Bell document shows BlackBerry OS 10.1 to include custom message notifications, BlackBerry 7 data transfer and more

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2013 01:46 pm EDT

We've been hearing all kinds of things on the rumor mill about BlackBerry OS 10.1. While some features like HDR camera and PIN messaging have already popped up on the SDK OS, a leaked document from Bell shows off even more features that are expected to arrive with the new OS. 

The document outlines plenty of information about the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 and OS 10.1. While there is no release date listed on the document it's noted that the Q10 will be "available soon" and that the off-contract price will ring in at $699. 

Among the features listed as part of the 10.1 update are more notification options for contacts and messages, the ability to transfer data from a BB7 device to BB10 using BlackBerry Protect, a dark theme for apps like calendar and contacts, and improved camera options like HDR.

Of course none of these features are 100% confirmed (but they do look highly possible) so we'll just have to wait it out for now. OS 10.1 will be available on the Q10 at launch and should arrive for the BlackBerry Z10 shortly thereafter. 

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Bell document shows BlackBerry OS 10.1 to include custom message notifications, BlackBerry 7 data transfer and more


How about if Evernote synced folders actually supported one of the MAJOR Evernote features- tags!

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Better notifications (like is older BB OS's) and adding time field in Remember app would be my top 2 wants as a longtime Blackberry user frustrated by the steps backwards in these areas. Fingers crossed is right!

Nice. Now I really hope BlackBerry would start to add in the really useful features like the option for a battery percentage next to the battery icon, the option to use a four digit pin instead of a password to unlock the phone, and a data usage monitor. Sure, I've been told that I can use apps to get access to a data usage monitor but I prefer to see it incorporated into the OS instead of having to use an app to track my data usage. Android has it already.

Useful to you doesn't mean it's high on everyone else's priority list. For example, number 1 and 2 for me are background/headless apps and improved notification options. Looks like I may get one of those sooner than later!

Remember: It would be nice for those features that I listed to be included regardless of whether or not you find them to be useful to you. It's better to have those features included and not need them than the other way around because at least it provides extra options.

I agree that it is better to have them included than to not have them included, but at this time I hope BlackBerry has other features higher up on the priority list. This is a new OS that will have to sacrifice some stuff while others get added. Hopefully by BB12, everything we have expected to be in an OS will be there. But don't expect EVERYTHING until that time, imo.

A numeric keypad option for lock password would be great! (Although they need to make sure it handles 6 digits for us corporate users mandated to have minimum device password of 6 characters......). Moving from physical keyboard on old BB's to Z10 makes you realize what a pain it is to type your password every time you need to unlock your device.

@kovajw, good to see that at least you agree that a numeric keypad option for a lock password would be great. I think the minimum number of digits for the numeric password lock should be four because anything less than that simply isn't secure enough.

Not for me. My password is actually secure. Alpha numeric with symbols as well. So it would be a pain to type regardless haha. I'm used to it now though.

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I wonder if the carriers will jump on this update faster knowing it will help sell the phone better

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

I need my call log to be as organized as OS7 or older. Right now, it's a hot mess to go through the recent calls list. I also need Sound Profiles just like older OS's.

+ infinity. This one improvement would allow so many apps to be so much more functional.

If BlackBerry only did one thing in this update I would have wanted to to be that. Well pasting numbers into phone is a must but that should have been in first release

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I just worry that if they rush Headless apps that it won't be done correctly and will hurt battery life badly. I want those apps to work in the background without having to be open, but I also don't want them draining my battery or killing my RAM. They need these apps to be able to directly change OS settings without the need to be running AT all.

Does anyone know if it's possible to set up a reminder rather than a full calendar event? For example, say I want to be reminded that Criminal Minds is on every Wednesday at 9 PM. I simply want to set a reminder for 8:55 PM every Wednesday and don't need all the fancy "Starts" and "Ends" information. For such cases I've been setting the "Starts" end "Ends" values to the same time which is not optimal.

I've been doing this all the time on my Bold 9900. It would be great if they fixed it in 10.1. I'll have a Q10 eventually...

Same here.

I'd also love the ability to set a reminder based on an email. Often times I get an email associated with a task such as "Only two weeks left to reserve your spot!" and then end up forgetting about it. With this feature I'd set a reminder when the email comes in and when the reminder time comes around, the reminder pops up, and the associated email appears.

Maybe this means that Bell won't lag behind every other major carrier in Canada with the 10.1 update, like they did with the last major update.

Thanks goodness. For bb protect and transfer data. I have over 4000 memo pad notes that wouldn't transfer to remember app. More excited to get Q will donate z to family member

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I'm looking forward to see what's in store in this OS, feel like things were taken away than added coming from OS 7 :|
Have we forgotten the PlayBook? I haven' bugs me that all we get to do is use the Z10 as a mouse for the PB!

I hope it supports data transfer from BB6 to BB10 via BlackBerry Protect. I skip the boat BB7 as I don't find it necessary to upgrade.

Does BlackBerry know that Rogers and Fido offer Name Display service in addition to the number display that most other wireless carriers offer? Can someone inform them for me?

