Bell all set to carry the BlackBerry Z30 in Canada

By Bla1ze on 11 Sep 2013 04:35 pm EDT

Hot on the heels of the news that the BlackBerry Z30 has entered carrier testing, it seems as though Canadian carriers are possibly a bit further along. As spotted inside some of Bells internal systems, the BlackBerry Z30 is will be arriving on the carrier at eventually, the exact date and pricing details are still missing from the information. At this point, it's pretty much just a waiting game that hopefully ends soon. We've seen so much of the device already, I'm over waiting and just want one right now.

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Bell all set to carry the BlackBerry Z30 in Canada


Mobile Syrup has a great track record of details coming from internal systems. Is it perfect? No. But it's usually spot on.

Canada is a great country... it's like USA.. but just a more smarter version!

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you're absolutely correct. They release blackberry phones and updates quickly.. i just can't deal with the cold and snow..

Yeah, it sucks in the summer when our igloos melt, but at least we still have the polar bear blankets to keep us warm. Added benefit of the polar bear blankets is the polar bears leave us alone thinking we are one of them. Now if only we could get running water and indoor plumbing waaaaay up here.

CDM76 speaks the truth. I deliver mail up here and I see polar bears on my route daily. Sometimes they scare my dogsled team. :)

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I don't anything wrong with you Mr statement. However, I'm sure you'll hear some chirping from our neighbors to the south! :)

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

much much smarter. Canadians didn't have steep learning curve with Z10 or may that was just US media bashing Z10.

Well duh?

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"Great News" Blaize.... Now all BBRY has to do is give Frank Boulben his "$7 million severance package" (that he would have received if they sell BlackBerry) and get someone leading the marketing department who can help sell some Z30s...

Frank Boulben Must Go!!!

Marketing Dept ??? What marketing department ? They have a marketing dept ?
Ar you SURE about this ?

IDK if they have a "marketing department", but I do know that they have a Chief Marketing Officer, by the name of Frank Boulben and he needs to go... Cubs ate Soriano's contract - BBRY can eat Frank's....

Frank Boulben Must Go!!!!

Z30???? Another phone that's already outdated based on the specs and its not even out yet? Lets face it...Blackberry Consumer products division is dead. If you want to get burned like we did with the playbook, then go ahead and get the Z30 as soon as it's available. I mean come on..even Windows phone has a better chance at this point.

Sorry Bla1ze just stating the obvious. I predict Blackberry will live on but not on the consumer side. They will sold-off in pieces and no one is going to pick up the hardware or BBOS10.

Obvious? What's obvious is that you're a douche. How dare you call out a device you had no expertise with!!! How about getting your hands on one before you bash, eh? :-P

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I prefer to look at the Z30 as "another larger screened phone" that Apple and Fanboys and Girls all over the world wish they had coming.....

Frank Boulben Must Go....

iMore said, when comparing the iPhone 5S to other platforms, that if size mattered, the choice was Android. Good to see BlackBerry compete, because the Note indicates that the phablet market is alive and well.

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If BlackBerry had a competent Chief Marketing Officer - the Z30 would surely be able to pick up some people who are tired of buggy Android software, but they don't.

Frank Boulben Must Go....

@sk8 - "Correct"... he talked such a great game about knowing how to work with the U.S. carriers to sell BlackBerrys - he had me believing - but, alas, he is just another incompetent who knew how to 'talk a good game' and he stands to make $7 MILLION ON A SALE OF BLACKBERRY!!!!

in his native tongue "Increiable" or however the hell you say it in French

Frank Boulben Needs to Go...

I'm not entirely convinced the large screen phone market is alive and well as a whole. I think Samsung's Note series is alive and well. How are other large screen phones doing? I'd wager not as well. My presumption is that is isn't necessarily the large screen attracting people alone, it's the large screen plus the pen functionality. I may be wrong, but that is my guess.

Maybe "Android Large Screen Phones" is the issue. Probably peaked with the Galaxy S3 which I had and upgraded to a Z10 and will, again, to Z30...

I am on this site because I am a Blackberry fan and own many of their products. But I am also a realist. Sorry.

You aren't a realist, but a pessimist. Obviously triggered by past events like the 'Playbook fiasco'.

I, myself, am an optimist. Defending my love for BB everyday :)

Similar specs to the iPhone 5 and Moto X both devices are still top tier and selling well. Let's hold off on all this "specs" nonsense until we can evaluate the devices user experience

LMAO. Lets see what happens by the end of the year. Then you can crack all the jokes you got. Sorry if reality hurts your feelings.

