BelCompany to introduce BlackBerry PlayBook in the Netherlands

BelCompany to introduce BlackBerry PlayBook in the Netherlands
By Yousif Abdullah on 28 May 2011 01:05 pm EDT

Europe, this is for you. After several retailers in the UK announcing the availability of the BlackBerry PlayBook on June 16th, BelCompany is here to do the same for the Netherlands, on the exact same date. Hopefully this means that June 16th marks the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in all of Europe, and perhaps other countries countries as well. As far as pricing goes, the BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models at 479€, 579€ and 679€ respectively.

As a European myself, I am very excited about this; the BlackBerry PlayBook definitely has something to go for it and I really want to see it become available in every part and corner of the world. What do you think? Is it time for the BlackBerry PlayBook to finally shake the tablet market on a global scale? I think YES! ;-)

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BelCompany to introduce BlackBerry PlayBook in the Netherlands


At last, the Playbook will come to the Netherlands. Been waiting for it so long. Belcompany is the only place you can buy it from 16th of june untill 1th of july. After that many shops will follow.

I hope dutch language will be available on the device. What should i go for, 32 of 64 gb version?

This is the BEST tablet on the market.
I got the 32GB, and it's amazing.
It's soooo fast, the speakers are AWESOME, the screen is amazing, camera and video camera (outside) is the best video camera on the market. I've never seen something so clear.
And the Browser, .... well .... it's even better then Windows, once you learn how to use it.

Highly recommended!

live in the netherlands and i've gotten my playbook today in fact i typed this message on my PB. the PB IS SO AWESOME!!!! really if you have doughts about getting one i suggest trying it out in. the store. it rocks.

You deserve it ..... and it is coming soon.
Keep saving your money so that you can get the 64GB !

Hey guys,
as the PB comes to the Dutch on June 16th we'll may have it in Germany too. Does any one know if there are differences between the US and European model? Do I lose the warranty if I import a US device to Germany or how would a claim be handled? If it's the same device and I can switch to German language and keyboard I wouldn't buy one in Germany directly due to the horrible pricing. Why should I buy one for 679EUR (64GB, 969USD) if I can buy one at in the US for 699USD (64GB, 489EUR)? Shipping is only about 30USD.

@RIM: Why the hell is there such a big price difference?

@US guys: can you switch the language or keyboard?

The price isn't quite so bad if you take into sales taxes or vat, american prices don't include them so when you add those on the american price is more like 600 euros and a bit smaller gap than it seems at first. You could import one and get lucky, but if you are unlucky you would get hit by both import taxes and vat on top of that.

As far as language support, the initial ones don't have german as an option, but you would probably be able to update to the european software after those are released to get that support on an american device since there is very little chance of them making hardware changes when they don't need to do so.

What a rip off!

479 Euros = 684.49 US Dollars instead of 499$

What's the amount of tax in US on top of the 499$? Is it 184.50$?!?

ok, let's make the vat calculation. We have 19% vat in Germany and if we take the 499USD Playbook we'll come out at 593,81USD. There is still a gap of about 100USD, we are really short-changed by RIM. I'll wait for the PB in Germany, get my hands on and than see what i'll do.

I'm no expert but that's probably not all RIM's doing. Many countries slap on some funky fees to protect their markets AND make a buck off of their citizens. When I lived in Japan, there was a 100% mark up on everything coming in from the US.

There isnt these kind of custom import duties between Europe and Canada or the US it's probably something in the region of 5%. There is 20%VAT in average in European countries but it's still a rip off...I'm getting mine through someone that is going into the US for a vacation.

I paid $676.87CDN dollars in total for mine. I live in Canada.


I don't need to buy another internet contract as I already have a BB Phone, and I have Wi-Fi at home.


Looks like the PB is finally moving offshore.........Now when is it coming to Australia.........I know we're on the bottom of the globe but does that have to mean we wait longer than every one else?