I would like to see the name in the caller list (which is supplied by the "Name Display" service that I subscribe to with Rogers and also available with Fido) automatically copied to the "Nickname" field (or First/Last name field) when I add the caller to my contact list. At the moment, only the number gets copied over and I have to constantly type the caller's name when it's already in the caller list.

Many of my calls come from new clients who aren't already in my contact list and that's why I subscribed to the Name Display service with Rogers. Now I know who's calling even when they're not in my contact list. I thought it would be so easy to add my callers to my contact list without having to retype their name because it was already provided by the Name Display/Number Display service.

Imagine my surprise to see that BlackBerry 10 (i.e. on the Z10) does not have the capability to copy the name from the caller list to the contact list automatically.

I'm literally stunned that BlackBerry doesn't seem to know that Name Display service (an add-on to the Number Display service) has been available with Rogers and Fido since 2006.

I realize that it's difficult to parse the first name and last name from some caller ID's but putting the name in a "Nickname" field is very simple to do because it's just another variable to copy over just like the calling number variable.

Hopefully someone who has BlackBerry's ear and sees the benefit of this functionality (isn't Kevin with Rogers? ;-) ) can forward on my request.

One of my clients (who is waiting for the Q10) tried my Z10 today while I worked on his laptop. He's not so sure anymore if he wants to go with the Q10 but he'll try both on the 29th and decide then. I'm loving my Z10 because the keyboard goes away and leaves me with the larger screen and I still get the BlackBerry OS that I enjoy so much.



Anyone know if the Bell update will support the apn changing? There are a few of us with this issue

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You can use a 4 char password.

I was using a traditional password for the screen lock but got annoyed and changed it to "plaq". To me that's enough security for a personal device if I lose it, super easy to type in, very low incorrect rate, and gives me enough time to login to Protect from somewhere else and take measures from there.

Time in Remember is a no brainer.

Headless long as user has some control over them. ie no app should open on its own and run in the background, as does in Android. And be able to kill background tasks.

Multiple alarms. No brainer.

I am a BeBuzz user, but really LED colour options should be baked in...most BlackBerry users that see my phone had no idea their device housed a multicolour LED.

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If they had a built in option to multi-color contacts etc, it would make this phone so much more awesome than it already is!

Just because a four digit lock code isn't that secure, it's secure enough for me. I just don't want someone to pickup my phone and go through it. I'm not worried about I'd I lose it.
The option for how secure I want my lock to be should be my choice not bbry.
Eg the list of banned passwords prevents consecutive numbers. I just wanna hit 12345 when I'm in developer mode to sideload

Ack, didn't quite finish, premature postulation.

I know BlackBerry leaves out some features on purpose to make room for devs to make some cash.

Also, the orientation detection needs to be improved. Let's say I use an app in landscape, but it down for a while and pick it up again, but in a either portrait or landscape again but in the other direction, it takes a long time for it to react, I usually have to shake my phone or rotate it to kick in the detection.

There's a bunch of minor ui tweaks I could suggest, but those could be entirely subjective and not be of value to others.

Overall I love the Z10, can't wait for the improvements to come! :)

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If they don't give us battery % option, I'd like to see if when you swipe from the top. Ex from the home screen.

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Aside from improvement on custom notifications (like how many times the phone vibrates) and maybe multiple alarm settings (my schedule calls for multiple alarms for different days) there really isn't too much else I could think of..

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I'd love to be able to turn off the notifications for group bbm messages like you can in OS7. When everyone in my group gets chatting, my phone won't stop pinging. But I don't want to turn off the bbm notification. With BB10, they are one in the same.

Dear BlackBerry While at It (scheduling and prepping 10.1)
Can we please with berries on top have:
•Proper ring tone preview
•Descent folder mapping as to put our custom notification tones? (/media/notifications - /media/alarm etc)
•Proper redial feature (currently when on dialer when green button is pressed nothing happens)
•Email can show and search messages older than 30 days
•Email app to be able to delete messages only on device or only at inbox just like the good old times....

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Awesome list, just one more thing. Carrage return, or new line, while writing a text. Or in any other messaging application when there is only a send button on the keyboard.

I received a email from bell today advertising the Q10, coming soon, let's hope they push 10.1 right away to us z10 owners when q10 hits.
BTW my battery performance is quite good now, and keyboard is better. I found it was detecting long presses too easy on outer keys, including the backspace.

CB10 on z10

Will they add different tones for different emails account BB is still missing lots of things

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An option to put a password lock on a file would be nice, as well as landscape mode for the home screen.

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I think blackberry bites off more than it can chew. Dealing with a new OS is challenging enough, but having to work out the bugs and push out an entirely new device and make sure it's Os is compatible with it, not to mention continuously working on app world. I think they Should've waited to release another device and made sure all the bugs were worked out for the z10. Mine works fine but they sure aren't adding a lot of useful items to their updates that I would've expected. Still love the z10 though!

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One to add to the list - LOUDER ring tones!

