Beijing Olympics and BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2008 10:13 am EDT

Beijing Olympics and BlackBerry!I LOVE the Olympics. Since the opening ceremonies hit on Friday, I haven't changed the channel on my television even once (did you see that 4 x 100 men's relay swim last night? CRAZY!!).

While watching the games is tops, if you do have to pry yourself away from the tv, don't worry, your BlackBerry has you covered. Just point your berry's browser to and follow the link at the top of the site (Stay close to the Games in Beijing...). This mini-portal will point you to Olympic info available from several sources: CNN, Reuters, CBC, Worldmate, or my personal favorite, Viigo.

At we have members and readers from around the globe, so we're officially fans of everyone. But you can't CHEER for everyone in every race. So it only makes sense  that we cheer on all of the BlackBerry-using Olympians out there! The problem is - I don't know who they all are!!!

So PLEASE Keep your eyes peeled for BlackBerry-using athletes in Beijing and be sure to send in your news/pictures (editorial at to us so we can feature it in the blogs!

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I believe Michael Phelps uses a Blackberry. There was a few seconds where the commentator was mentioning that his mom is learning to use text message, to text her son (Michael Phelps) on his blackberry. He also said hes constantly on his blackberry texting. If anybody has tivo you could find it on his first or second race I think. Both the races he mentions using his blackberry.


Yeah, I heard the same about Phelps. I also saw one of the female gymnasts on an 8830 at the Olympic trials.


That 4X100 relay was sick! I never thought watching swimming would bring me to my feet like that. Stayed up past bedtime for that. Poor Frenchies learned the hard way that you don't talk until its done. Anyone in Crack-land know where to find the Oly ring tone for the BB Pearl? I can't get enough of that tune!