Beijing 2008: Michael Phelps is a BlackBerry User!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2008 08:48 am EDT

Michael Phelps is a BlackBerry User

I think it's now safe to say this man does NOT need an introduction. 8 Gold Medals in one Olympic Games? AMAZING. And he's a BlackBerry User.... AWESOME!!!

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Phelps Theme Phelps Theme
left: 83xx Series, right Pearl 81xx Series

Sources: Phelps Sighting courtesty of Celeb BB Sightings, via richseow. Theme courtsey of Pimp My Berry, via BBSync.

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Beijing 2008: Michael Phelps is a BlackBerry User!


I honestly do not even think it looks like he has a BlackBerry... it looks to me like a Moto Q or Q9c (or whatever)... but it does not look like a Berry

Love the pictures I don't care if its a BlackBerry or not I love looking at him, as for the comment about it being for women I think Phelps might have a large closet.