Virgin Mobile Canada releasing BlackBerry 7.1 for the Curve 9360 Feb. 23rd

BlackBerry 7.1
By Bla1ze on 22 Feb 2012 09:37 pm EST

If you have a BlackBerry Curve 9360 Virgin Mobile Canada, you'll want to keep an eye out for system updates come Feb. 23rd. According to the documentation above, Virgin Mobile Canada will be rolling out BlackBerry 7.1 to its customer base. No mention of what version it will be upon release but OS has leaked already so if you're impatient, you can go ahead and load that up or you can just hit that software update button tomorrow.

Note: Bell, who owns Virgin Mobile Canada has already released v7.1.0.219 for the 9360 so Virgin will likely release the same.

Source: MobileSyrup

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Virgin Mobile Canada releasing BlackBerry 7.1 for the Curve 9360 Feb. 23rd


Come on AT&T, a curve gets 7.1 beofre I get it for my Bold 9900? Good for the Curve users though!

even t-mobile users (like me) waiting for the same.. i guess only sprint and verizon were lucky enough to get it early in US

Hopefully the build will come with battery saver and DLNA options..

Yeah great for people with Curves but jeez what about the 9900 users???? What's up with that?

Come on carriers wake up already.. i believe you do realize that 9900/bold series are the flagship bb phones for RIM...

Once RIM starts to control the releases of the updates we should all see it at the same time (for devices that are compatible)... It makes sense to me that RIM released the same 7.1 to all companies at once and the individual companies are tweaking it to their liking (the same way at&t tweaked the bridge app) to remove or add their own touches. I am a t-mo customer (Bold 9900), hopefully we get it in the next month or so.

Download the leak and install on your phone. I did that to my Bold 9900 on Telus. I have Mobile Hotspot and now DLNA. No issues at all. I even used hotspot for over 50 MB with no additional charges because my BIS plan already includes wifi hotspot. If you are paying for it, might as well use it.

I would just download the leak and install on the phone.

I am also waiting for Bell 7.1 for my 9900.

Leaks are fine, but Bell Mobility is slower than molasses when it comes to updating OS versions.

Needless to say, I cannot wait for BB10 to bypass this insanity.

I'm on Virgin Canada. STILL waiting to even get HSPA coverage and devices in the province of Manitoba!!! (Yay for the curve users though, hope its a sweet update)

Contract is up in April. HSPA better be running by then or I'll be shopping for a new carrier!

hey guys, i downloaded 2 leaked os 7.1 for a curve 9360 and installed them on my computer n the bb desktop manger is not finding them, can any 1 plz give me any tips :)