My alarm on the BlackBerry Z10 is fog horn loud - perfect! My 'ring ring' call tone is the equivalent of on 40% despite it being on maximum volume.

I've missed lots of calls because of this - my BlackBerry 6 and 7 devices had great loud ring tones.

$699? That can't be right. Way, way too much. I thought it was going to be priced the same or less than a Z10. Z10 a more reasonable option as far as price goes. I'm happy that I got my Z10 then.

So the people that stepped up in support of BlackBerry first get the newest software last.

Steve, Posted via CB10

Looking forward to the update! There has been so many good ideas to come from this site and others. I can't wait to see what they bake in. I also can't wait to hear all the feedback from the diehards that waited, bypassing the Z for the Q. Maybe even some of the 'analysts' dragging BBRY through the dirt with their 'written in crayon crap' will say something positive. The news should be exciting to read again over the next few weeks.


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Bridge! My PlayBook and handset are no longer the tight pair they once were.

9900 plus PlayBook was a match made in heaven.

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Yay! Custom notifications by contact....well...there goes my second to last when Skype gets here I can finally say BB10= 10/10 instead of 8 or 9/10

Other things that I would want to have included in the updates are, data usage monitor, battery percentage icon, the ability to set different wallpapers between the home screen and lock screen, custom notification like they had 'loud, medium, vibrate only, etc' on legacy devices, and the ability to outline messages depending on them being from Facebook, Twitter, personal email, professional, etc. I really wanna see these come to the z and q 10 soon!! And as always, it's better to have them as options so that others can turn them off if they don't need to use it.

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In addition to headless apps ability, I'd like USB Hosting, BB updates not via carrier, make it easier to sync outlook, a gesture to maximize/minimize videos online to make it easier, remake the copy/paste/select/cut to make it easier to use. Also, I'd like the ability to copy/paste anywhere to include the dialed numbers and numbers in emails. I'd like to click and hold on a pic online to save the pic to the phone. Also, the ability to dial a number straight from an email. Lastly, add all the bridge missing features back. The list goes on but these are my most wanted as of now. There are so many things in OS7 that made it easier that BB10 is missing, it kinda makes me mad. I feel like history of the PB repeating itself.

Nice to see bell with one of the first with the update log. They drop the ball on being the last with the the last update

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Expensive is good for the Q10. It's unique and people associate expensive with being the best (as per iPhone). Blackberry also need the margins in order to succeed.

A task manager for the z10 is required. Show what background tasks are running and how much resource they are consuming.

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It's surprising no one is talking about blackberry bridge in relationship with the PlayBook. 10.1 OS should have an improved BlackBerry Bridge. Then this freezing of my z10 sometimes is annoying and shameful.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 from Nigeria

I went through the the love/hate cycle that happens every time I get a new device, and now I can't put my Z down. Yes, there are some seriously important (some would say essential) features from OS7 that haven't made it to BB10 yet. But at the end of the day, I do more on my phone now than I ever have. It sounds like 10.1 is going to scratch a couple of my itches, so I'm a happy camper and can't wait for that notification! Go BlackBerry!

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They should really delay the launch of the Q10 until the OS is perfect. The ability to transfer a 9900 to a Q10 seamlessly will greatly improve the user experience.

I'll admit the BB10 still needs some improvements, and the hardware can yet still be refined and harmonized in newer ways, but I digress with agreeing about device to device transfers directly. Without a proper cloud implementation (NOC and BB ID is primed for this; just BB please put the pieces together), having a backup on your PC/Mac is STILL the most secure solution. Cloud services still have outages that we'll need to wait for resolutions on - just read back within the last 7 days and see how Google (probably with the largest implementation) having cloud services issues across all their services to see how bad it can get. Took them what 16hrs to get it resolved? Imagine having to go out on a hot date, or a business meeting worth millions and your damaged BB needed a replacement and details are on that device?

BTW, 10.1 implements BB ID with a personal connection to your PC via BBLink in order to access content on your personal PC/Mac, so BBRY is getting closer to what we need.

Bb10 is missing a ton of os7 features, goin backwards? Simplest things like multiple alarms... absent? Doesn't make sense, the number of features should only go up not down

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BlackBerry Device Analyzer wad amazing, missing the data traffic feature so much

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I just want the face page with icons to go into landscape mode. Why is that so hard?

And I also need the darn calendar to go into landscape view also so I can actually see what is coming up for the rest of the week.

I really can't believe they couldn't put that on with the release of the phone. I also believe this landscape view issue is what's holding up the docking station.

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i think alot of people are waiting for a smoother transition from 0s7 to bb10. I for one am one of them , and as much as I would love to get a new phone with better browsing, I just have to wait a little longer!

What we need are more alarm options to match the old Os. Mainly when the phone is urged in to immediately start bedtime mode.

We also need the main screen to work in landscape mode. The way the playbook works is perfectly. The gestures follow the rotation of the screen.

I would also like when you swipe up from the bottom to wake the phone up, it goes right to the main screen.

These are just a few as in sure I will think of more.

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what about the crippled BRIDGE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????