Bejeweled 2 hits BlackBerry World for Blackberry 10

Bejeweled 2
By James Richardson on 2 Apr 2013 11:09 am EDT

Here's a cracker for all you Bejeweled fans out there - Bejeweled 2 is now available to download to your Blackberry 10 smartphone - although as I write this the game is not showing up in all regions. The original version has been a huge hit and I'm sure number 2 will be just as popular.

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 the game will offer hours off fun and I'm sure the price point will be well worth it. Like the original it's all about matching three or more gems in a row to gain maximum points. With three different versions of the game within Bejeweled 2 I suspect you may well get sucked in and some good old gaming time will be well spent.

Watch out over the next couple of days as we will have a hands on video coming at ya.

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Bejeweled 2 hits BlackBerry World for Blackberry 10


Great classic game to be inducted into the mobile hall of fame...BUT so many FREE copycats out there now that have just as good game play. For $.99 I would have bought it...for $2.99 not happening unfortunately.

I will only ever buy this if it has Blitz and connected to FB... That's the only way i play this game.

Ditto, why do I want this again, let alone for $3. Pretty sure it's same as PlayBook version, which I did buy on sale for $0.99. Blitz or 3, please!

This is how you CB10, son!

It shows up but says unavailable for this (Z10) device.
Hopefully it comes through shortly.

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I'm happy to see love for BB10 but $3 is a bit much. Why does the iPhone get Blitz for free? Doesn't seem fair to me.

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Copycats are really terrible and they should have made this $0.99 and new version $2.99 then I am sure they would be selling both since people will love the earlier version for cheap and eventually buy newer one.

With the lack of BrickBreaker in BB now (what was BB thinking!!??) BB should offer these games for free to Z10 owners. PERIOD!

Fruit Blitz is well done and very popular. $0.99, so not free though. Connected to Scoreloop / Games app too.

This is how you CB10, son!

I can't believe the amount of people whining over 2 or 3 bucks for an app! It is those kinds of people that wants everything for free that is going to make Blackberry fail - do you all work for free? Come on it's 3 freakin dollars not 30!

Old bejeweled that we dont know whether its a native app or port for $3? No thanks. I see the app developers refurbishing machine is working hard these days!

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The only thing I want to know is why I have to pay again when I bought it on my PlayBook? I thought they were going to make it so Playbook users didn't have to rebuy everything? Its not a matter of the 2 bucks its a matter of I was under the impression if I bough for playbook I would get it on BB10 cause my account is all connected. I would even pay an upgrade fee, but at least acknowledge it.

I bought it and it is the same as the version on the Playbook. I feel that in the beginning we will have to pay more for good apps because it is a new OS. I know $3 is not a lot of money but once I multiply this several fold then it starts to mount up. I feel to help getting more quality apps on the phone we will have to sacrifice and be willing to buy some to keep the app river flowing. Some will take advantage of this and we may see more $3 apps than we see $2 or $1 or free ones.

Am I living on a different planet than other Crackberrians?

Before 13:00 today, I will have spent almost $5 on coffee, $9 on parking, $2 on a newspaper, $50 on gas and maybe $10 on lunch.

If I decided I wanted to download Bejeweled, the difference between $0.99 and $2.99 wouldn't even cause me one second of hesitation.

I'm not rich.....just an ordinary middle aged guy making a living.

How is is that people think App Developers should survive on children's laughter and sunshine rays?

Well, I make my own coffee at home to save most of that $5, always look for free parking, don't buy newspapers, and either pack lunch or don't eat otherwise. I do fill up once or twice a week. See, I need to save that money to pay other things, like $800/month health insurance for my wife. We all have different incomes and financial responsibilities. The common reference point here? The price we pay for apps on different platforms. And yeah, I'll pay a buck for a game every so often. $3 -for a game- really makes me think twice, because I have to watch my money like that. Sorry!

Already paid for the PlayBook version. EA, unlike others want to charge twice. Can't see this as anything but fleecing their customers.

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I know we have to encourage developers, but 3 bucks for this type of game, of which there are several, No don't think so. Half this price would be realistic.

It crackberrys me up that some feel that $3.00 is expensive for something that can provide hours of enjoyment...... I'm not even a gamer but I do enjoy my goose on the rocks which costs five-fold what this game cost.

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App should be free but I'm not even tripping off a one time $3 fee for a great gaming app I loved for years.

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Why is it that when I push on the link it brings me to BlackBerry world but it tells me "Unavailable on this Device"

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Quit complaining people. BUY IT AND SHOW THE DEVELOPER THE DEMAND FOR THE DAMN APP!! Think about it now. No pay=no demand=no more apps from EA.

Yes we 'DEMAND' the 'DAMN' latest version.

I've had bejeweled 2 on my XBOX and other handsets for bloody years.

for free.....

Good to see a lot more apps, however there is a huge disparity between productivity and learning or educational apps vs games (games ruling the roost in any région). And it's not just in our favorite platform either but on others as well.

$.99 or more for a very old game that offers limited cheap thrills, no thanks ill skip.

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