBerry 6 updates until 2011?


Do we know if RIM has even given them a copy for TESTING??

That said Carriers are much less worried about users having the latest OS, unless it is needed to fix a major problem, or to add features that the Carrier wants (can make money from). Right now new phones are coming and going so fast I doubt they have time to test all the phones much less new OS upgrades.

Actually, it seems great for business. Since if you really want the latest OS, it requires you to purchase a new phone, and thus get a new contract/or cost you more.

Because most normal users don't know how, are scared, or don't want to put on a leaked OS to their phones because it might brick them or void their warranties. It is just easier and simpler to buy a new phone.

wah wah wah. try again rim, or for wireess providers waits that long in america and i'm done. nobody is going to att wireless here for that phone, unless u are grandfathered into the normal prices from 6 months ago. they are the most expensive provider with for the cost the worst serice. verizon unlimited all 2 phones 230, tmobile 180, or att 250. pay extra for tethering, cant get unlimited data. count me out. They got till my birthday oct 3 not out by then on 9700 i'm going to android 2.2.

I hope blackberry feels it a bit when verizon customers jump ship and go droid. It is a no brainer for those who want to enjoy the best phones that their provider has to offer. I would buy a torch tomorrow if I could. Like you i will be switching to the Droid when my upgrade is up. (unless they quit being greedy with att)

And this is why I love how often we see leaks from the Blackberry community. I was running 4.5 on my 8830 about 4-5 months before Sprint decided to release the OS for the device officially. As soon as the leaked ROM for the Bold 9650 drops, I'll be loading that up as well. I can't wait!

Unless the person who made the memo at Bell changed a date and forgot to change the font, the "Launch Date" is in one clean looking font *what they always use* and the "Expected Date 2011" is in Times New Roman. And then the rest is again the clean font...

I've seen a ton of these memos before and they always keep the same font so far. But if it is true, then sucky. Leaked version when released here I come. >.<

And the text seems a bit overlayed onto the bottom border.
Or it might just be that they use the same template for all these types of memos, and since its internal, someone got lazy and didn't bother polishing it up.

Conspiracy much?

Why isn't anybody being positive about this? This is official confirmation that OS6 will have at least one 'official release from a carrier'. Yes RIM released the OS6 supported devices, but isn't this the first carrier to actually step up and say they're going to stamp their name on it ??? Yes its a four month wait, but hopefully this way will get a great OS :)

Four month wait???? Yeah if they release it like Jan 1. But come's just plaive naïve to think it will drop for devices like the 9700 on any carrier before 6-8 months (12 for ATTspecifically). Boy this waiting game really blows!

I agree, waiting really sucks... however, I would really like a SOLID OS6 for my 9700 before I jump on board. I remember the first two leaks of OS5 I put on my storm... it wasn't pretty :(

I check cb and bb every ten mins for a leak so I want it just as bad as everyone else but atleast we know for sure that it will come out for the older devices and most likely there will be a leak before 2011.

I check cb and local site every 10 min even when I wake eye close still try to open site for leaks

Really want it bad

What! are we all nuts here. Obviously it seems that OS6 is the commodity that we all crave so why in gods name would Rim be stupid enough to release updates to hardware that already exists when the object of their game is to sell more phones especially the Torch. Come on people get a life, it's a phone not a gold effigy. I appreciate that some of you may worship your Crack-berry as I do, however, the Storm 2 that I have is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the HP iPaq I had before and i can't be happier. Oh and forget all the moaning and groaning about being let down by Rim cause the phone you bought 6 months ago will not be updated.You have to catch up with technology! if you haven't noticed it moves pretty fast and your GOING to be left behind. Suck it up and get through your THREE YEAR contract (here in Canada) and then get the next big bang phone or cancel your contract, pay the fine, and get the torch and be happy but until then shut the F**K up.

Couldn't have said it better myself lol. But a couple of things I might add, first of all there isn't a big difference between the two OSs besides the new webkit browser and the new look. I know I wouldn't spend hundreds of my hardly earned dollars just for a new "revolutionary" OS. If u can't wait for the official, just get an OS 6 like theme that could help u wait till its released. Secondly, I don't see anything wrong with this browser either. Its fast enough for browsing on the go. And if u can't stand a mobile browser and want a really fast browser get a laptop or a pc. I really don't understand the whole hype behind OS 6 and the torch. And I though the iPhone 4 was overhyped lol. RIM has also succeeded in finding a way to milk our hardly earned $$$ after Apple. For those of you who are willing to get the Torch, seriously think about it, is OS 6 really worth paying hundreds of dollars for when u already own an OS 5 compatible device?

I wonder if Rogers is putting there version out sooner. I heard that it was supposed to be released as close as 3 weeks from now. But could just be heresay.

Why the first thing people say when an os or something takes to long is "RIM sucks, I'm going Droid"
I doubt RIM tells each company when they can or cannot have updates. I'm sure the companies themselves(at&t, tmo, ver) decide if/when the want to push something out. But maybe that's just me.
My Berry has had the occasional issue(like every electronic thing in the world) but not enough to make me not love it, and I've been waiting for OS6 since the first "rumors" and I have no issue waiting a lil bit longer, especially if it will work, feel me?

Damn all this waiting, all i want to do is swipe my menu around on my 9700.

Running that latest os5 leak...but i want the os6- liek we all do.......

Come on, someone must have a leak somewhere!!

I'll buy the first person to leak the new os a protein shake!

I guess its best to wait it out and have a perfect OS when it comes out, but the wait....the wait is just sooo awwwfulll !!

They promised an 5.0 update when the 8900 first came out and guess what, they never did. They wanted you to buy newer hardware after the 8900's short lived life.

For the average reader of CB, sure we want the latest and greatest stuff, but for "normal" users, and even for some of us here, there is a premium for stability with our blackberries.

I'm a big fan of alphas and betas, generally, but my BB is mission critical to me and my business, so I tend to be a late adopter on updates, until I'm very confident that it's stable and works.

Both 4.7 and 5.0 were nightmares for me on my VZW devices.


Well if Verizon doesn't put out 6.0 for the Bold 9650 by the time my contract is up. I'm definitely going Droid X or whatever the best available Android device on Verizon is at the time.

To all of you that jump to Droid-
You will MISS THE BBM and push email.
See it happen all the time.
As a former Bell Mobility rep- I can tell you Bell is very careful about testing ANY BB OS on their network before officially releasing it.(Didn't make sense to me either)

To all you Verizon people looking for your Torch- HANG IN THERE- That's all I can say. Probably said too much already.

Even if you have a backwards compatible device you will not get a full 6.0 update.
It will be short the webkit for better browsing.
If you don't have a device with 512mb on board 9650 9800
Your device with 256mb just doesn't have the memory to run it.