I tend to agree with Tumacama. I am a BlackBerry fan, owned a Bold, Torch 1, Torch 2 and now Z10. I love the Z10 and the incredible OS. However, unless BlackBerry is bought by someone who wants to continue developing BB10 and it's ecosystem, then development of BB10 will cease and the platform will be stabilized. I don't want to own a device that is not getting enhancements to the OS. So for me, given that the specs on the Z30 are now out of date and given the uncertainty of the continued development of the BB10 environment, I'll wait for a few months before making a decision on the Z30.

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I have to disagree on the whole 'specs on the Z30 are now out of date' part. Specs, specs and specs. It's all marketing bla bla BS.

You really want an octacore CPU with a Nvidia type Titan gfx card and 16 Gb ram?
Or you want something affordable that still looks good and performs way better than most bloated os phones out there?

Did u just say affordable???
If specs had any relation to price I would buy one, however........

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How do people even find these links?

Anyways glad to see that there is some carrier interest and this should mean its only a couple of months out no?

I can't wait either. Wish we could have less negative and more positive comments! BlackBerry is putting out new product and there are complaints. When they take their time there are complaints. Gees. What does this company have to do? It's a great product. Let's cheer them on do they hear the message!

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Agreed. Constructive criticism is ok but hate and bashing is unnecessary. I love my BBs and accessories despite some minor complaints I may have. The positives far out weigh the negatives.

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When will the LG g2 be released? Both phones should be releasing at the same time no?

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Glad to see that they are putting it out, and hopefully soon. With all the selling talk was a little worried they may never launch it, hopefully 10.2 will not be too far behind along with some new apps

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Am I missing something...but doesn't the Z30 have quad core GPU...I don't think the Z10 has that not going to be a huge upgrade?

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I would say you are right. I would hope for an earlier date but I would say Bell and Rogers will be the first, they seem to push BlackBerry out first

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Just something one of my friends who is an android fan says,

I don't give a f*ck about specs, you can tell me octacore but all that and I get lag I rather go to iphone

Point being specs is nothing if the os isn't optimized to use it to its best

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Bring it ON! Z30!!!! Woo!!!!
You've got to love it! No?! LOL
Just to HOT to be on the shelves. For what it's worth, I'm predicting it's going to be out in October.
Why not?! Go BlackBerry!

This is great news. And people were saying it was never coming, and went as far to say it doesn't even exist!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

As a Canadian I can't wait..... as a Z10 owner I hope I win the Z30... pls pls pls...
And let see its not plastic it's not a "S" for the same... Must be a BlackBerry the one the only.... go team BlackBerry.....
To much sugar in my coffee :-)

From my Z10

I like all this Z30 news! Come on TMO! I'd like to grab a Z30 by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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Z30 + 10.2 OS + BBM cross platform + BBM Channels ( can't wait for this ) + Carrier support hmmm very interesting

Can't wait to get my hands on this. My only wish is for more internal memory I am deleting apps already trying to make room on my z10

BlackBerry forever and ever

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Love Canada. Visited Toronto again and Waterloo for the first time last week. Love Canada, love BlackBerry. Z30 is a stupid name, another marketing mistake. I will buy one and add it to my collection and hope it does well but I don't think it makes sense for BlackBerry to focus on the consumer, it's a maturing commodity business and BlackBerry doesn't have the resources to win this battle at this time without a big boy partner.
Hey BlackBerry focus on battles you can win or contend.

I feel sorry but I know for sure Z30 shall be a dead on arrival device. You guys think it shall do better than the Z10 just as its a 5 inch screen and has better hardware specs? Looks at the latest phones from LG, HTC Max , Samsung and also Sony is coming out with fantastic hardware specked phone with everyone's favorite and with apps loaded Android OS 4.3! The notifications changes as seen in 10.2 are NO BIG DEAL. They were also in android 4.2.2 and done in a far better way.

My source says Sept 26 is the release date! I know it sounds really soon so don't hold your breath.

I think I'll get one even though I love my Z10.

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All these phones are just that, plastic, add a new camera, here and there, change a plate to color, and sold No need for the negativity. If you don't like BB go find another phone. All of the companies are in it for the money. No phone is better then the other. All of them have flaws period. It's all in what you like. People talk about Apple and Android Iike they have no problems and the talk about Blackberry like they are horrible, not true at all. All of them have there gimmicks to get us to buy them and I love the Blackberry gimmicks the best. Lol lol