Bell announces Sept. 24th release date for the BlackBerry Torch

Bell Torch
By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2010 06:38 pm EDT

We've known since the release of the BlackBerry Torch on AT&T that Bell was slated to release it in Canada aside all other Canadian carriers. The pre release sign up page is still active at this point but, we now have confirmation of the Bell date and pricing as well. In an email sent to us Bell confirms the following:

Just wanted to let you know Bell Mobility will launch the BlackBerry® Torch™ on September 24, and clients will be able to get the device for as low as $199.99 on a three year contract. 

So there you have it folks. While the US only has the BlackBerry Torch available to them on one network, Canadians will have the device available on any of the top 3 carriers come September 24th.

Reader comments

Bell announces Sept. 24th release date for the BlackBerry Torch


I hope Bell decides to make advanced early hardware upgrades for customers who want the new Torch but are not eligable yet. I've a Bold 9000 and I want something new.

Unfortunately, the pricing once again reveals the complete lack of competition in the Canadian market. We get to pay the same price as AT&T customers but have to sign for a year longer. Now I want to see how much it's going to be out-of-contract. My guess is $599.

the iphone 4 is like $156 on a three year contract on rogers, and the torch is $199. What a ripoff. Id rather bend over and let steve jobs do what he pleases then shell out a ridiculous amount for this fossilized OS and hardware...

Finally Bell does something good! I wasn't hoping for much after they waited over a year to release the Storm 2 on their network.... when it was only on CDMA phone, after they rolled out HSPA.

It better not be like the original Storm though, where existing customers were pushed to the bottom of the queue, to fulfil orders for new customers only. And no, I hope they don't waive an early upgrade option... not for a month or two, until those of us who've been holding off on their upgrades for a year get ours ;)

My old Pearl 8130 lives in a permanent state of freeze.....I hope it makes it until the 24th. Bring on the Torch!!

I almost fell over sitting in my chair!! Friggen awesome!!! I'm pre ordering as we speak. I just hope I don't get sticker shock at the buy out on this, being that I used my 200$ upgrade credit only 8months ago for my 9700. Here is hoping. :P

Sad thing is, this is already a DEAL!

I can't believe they didn't ask for $299 on a 3 yr plan like they did for the Storm 9530 and Bold 9700.

It's like they woke up and thought, "ok, we don't feel like @$$ f-ing Canadians today"... Don't count on it, there's always tomorrow.

Canada, where monopoly happens.

It's only a year old, you wouldn't want to buy it for say $100 bucks? It retails for $599 with no contract at Bell. My plan allows for yearly upgrades while paying the 3 year contract price. Every year I can upgrade at a good price and get rid of my year old phone. Maybe I will just give it away.

A friend of mine would be interested in the 9700. Shoot me an email, For the record, the Torch rocks on Bell! Bell pushed the new service books to the Torch on launch day in the US. I have one available if interested.